The Bold and the Beautiful Australian TV recap

Bold, Beautiful and Socially Distanced

By Daisy
For those still watching, here’s a quick Bold and the Beautiful update: Quinn is trying to claw her way back to her matrimonial home and husband Eric, but first she has to get past $hauna, who has been making herself right at home there, sharing martinis with Eric in front of the all-important portrait spot. 
Perhaps, like others before her, $hauna has been posing quietly for her “soon-to-be wife number 15” portrait.
Eric has been luxuriating in $hauna’s seduction. She knows that while she is saying, “Forgive Quinn”, all Eric can really hear is the voice in his head saying, “Booozums, big blue eyes, giant sea anemone lips”.  Knives will soon be out there. And perhaps, too, Eric’s old manhood.
Thomas has been positioning himself to steal Hope’s heart, using humility, repentance, fatherly love and a vigilant eye on any chinks in Liam and Hope’s relationship as a means to do so.  Hope has been warming to Thomas’s compliments, remorse and fatherly devotion, while Liam is spinning out of control with accusations and anxiety: “Why won’t anyone believe me?”. 
“Wooden Hope” knows the truth. Liam, the arrogant fool, is spending way too much time with Steffy, with one excuse or another. He thinks spreading his sperm all over LA makes him a candidate for Father of the Year.
Others on the scene ATM are gold digging Zoe, who will take any guy who is rich and good looking. She’s not fussy but would prefer Zende. There is “Loser in Love Carter” who can’t keep a girl either because he’s a nice guy, or because his surname isn’t Forrester. There’s cocky Zende, who has already partially moved on to Zoe’s pink-topped sister.
And there’s Paris, who has stuck fairy floss on her head. She’s ready to eat Zende for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I nearly forgot boring Wipes and Flo. Flo has been flaunting her crotch in a peep show beach dressing gown and yellow bikini. Wipes has been protesting $hauna’s new address, and his mother’s relocation into his love nest. No pizza in bed for him.
Also, no pizza full stop, as Quinn wants Wipes to eat healthy food. She too can see the flubber. It might not be long before Flubber Boy and boring Flo hit the rocks over who’s mother deserves the most reviling. 
In the meantime, others might brave the virus to make an appearance, even kiss a mop in a love scene.
The only one who’s truly unafraid is red-eyed, murderous Wooden Hope. Perhaps producers should bring in even more dummies to fill the cast. 🤣


General chat with Daisy

By Daisy

We are driving home from Perth with the doglets on the back seat, when we took the opportunity to call in at the Dardanup Butchering Company to see if we could get some roo for the dogs.

While there, I bought some other meat and hopped back into the car with two bags of all sorts of meat (sorry Dave). Now the dogs are drooling, thinking they hit the mother load for dinner.That got me thinking of a good chat piece.

While stopping for a drink on the way home, at our usual half way stop, I saw a lovely, big doughnut, thick with chocolate icing that took great strength to resist because I was imagining how delicious it would be in my mouth. 

At the ripe old age of 65 (say what?), my weaknesses are (after sunset) chocolate and pretty much any nice food. I can go all day, no problem, but after dark, sweet carbs call to me. I can’t have them in the house. I would steal them from a baby.

Mmmmmm … doughnut.

I have a greater weakness; kids and grandkids but it’s probably not quite the same as those other things that cause us great delight and great temptation. It’s an endorphin thing.

What are your Archilles heel; those things that get you drooling? Sunshine and the beach are my mood lifter. And the bush at certain times of the year. Those I can enjoy without doing a next-day damage assessment.


Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful chat – Sept

By Daisy

After hiding out from the virus, the Bold & the Beautiful are back, albeit looking a tiny bit scragglier, chubbier and with a few overgrown hairdos.

I guess you might have to be picky to notice things like Brook’s big arms and shoulders in her off-the-shoulder tops, but do you need to be observant, or just paying attention to notice they have been kissing dummies ( boom boom in advance)
Some questions come to mind. Who will be first to overhear $hauna confessing her crime? (who’s not after Forrester cash). How long will they keep the secret? How long before Dr House Calls becomes Dr Bedroom Caller? Will Steffy sleep with Dr House Calls so that she can get her hands on his prescription notepad?

It definitely won’t be long before Liam is sniffing around Steffy again. Hope’s attempt at getting her peach painted claws into little Kelly might have backfired.

The central theme right now is Quinn going crazy in her attempt to push Brooke out of the family and install and consolidate her bestie $hauna as Mrs Ridge Forrester.

