What’s happening on The Bold and the Beautiful?Australian TV chat

By Daisy

Ridiculous and more ridiculous..
With all the cast standing 3 metres away from each other, B&B writers continue to stretch the storyline.
We must suspend all reason and believe that withThomas in hospital after kissing Hope’s dopleganger dummy, Forresters would leave her…ooops I means “it” (see how convincing it is) hanging around the office for Thomas to find when he comes back.

Anyone else might think that coming face to face with his plastic girlfriend might cause a relapse, or a major case of shame. 
Carter is some kind of fortune teller. After running into Paris, sniffing around his office, with no reason or references, he looked into his crystal ball, and was able to tell Ridge how well equipped she was for a major role on the Forrester team.
Well why not? Zoe went from stalking her boyfriend all the way from London,and no modelling or fashion experience at all, to top model and advisor at board meetings. 
Paris didn’t get my memo at the start of the season (I did want to put one out), saying “Stay away from the Jungle Print fashion. It’s a bad a idea”.
But don’t worry, she combined it beautifully with jodhpurs, fluro and wet look boots. Yup. That was hard to believe too. I think the clothes they are wearing since covid are coming from Sally Spectra’s. She might have her face on an LA milk carton, but she’s still designing.

Anyhow, back to Paris, why wouldn’t she be perfect, with her father and sister kidnappers. And Zende, ask the girl who looks like her clothes were selected by a two year old, to provide you with fashion feedback.
Newly chubby (soon it will be easy to tell her apart from her clone) Hope is pricking Liam’s warped conscience by continuing to praise him for all his wonderfulness.
Yes, Dave, we need Katy or Pam back to do some timely sniffing around an open door. Anyway Hope is just perky and thrilled that she, Liam and Steffy are all getting along so splendidly. 

Carter kisses Zoe, but that was really a dummy. So everyone is kissing dummies now. Zoe is getting her karma finally, for baby kidnapping. Her flossy sister in the jungle trekking outfit has her sights on, and her claws out for Zende.
Carter tells Ridge, “The Buckingham girls are real go-getters”. Yeah, and Paris is going to be cutting her sister’s grass really soon. Her secret lust lawn. And I will leave you with that image.

Byeeeeee for now. 


The Bold and the Beautiful Australian TV recap

Bold, Beautiful and Socially Distanced

By Daisy
For those still watching, here’s a quick Bold and the Beautiful update: Quinn is trying to claw her way back to her matrimonial home and husband Eric, but first she has to get past $hauna, who has been making herself right at home there, sharing martinis with Eric in front of the all-important portrait spot. 
Perhaps, like others before her, $hauna has been posing quietly for her “soon-to-be wife number 15” portrait.
Eric has been luxuriating in $hauna’s seduction. She knows that while she is saying, “Forgive Quinn”, all Eric can really hear is the voice in his head saying, “Booozums, big blue eyes, giant sea anemone lips”.  Knives will soon be out there. And perhaps, too, Eric’s old manhood.
Thomas has been positioning himself to steal Hope’s heart, using humility, repentance, fatherly love and a vigilant eye on any chinks in Liam and Hope’s relationship as a means to do so.  Hope has been warming to Thomas’s compliments, remorse and fatherly devotion, while Liam is spinning out of control with accusations and anxiety: “Why won’t anyone believe me?”. 
“Wooden Hope” knows the truth. Liam, the arrogant fool, is spending way too much time with Steffy, with one excuse or another. He thinks spreading his sperm all over LA makes him a candidate for Father of the Year.
Others on the scene ATM are gold digging Zoe, who will take any guy who is rich and good looking. She’s not fussy but would prefer Zende. There is “Loser in Love Carter” who can’t keep a girl either because he’s a nice guy, or because his surname isn’t Forrester. There’s cocky Zende, who has already partially moved on to Zoe’s pink-topped sister.
And there’s Paris, who has stuck fairy floss on her head. She’s ready to eat Zende for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I nearly forgot boring Wipes and Flo. Flo has been flaunting her crotch in a peep show beach dressing gown and yellow bikini. Wipes has been protesting $hauna’s new address, and his mother’s relocation into his love nest. No pizza in bed for him.
Also, no pizza full stop, as Quinn wants Wipes to eat healthy food. She too can see the flubber. It might not be long before Flubber Boy and boring Flo hit the rocks over who’s mother deserves the most reviling. 
In the meantime, others might brave the virus to make an appearance, even kiss a mop in a love scene.
The only one who’s truly unafraid is red-eyed, murderous Wooden Hope. Perhaps producers should bring in even more dummies to fill the cast. 🤣


Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful chat – Sept

By Daisy

After hiding out from the virus, the Bold & the Beautiful are back, albeit looking a tiny bit scragglier, chubbier and with a few overgrown hairdos.

