Cat chat with Bobi

By Bobi

My brother has a new kitten. 

Y’all think that kittens are adorable. I can tell. 

Apparently I should have been happy to provide amusement to my family. I know that we all need a laugh in these unprecedented times but a dad joke would have sufficed. 

My brother has a fondness for black cats. He says they are stealth bombers.

And he does acknowledge that they are evil but excuses that on the basis that he speaks cat. 

I am guessing that it says something about my brother but I agree with him that films with, and about, cats are much more entertaining than those with dogs. One of my favourite scenes ever is that one with the Siamese cats in The Lady and the Tramp. Now there’s an ear worm. 🎼

I know someone is going to mention The Lion King. I haven’t seen it. It optimises something about children’s movies that I hate with a passion: the tired cliche of the death of a parent. Why do we think it’s okay to reduce children to tears with a trauma at the beginning of a movie? There should be an equivalent of the Bechdel test.

Still, I can’t wait for Cats to come to Netflix. I love a B-grade movie. Unintentional laughs are just the best. 


Junior MasterChef promo

No airdate yet but I’m looking forward to watching this with Mr 8. Hopefully he will up his game from zapping a slice of cheese in the microwave to melt it.


Daisy’s general chat – June

By Daisy
Easing back to life as we knew it.
How’s it going everyone? I suppose it varies depending on where you live, your age, your general cautiousness, work situation and people with whom you have contact.
It’s feeling so back to normal in Bunbury. Being a country town, it seems people think, “It won’t happen here”. With regional borders opened up, we are being inundated with weekend trippers, mostly from Perth.
I went to go to the Farmers’ Market yesterday and had to turn around before even driving in. The cars were backed up onto the road, waiting to get in. A lot of people from Perth know about our Farmets’s Market and call in on their way south and/oron their return. I tend to get slightly territorial and want to say Eff off, but I know that is irrational. 
I have hit the cafés again with Woolif and/or friends. I love kicking back in a comfy spot with a coffee. Some of you know my usual spot is the VAT2 but they closed over the Apocalypse, so Woolif and I would buy take-away coffee and cake at Benesse and eat it on The Bay between Mash and the bridge.

It’s a beautiful spot. During the Plague I used to take my art supplies, lay on a blanket or sit on one of the benches and stay all day drawing or hanging out with my friend, Rachel. 
Anyhow, if you ever come to Bunbury, try Benesse. It’s only a café but it has the best food and coffee in town imo.

What’s Daisy drinking? Double soy latte is my guess – Juz

Woolif has a cold right now but it might as well be the pox because I won’t let him anywhere near me. He has the personal hygiene habits of a 12-year-old boy so I have to tell him off for things like not washing his hands, putting his used spoon back in the pudding to take seconds, or zooming in for a goodnight kiss. That’s when I go nuts. He works with children whose parents send them to school sick. 
Now I am heading home to rake a few honky nuts, pick up some dog’s poo and continue knitting my jumper.
Also to practice speaking Indonesian as son 1 is now living in Bali with an Indonesian girlfriend. He video chats me at least once a day and seems to be getting better. Those of you who followed me through Europe will know what I mean.
To all of you, wherever you are in Australia, or in the world, I wish you good luck, good health and good times in the rest of 2020.

Life in lockdown


General chat with Bobi -March 7

By Bobi
You probably haven’t noticed but I have been off the air for a little while. Even watching the Golden God in action has not been enough to thrill me, and I predict (with a high degree of probability) that he will be stretchered out of Paradise this Sunday, so there goes the remaining  joy of “All Stars”. Plus, the producers this season are bordering on hopeless. Just sayin’. Those ads are just too obvious. 
The news is repetitive. The weather is crap. My friends and neighbours are doing it tough and I have no faith in our so-called leaders. See that? I am so filled with ennui that I could even be bothered putting leaders in quotes. What has my life come to. OMG, I ended a sentence with a preposition. There is no coming back from here.
So, here is a list of links to some tube clips for entertainment and distraction. Pick and choose. Or not. 
A cat, reflecting my current mood.
Who doesn’t love a bad lip reading video.
Chipmunks are just fabulous and besides, this is my life.
This is the first tube video that I ever watched. I am sure every one has seen it before but here it is again.
And lastly, just a bit of fun, especially the wait, wait for it moment at the end.
I am sure I will up and bouncing about shortly. Sometimes it’s just a process I have to wade through. 
Okay. One more video. This is how I wish I could get through life. I love dogs.


General chat – nearly March

What’s everyone watching? I just finished season 2 of Ozark. Took me a while to get into but now I am so glad season 3 is only a month off.

It’s very dark but there are some great character actors on it.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Star in Ozark, on Netflix.

I’ve decided to give Bloodline a go, mainly because Ben Mendelsohn is in it, even though it freaks me out when he speaks with an American accent. I still expect him to sound the same as his Love My Way days.


US Survivor 40 all winners premiere

Winners at War starts in Australia Thurs, Feb 13 and Nine should fast track it, as it’s been doing of late on Go. It also usually is loaded to the 9Now site mid-afternoon.
The pros: long-time fans are keen to watch the cast of all winners play again. Some have not played in a decade and the game has come a long way since then in terms of idols (too many) and the final four fire-making challenge (time to lose it).
The cons: Edge of Extinction is back.
And I’m really looking forward to a season where no one is sexually harassed.
Who are you most excited to see again?