Ridge has had his braincells sucked out from kissing dummies because he is just going along with this faux marriage like someone waking up in a stupor after a general anaesthetic, whenever he sees Brooke kissing Bill.

None of this will last because $hauna and Quinn keep discussing their “secret”, so it’s only a matter of time … tick tock. Who will spring them? I’m hoping it’s Katy but guessing Flo. She can keep a secret for months.

Will the Forresters see a trend with the Barnacle Sisters now (I know they are mother and daughter)? One baby kidnapped. One man a victim of nuptial fraud, then coitus fraud.

Biggest question; will this spell the end of Quinn over the fireplace? Happy viewing.


General chat with Daisy

By Daisy

You bought the $20 million lotto ticket. At first, maybe you apportion some to give away to family, friends or charities.

Now, let’s say you now have $10 million you have kept to set yourself up nicely. So, what would you do?

What in your life would change?  What would stay the same? Coronavirus would limit some of your options. For instance, there’d be no first class flight to Europe. No house in Provence – not for a few years at least. 

So what then? A farm? A boat? A luxury mobile home? Buy out all your neighbours so you can live in peace and quiet? What selfish indulgences would you like?

And what would you have done with your first $10 million? The $10 million you shared, gave away? See, when you spend your winnings in your head, you at least get a little trip down Fantasy Lane for your money.
I’ll start. Off the top of my head: I’ll share my first $10 million with family, friends and donate toward the protection of native bushland, flora and fauna. I’d also donate toward Aboriginal education. 
Since coronavirus has stomped on my travel plans, I think I might buy a nice mobile home to drive around WA.

I’d buy more plants for our garden, and I’d put money aside for Woolif and me to have a gardener, housekeeper and, later on, a nurse so we can stay living where we do.
Ask me next week, and my answer might be different. 
What’s your imaginary spending spree? 


General chat

By Daisy
This chat, I thought I would talk about those things that brighten your day. Sometimes life is bright with happy things and nice people. Sometimes life is really tough, so tough it’s unbearable. So tough, you feel yourself going under a landslide of despair.
Lately I have recalled days when sixpence worth of lollies and climbing a tree with my cousins was all I needed.
Or a day at the beach. Or Gilligan’s Island. Or riding my bike. Or dancing in a ballet concert. Or drawing a picture. So many things.
I have so many happy memories, like lying on a cane chair in a cabana with my grandma, in her garden, while she invented stories set in India.

When you’re older, joy can be more elusive. So this chat, I want to tell you those bright things that drive out gloom. For me anyway. The love of a family member. Love in action. Laughing with my kids. My siblings. Laughter and coffee with good friends. Good music, happy music played loudly. Sunshine.  The sun at any time of year. The sky. Photographing clouds and sunsets. The beach. The ocean and swimming. Going to pottery. The new woodheater in my loungeroom.Escape to the Country. Exercise for my endorphins. Chatting on TTV.
Travel and holidays. 

I need a pick-me-up right now. Perhaps a bag of lollies? 

Virtual lollies for you, Daisy (save the raspberries for me – Juz)


General chat: August

By Daisy
I’m not really a hippie, although there is a bit of that influence in me. I have never been into New Age stuff: crystals and purple medieval velvet dresses, although I have always had a mostly casual wardrobe.

But I have navigated through The Age of Aquarius, wearing jeans, raising children and enjoying country living. 

The Age of Aquarius didn’t quite happen the way they sang about it in Hair, and then perhaps people discovered they wanted to move on from a beautiful,  $20-per-week, 100-year-old farm house on a dairy farm by a river, to town to complete their degrees and find fulfilling, well-paying work.

So, now many of us have found that maturity and even old age have taken hold, and life has given us scars and baggage. When Neil Young sang Old Man Look at My Life, we sang along and enjoyed it from the hippie, happy garden of youth, never thinking how soon we would become that old man ourselves. 
Now we find ourselves with regrets, sorrows and good and bad memories. Even worse, sometimes we find we have no memories …”Why did I come into this room?”
Maybe we are re-evaluating our perspective and goals. Some may have spent a life achieving goals, and now wonder what to do when they no longer need goals, then there is a sense of lack of purpose, point and direction.
Perhaps we have lost the ability to be selfish. Sometimes baby boomers are accused of selfishness, yet we have probably spent our lives looking after others, and being responsible. For me, I recall a time, when in spite of the usual teen troubles and dramas, (and some not so usual), I enjoyed myself. I didn’t care about goals.