I guess you might have to be picky to notice things like Brook’s big arms and shoulders in her off-the-shoulder tops, but do you need to be observant, or just paying attention to notice they have been kissing dummies ( boom boom in advance)
Some questions come to mind. Who will be first to overhear $hauna confessing her crime? (who’s not after Forrester cash). How long will they keep the secret? How long before Dr House Calls becomes Dr Bedroom Caller? Will Steffy sleep with Dr House Calls so that she can get her hands on his prescription notepad?

It definitely won’t be long before Liam is sniffing around Steffy again. Hope’s attempt at getting her peach painted claws into little Kelly might have backfired.

The central theme right now is Quinn going crazy in her attempt to push Brooke out of the family and install and consolidate her bestie $hauna as Mrs Ridge Forrester.

Ridge has had his braincells sucked out from kissing dummies because he is just going along with this faux marriage like someone waking up in a stupor after a general anaesthetic, whenever he sees Brooke kissing Bill.

None of this will last because $hauna and Quinn keep discussing their “secret”, so it’s only a matter of time … tick tock. Who will spring them? I’m hoping it’s Katy but guessing Flo. She can keep a secret for months.

Will the Forresters see a trend with the Barnacle Sisters now (I know they are mother and daughter)? One baby kidnapped. One man a victim of nuptial fraud, then coitus fraud.

Biggest question; will this spell the end of Quinn over the fireplace? Happy viewing.


Bold and the Beautiful Aug chat

By Daisy
No real kissing …
They may or may not be beautiful, but they sure are bold because B&B braves the virus to return for more scandals, crimes, partner swapping, treachery and quite a lot of deviancy.
So Steffy gets around any kissing and embracing scenes by telling Liam to go home and sanitise, then crashing her bike (again) and doing all her scenes from the safety of ICU.

Flo and Flubber embrace and kiss madly, truly, deeply. Well not truly because Flubber’s head was replaced with Flo’s real life brother to prevent transmission outside her familiar zone. It’s a weird scary prolonged pash, with Flo hiding the identity of “Flubber” with her hand.Sally is dumped because the baby-thief caught her out lying about dying.

Let’s hope Sally doesn’t really get sick because she will be the girl who cried, “Wolf”. Writing her “help!” message on Sally’s undies was a clever plan from Flo, as was the newly placed full-length mirror in the lounge room.

Brooke’s strategy yesterday, was to wear a few sausage-coloured, slippery blouse, from which all viruses would just slide off. Barbara’s Cartland would have loved that horrible bed jacket.

Ridge already has the virus. You can hear it in his hoarse voice. And speaking of hoarse…or horse…the Stallion will do just fine. He has returned full of vigour, although that has been somewhat dampened with remorse.

As if Rasper doesn’t hate him enough, now Dollar Bill has smashed up his daughter. 
Good luck and stay safe Bold and Beautiful and my fellow Aussies wherever you are.


Daisy’s Bold and Beautiful May Chat

By Daisy

Eighties B&B is old, but new to some of us, and new to me. I kind of missed the 80s in general as I was on a farm back then, so all those taffeta ruffles and flouncy hairdos are unknown.
It’s good to see B&B 80s if for no other reason than to tell us, “Never bring back 80s fashion”. But it does go well with the Mills and Boon drama being served this week.
We know not to expect a Forrester wedding to go smoothly, and yet Brooke and Eric managed to join in unholy matrimony. Old Stephanie watched on as the young caterer married her husband. Ridge, the young horsey Ridge, hovered as his dad took what I presume to be Ridge’s ex.Then we had the double wedding, double in the sense that Ridge had two wives.
Producers let loose with the fantasy, with Taylor, aka Layla, in the clutches of a rich sultan. Her memory is returning as she has romantic flashbacks of her love-ins with Ridge.
Meanwhile, holy moley, young Brooke comes riding down the cliffs, in taffeta frills, folds and flounces to marry, the already married Ridge. Will the sultan call on his olden days phone to inform him his wife is alive? When will Layla get her lips done?


B&B March-April

The Bold and the Beautiful chat – with Daisy

Hi readers. Sorry I have been slow to do March. I’ve been too busy living the high life…or the low life depending on whether or not you like slothing around a campfire.

Anyhow, the latest update is that Roach is still crawling all over Hopeless, and she’s starting to like it. Together, Hopeless and Thomas are going to rip the heart out of gullible pawn, Zoe. 

