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By Daisy

Ridiculous and more ridiculous..
With all the cast standing 3 metres away from each other, B&B writers continue to stretch the storyline.
We must suspend all reason and believe that withThomas in hospital after kissing Hope’s dopleganger dummy, Forresters would leave her…ooops I means “it” (see how convincing it is) hanging around the office for Thomas to find when he comes back.

Anyone else might think that coming face to face with his plastic girlfriend might cause a relapse, or a major case of shame. 
Carter is some kind of fortune teller. After running into Paris, sniffing around his office, with no reason or references, he looked into his crystal ball, and was able to tell Ridge how well equipped she was for a major role on the Forrester team.
Well why not? Zoe went from stalking her boyfriend all the way from London,and no modelling or fashion experience at all, to top model and advisor at board meetings. 
Paris didn’t get my memo at the start of the season (I did want to put one out), saying “Stay away from the Jungle Print fashion. It’s a bad a idea”.
But don’t worry, she combined it beautifully with jodhpurs, fluro and wet look boots. Yup. That was hard to believe too. I think the clothes they are wearing since covid are coming from Sally Spectra’s. She might have her face on an LA milk carton, but she’s still designing.

Anyhow, back to Paris, why wouldn’t she be perfect, with her father and sister kidnappers. And Zende, ask the girl who looks like her clothes were selected by a two year old, to provide you with fashion feedback.
Newly chubby (soon it will be easy to tell her apart from her clone) Hope is pricking Liam’s warped conscience by continuing to praise him for all his wonderfulness.
Yes, Dave, we need Katy or Pam back to do some timely sniffing around an open door. Anyway Hope is just perky and thrilled that she, Liam and Steffy are all getting along so splendidly. 

Carter kisses Zoe, but that was really a dummy. So everyone is kissing dummies now. Zoe is getting her karma finally, for baby kidnapping. Her flossy sister in the jungle trekking outfit has her sights on, and her claws out for Zende.
Carter tells Ridge, “The Buckingham girls are real go-getters”. Yeah, and Paris is going to be cutting her sister’s grass really soon. Her secret lust lawn. And I will leave you with that image.

Byeeeeee for now. 

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Bizarrely, this actually made me want to tune into B&B again.
Just a couple of episodes, mind you, but still. 🤣

daisy 🌼

Haha. You can always just have a laugh. You never know.
Of course it’s rubbish, but I think that’s what it’s meant to be. Otherwise Liam wouldn’t still have a job. Nor any of them. And Bill would be out hypnotizing audiences into being chickens. 🤣

daisy 🌼

It’s where we can vent cynicism and mean humour.


I have never made any secret of the fact that I can be a b**ch. it can be fun as long as it’s not personal.

daisy 🌼



I accidentally tuned in to Days of Our Lives rather than B&B to hear someone say, “You may not what it hear this but I think my Mom has been turned into Princess Gina.”
Nope, nope, noppity nope.
Give me the realism of B&B any day. 🤣

daisy 🌼

“You may not want to hear this but….
Thomas kissed a mannequin”
Steffy’s baby Phoebe is really your dead baby, Beth”.
Your mother has been sleeping with your husband and is pregnant with your aunty”.
Your dad’s ex-wife is now your mother-in-law..no wait… now your mum’s ex-husband’s and your brother’s grandfather’s wife”.

brain dead dave

Zoe and Carter are on the verge of their first spat and it’s over social climbing Paris. Zoe tries to get Carter to renege on pushing Paris up the Forrester food chain. Too late, because Ridge has been suckered by Carter’s recommendation and offered Paris a job. Passion and drive are what Forrester Creations want. Even if it comes from a clan of baby stealers. carter’s screwing up his new job.

Dr Indispensable is tightening his nuptial noose around Steffy and lapping up all the compliments for saving the roach. Steffy reminds us that there’s nothing more important than family (except divorce and adultery)

Flo and Wyatt make a forgettable appearance. Flo meets Dr Indispensable.

Liam wears a sweater that has been spray painted on and he wears more inquisition beating around the bush from Hope , who can tell something’s on Liam’s mind. The mannequin is mentioned. We go to the curtain with Liam bleating “There’s something I have to tell you” ( I guess a phone will ring or someone will barge in)

daisy 🌼

Paris “has dedicated her whole life to helping others”.
She’s just out of school. She hadn’t had time to be Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi or Fred Hollows.

I want so much to give Zoe some counselling. She should have been telling Carter off for making decisions that affect her without asking. I’d be asking, “Is this how you plan to be married?”

Flubber will have to get a surfboard out or hit the gym and lay off pizza in bed because Flo memorized the image of Finn’s naked chest. While Flo drooled and gawked, and Flubber got nervous and awkward, Finn chose to remain shirtless. He has a chest “that has been painted on”. Flo kept saying how lucky, lucky, lucky Steffy was (while thinking that Finn and Flo and a nice ring to it).

Oh and btw, does everyone in LA have a key to Steffy’s place?

brain dead dave

What I’ve seen of the Buckinghams, they dedicate their lives to helping themselves, be it stealing babies or covering it up.

brain dead dave

Uh oh. Steffy’s pregnant. Is it Liam’s or Dr.Doom’s? Check out Liam’s face when Steffy tells him.

Skeletor bullies Paris to renege on the cushy job. It’s not working.

Hope accepts marriage counselling from the roach. He lays it on thick and mentions the mannequin. Inexplicably. she’s drawn to the roach.

brain dead dave

More hilarity as Liam processes the news. He pulls a face like he’s run into a supermarket to panic buy toilet paper…..and they’re sold out. Secret time, cos Steffy has n’t told Dr.Doona Donor yet.

Hope and the roach discuss mannequin night. Meantime freaking out Liam blames everything on the “damn mannequin”

Zoe wants Paris out of LA and secretly she’s mad as hell that Paris pursues dull as dishwater Zende. Zoe thinks Paris is a gold digger.

brain dead dave

Hope bonds more with the roach as she divulges that Liam saw the roach you guessed it…kissing a mannequin. We go to the curtain with a pitiful scene between Liam and Steffy. Steffy hopes that it’s Finn’s baby, so does “every baby is a blessing” back pedalling Liam, but we know what to expect. That mannequin acheived all this.

daisy 🌼

Thanks for the excellent “visuals” Dave. I can see it all.
I am in Perth arm and will watch when I get home. In the meantime, your recap “nailed it”. 🤣