General chat – nearly March

What’s everyone watching? I just finished season 2 of Ozark. Took me a while to get into but now I am so glad season 3 is only a month off.

It’s very dark but there are some great character actors on it.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Star in Ozark, on Netflix.

I’ve decided to give Bloodline a go, mainly because Ben Mendelsohn is in it, even though it freaks me out when he speaks with an American accent. I still expect him to sound the same as his Love My Way days.

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I cannot wait for season 3 of Ozark. I totally love it.
As for Bloodline, the first season is fantastic and Ben is easily the best character and actor in it. It’s fab.

daisy 🌼

Ozark was great. I am in love with that Julia actress.

Also Woolif is watching Daredevil. That seems really good and it has one of my favourite Law & Order actors; Vincent from Criminal Intent.


We are also watching Ben in The Outsider, based on a Stephen King story. He plays a sheriff battling his own demons who arrests a man for a shocking murder. Freaky Stephen King stuff ensues. Only a few eps in and the performances are good but it’s a bit torture porny sometimes. I really hope it’s one of those shows where we get a proper explanation at the end


Jason Bateman is really into the dark shows at the moment!

I am not watching any of the cool shows. As Daisy will know, I love fluff 😂

Has anyone watched Virgin River? It is pure fluff but there aren’t many shows on these days that aren’t I N T E N S E . Now I’m waiting for season 2.

I also had some hopes for the new comedy Avenue 5. I quite like dry humour but it’s quite hit and miss for me humour wise. A lot of the characters are over the top annoying and not in a good way. I’m not a fan of Zach Woods or Josh Gad but it was worth a try for Hugh Laurie. Too many lazy f-bombs in place of intelligent comedy.

daisy 🌼

You might like Trial and Error. It’s on late and is silly. I have only seen a bit but it’s always worth checking for the possibility of a laugh.


I watched Virgin River. It is cute, perfect for a cold fall or winter evening with a hot chocolate. 😉

daisy 🌼

Woo hoo. We are off for 9 days at Siesta Park holiday resort. I live it there. So not fancy.


I watched Pooch Perfect last night. It’s kind of a cross between MKR and Chopped, but with dog grooming instead of cooking. Unlikely I’ll watch again. The dogs were not featured enough and Rebel Wilson’s jokes were lame.

On Sesame Street this morning, some of the characters were competing on a cooking show called Cast Iron Cooks and it was a hilarious send-up of Iron Chef/Cutthroat Kitchen. In a different segment, some dude was cooking a big pot of something. He gave Cookie Monster a taste from the pot, and then the cook got a clean spoon to continue stirring his pot. No double dipping on Sesame Street; I was cheering.

daisy 🌼

Thanks, Von. I considered Pooch but there was too much on.

I have old fashioned TV now for the next 9 days. If you want to know a lovely holiday spot; Siesta Park in Vasse.


I tried Rebel Wilson’s show, last night, and I lasted 4 minutes before I changed the channel. That was as much of Rebel’s jokes as I could take. Like you, I don’t think I’ll be tuning back in.

daisy 🏖️

Siesta Park.

daisy 🏖️

On holiday at Siesta Park

daisy 🏖️

Oh I had a beautiful swim. It’s 7.00 pm and still warm. The water was surprisingly delightful, considering we are on the tail end of a big storm. Fantastic weather. The kids all had a ball jumping off the jetty.
In an hour it will get dark and it will be torches down the beach.

Check my FB if the kids all playing after dinner.


Anyone here watching Picard? I have some friends who loathe it. I really enjoy watching it though and I enjoy it even more that those die hard Trekkie fans cry salty Trekkie tears. 😀


I like Capt. Picard and most of the Next Gen episodes but I do NOT like ST: Picard. It’s very slow and some of it, as Spock would say, is not logical. The premise is convoluted. Don’t like any of the main characters and Picard is just not Picard. JMHO
The best parts: Hugh and the brief return of 7 of 9.

Maybe it will get better and at least it’s not worse than ST: Discovery. I much prefer The Orville.


Well I’ve just binge watched the entire season of Love Is Blind (Netflix) this weekend! Loved it. Crossed between MAFS and Dating in the Dark with a bit of Bachelor thrown in. 10 eps. As a reality tv junkie it was right up my alley. Thanks Netflix.


I don’t want to spoil it for you Juz!

daisy 🌼

I don’t think I have seen it. I will watch it when I go home.


I am hopeful for Farmer Wants a Wife (FWAW) this year. The ads are emphasising the real life success of past seasons, obviously claiming the moral high ground over MAFS. That is what I liked in the past about FWAW, there were genuine results (despite a few duds). But I am a bit worried because the world has changed so much that now we might just get the fakes who just want social media fame.

In the same vein, the promos for House Rules are really repelling me. I am going to give it a go, but it looks like it has lost all the “hominess” that made it so refreshing in the past. Keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe they will lose the audience in my demographic, but gain in others.

brain dead dave

With the insane run on toilet paper as it is, might as well call this place “Arsetralia”


I wish the news people would interview some who are buying. I don’t understand their logic, and I want to hear what is in their brains. It is all so illogicial. And very annoying when one is bulk buying to cater for a weekend camp!

brain dead dave

How long before folks are skulking into public toilets to get their supplies for free? Shithouse breaking? Toilet paper is the new ice.

Frankly, I wouldn’t wipe my arse with people freaking out over toilet paper.