Flo has lost some of her forlorn repentance now that she has won over many of the LA high flyers. She’s willing to take back burner to Flubber’s condescending fake love for Sally while he has condolence sex with her until she dies, and that probably won’t happen. 

Steffy and Liam are rekindling live and mutual parenting. Poor Phoebeth is collateral damage in everyone’s craziness.Brooke and Ridge are still hovering around each other, while their kids’ lives keep them from consummating their lust.

The mud-slinging and hair-pulling between Quinn, Shauna and Brooke seems to be on temporary hold, but sooner or later, that portrait is coming down … and going up … and coming down.


Bold chat Feb/March

By Daisy

Just when we thought it was going to be a never ending cycle of Thomas, Hope and Douglas, and their lost cause of “shared parenting”, at last B&B switches plot. Not completely. We still have soppy, mournful Flo, waiting in the wings for Flubber to return to her. Katy has called an intervention; a gratitude and forgiveness intervention. Katy, tycoon Bill, mini-tycoon Will, Justin and Donna have gathered in Bill’s office, when in walks Floppy Flo, with her one kidney (together with Katy, they have the set), followed by Lard Boyfriend, Flubber. Katy wins out, and everyone is just happy to have Katy alive, that they now all believe the best of Flo, except Bill, who looks like he is keeping his doubts to himself.
Flubber, you love rat…..

The real action is over at Eric’s where Brooke has called upon all her charms to woo Eric into immediately disposing of his wife and her trashy friend from the casino. Quinn turns electric blue and fumes as she watches Brooke make her demands. She runs straight to $hauna the $hagger, who has once again been reminding Rasper that she is just a friend who will do anything…ANYTHING, for him. $hauna tries to assure Quinn that her marriage to Eric is rock solid. In the meantime Eric heads of to confront Ridge, while Brooke stays behind to find her phone. In walks Quinn, followed by $hauna and the rage is unleashed. Insults are hurled. Brooke with steaming eyes, slaps $hauna. Shocked, $hauna goes down. Then Brooke turns her attention on Quinn. Quinn slaps Brooke. “Be very afraid”, warns Quinn. (She’s no stranger to evil). He he he. The only thing that could have completed this would have been shirts ripped, buttons popping, and cleavage escaping. 🤣

So will the sparks continue to fly between Quinn and Brooke? Will we see Quinn’s portrait thrown into the shed? Will Brooke and Eric meet at Il Giodino’s to discuss Brooke’s predicament? Will Ridge and $hauna meet at Il Giordino’s to discuss their friendship again? Will Douglas grow up to marry Hope? Will young tycoon Will grow up to crush them all? Will Sally finally get with the only man in the show who suits her;Bill? Together they could make a super evil empire. Will Floppy Flo steal another baby for a cool $50 000? Or will she make Storm proud? It all remains to be seen.


Daisy’s Bold chat Dec

Over to Daisy for the latest Forrester shenanigans (thank you):

What can I say? Shame on all of you Forresters.
Brooke, kick that grasping Rasper to the curb. He’s just an old lech. Truth be told he would suck onto any lips. Brooke needs to go back to sleeping with her juniors, perhaps Thomas. Now there’s an idea. She could put a spoke in his wheel with Hope and he could put a spoke in her wheel with Rasper. Why not? They are all sick or anyway.
Quinn, kick that barnacle, gold-digging friend, $hauna to the curb. She is eyeballing your mansion and wants what you have. Always beware in that situation that you could wake up to Eric and $hauna having accidentally switched bathrobes. She told Floppy Flo to shut up about the kidnapping because of m💰ney. She has “had her share of men”, but never struck gold, although in reality, she would have gone after $torm with a paternity $uit. Quinn needs to stop being boring. I don’t see her as a girly girl who would let her friend cut her grass, or even sit on it. I said, “sit”.
Eric, kick that leech $Shauna out. Before she starts stealing the silver.
Hopeless, stop walking around town in your dressing gown. Stop fantasizing over Douglas. It’s weird when you are ignoring your own baby. Kick Roach to the curb. Keep Liam…if you can, with baby Momma Steffy waiting to pounce.
Sally, kick Flubber to the curb. Too many reasons why but foremost; he is a whinger who needs to go back to having sex with his Mommy.
Liam, get a job cooking quiche and selling it from a van. No one believes you can run a company. In fact none of them could.
Steffy, kick Rasper and Thomas to the curb. Rasper, for expecting you to forgive the Roach and for agreeing to Roach’s idea of a fashion showdown. (What dickhead dad agrees to pitting his kids against each other? Oh wait. Eric did). Thomas because he tried to cover up the kidnapping.

Katy, kick Bill to the curb. Drop him before he drops you. As soon as he discovers Brooke is free, he’ll be showered and lathered in Brut, and over to her place. Only she is already cuddled up with Eric. Quinn! Forget the Barnacle and pay attention to your own love life.
These are the dumbest bunch of high flying tycoons in LA.
Thomas is a virus. Rasper is a lech. Brooke is a reformed husband stealer (yeah right). Flubber is a sookie.

Oh wait. I am just watching tonight’s episode and Hope grew a pair, if not a brain, and flounced off in her blue floral dressing gown, telling Thomas she would rather eat a bowl of maggots than work with him. Liam barges in to save the day in his little super hero cape, minus the leggings. I hope that Hopeless for the future doesn’t include a line of daywear brunch coats. Or doooo I.


Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful Oct chat

A welcome back to Daisy and thanks for returning to Bold correspondent duties.

Hi B&Bers. Time to start a new thread.
I am just watching Mopey Flo, who continues to feel “offal” (now that she has been exposed as a kidnapper of the worst kind), and her tarty (void of all morals or shame) mother dig themselves deeper and deeper in the mire of despicable behaviour. Flo feels offal, yet continues to plea her case wherever she goes, in the hope that she will have no consequences for her behaviour. Mother and daughter both want to try and salvage the high life of LA, free-loading off the Forresters, and they aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to be able to live under the Logan banner.

Katy earned her keep for once, calling Mopey Flo out on her pathetic attempt at showing remorse. She ripped into her and didn’t let her off the hook when she gave her appeal to be allowed to remain on the Logan Gravy Train. Katy told her the only train she should be on is the one out of LA. Go Katy.

Katy gives Flo what for.

Shauna the Sheep is thrilled that she has been able to get her foot in the door, like a JW who’s been allowed in for a cuppa. She sees her night with Ridge as a massive score, that will lead to bigger things, and the crack in Ridge and Brooke’s wedding deepens. Will Ridge try to keep his guilty secret? Or will he own up to allowing the woman involved in stealing her daughter’s baby, fondle his hairy bear body. Shauna has learned some filthy behaviour from her ex…..Charlie Sheen. There has been so much moral bankruptcy from Flo and Shauna, that Thomas wasn’t even required this week. Shauna and Flo are starting to make Thomas look like the Innocent Noddy, merely by the fact that the horror of their actions hasn’t seem to have registered to them.

Brooke rocked this week; standing her ground while Ridge let Flo out of prison, and wanted to bring Thomas the Terrible home, but three strikes, you’re out Ridge. When she learns that Shauna the Sheep locked wrinkly lips (she looked like Barney from the Simpsons) with Ridge, and spent the night nuzzled next to his nuts, she will have reached her limit….and Bill will come a knockin’ right at that point.
This baby stealing plot has left all of the other cast members; Maya, Rick, Quinn, Charlee, Pam out of work. It’s the groundhog that keeps giving.

Ridge has been swimming with the bottom feeders.


Bold & Beautiful August chat

Over to our foreign correspondent, Daisy:

What better way to begin the month than with a Forrester wedding. Hope and Thomas, or is that Hope and Douglas enjoying their special day, because it’s kind of, no actually Douglas who proposed, and Douglas who is the reason for Hope giving herself to Thomas in unholy matrimony. But never fear. If Hope and Thomas actually tie the bow, it can be erased as easily as Brooke’s frown lines. Marriages don’t require divorce in the Magic Forrest. You just get an annulment. The Forresters have seen more than their fair share of annulments. Even Brooke got an annulment from her marriage to Dollar Bill. I anticipate a marriage for Hope where there is Thomas, Douglas, some teddies and Hope in the marital bed.
But I won’t get ahead of myself, and ruin the day by casting doubt on the prospect of Hopeless and Roach making it down the altar and living happily ever after……….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

All of this is mere distraction from the real issue; when will Hope and or Liam discover the truth of Phoebeth? I am guessing it will be Stephie who finds out first, so she can deal with the dilemma of giving up her child. It should be around about the time she is enrolling her in college. And will the situation between Stephie, Liam, Hope, Thomas and Phoebeth be enough to split up Brooke and The Whisperer? I am hoping so.
Is it wrong that I look forward to Flubber discovering sweet Flo is a lying kidnapper, who mooched off her victims? It will be good news to Red.
Anyhow, take a bow, Sara, Dave and Windsong for keeping the flame alive and keeping me in the loop. I am surprised that my trip is more than 1/2 way through and about 10 people know “The Secret”, let’s just go ahead and call it TS now, and yet still Hope, Liam, head of security Cherrrllie, snoopy Pam and Dt Sandwiches have no idea.