I didn’t care about career, getting dinner on the table, being responsible. Those were the kind of things that got in the way of my real goal; enjoying life and hanging out with friends.
So now that I am staring down the barrel of … mmmm … however many years, I have decided that it’s time for me to bring back some of that hedonism and selfishness into my life.

It won’t be easy. We baby boomer girls have been trained to worry and have a hard time saying, “No”. But I am in training for a life of hedonism now. It was a decision I made in January 2020, then we had Coronavirus, but perhaps it’s still achievable.

So that’s my ramblings on looking back at life, and looking forward. It’s a season for all of us to re-evaluate. How about you?


Bold and the Beautiful Aug chat

By Daisy
No real kissing …
They may or may not be beautiful, but they sure are bold because B&B braves the virus to return for more scandals, crimes, partner swapping, treachery and quite a lot of deviancy.
So Steffy gets around any kissing and embracing scenes by telling Liam to go home and sanitise, then crashing her bike (again) and doing all her scenes from the safety of ICU.

Flo and Flubber embrace and kiss madly, truly, deeply. Well not truly because Flubber’s head was replaced with Flo’s real life brother to prevent transmission outside her familiar zone. It’s a weird scary prolonged pash, with Flo hiding the identity of “Flubber” with her hand.Sally is dumped because the baby-thief caught her out lying about dying.

Let’s hope Sally doesn’t really get sick because she will be the girl who cried, “Wolf”. Writing her “help!” message on Sally’s undies was a clever plan from Flo, as was the newly placed full-length mirror in the lounge room.

Brooke’s strategy yesterday, was to wear a few sausage-coloured, slippery blouse, from which all viruses would just slide off. Barbara’s Cartland would have loved that horrible bed jacket.

Ridge already has the virus. You can hear it in his hoarse voice. And speaking of hoarse…or horse…the Stallion will do just fine. He has returned full of vigour, although that has been somewhat dampened with remorse.

As if Rasper doesn’t hate him enough, now Dollar Bill has smashed up his daughter. 
Good luck and stay safe Bold and Beautiful and my fellow Aussies wherever you are.


Daisy’s general chat – June

By Daisy
Easing back to life as we knew it.
How’s it going everyone? I suppose it varies depending on where you live, your age, your general cautiousness, work situation and people with whom you have contact.
It’s feeling so back to normal in Bunbury. Being a country town, it seems people think, “It won’t happen here”. With regional borders opened up, we are being inundated with weekend trippers, mostly from Perth.
I went to go to the Farmers’ Market yesterday and had to turn around before even driving in. The cars were backed up onto the road, waiting to get in. A lot of people from Perth know about our Farmets’s Market and call in on their way south and/oron their return. I tend to get slightly territorial and want to say Eff off, but I know that is irrational. 
I have hit the cafés again with Woolif and/or friends. I love kicking back in a comfy spot with a coffee. Some of you know my usual spot is the VAT2 but they closed over the Apocalypse, so Woolif and I would buy take-away coffee and cake at Benesse and eat it on The Bay between Mash and the bridge.

It’s a beautiful spot. During the Plague I used to take my art supplies, lay on a blanket or sit on one of the benches and stay all day drawing or hanging out with my friend, Rachel. 
Anyhow, if you ever come to Bunbury, try Benesse. It’s only a café but it has the best food and coffee in town imo.

What’s Daisy drinking? Double soy latte is my guess – Juz

Woolif has a cold right now but it might as well be the pox because I won’t let him anywhere near me. He has the personal hygiene habits of a 12-year-old boy so I have to tell him off for things like not washing his hands, putting his used spoon back in the pudding to take seconds, or zooming in for a goodnight kiss. That’s when I go nuts. He works with children whose parents send them to school sick. 
Now I am heading home to rake a few honky nuts, pick up some dog’s poo and continue knitting my jumper.
Also to practice speaking Indonesian as son 1 is now living in Bali with an Indonesian girlfriend. He video chats me at least once a day and seems to be getting better. Those of you who followed me through Europe will know what I mean.
To all of you, wherever you are in Australia, or in the world, I wish you good luck, good health and good times in the rest of 2020.

Life in lockdown


Daisy’s Bold and Beautiful May Chat

By Daisy

Eighties B&B is old, but new to some of us, and new to me. I kind of missed the 80s in general as I was on a farm back then, so all those taffeta ruffles and flouncy hairdos are unknown.
It’s good to see B&B 80s if for no other reason than to tell us, “Never bring back 80s fashion”. But it does go well with the Mills and Boon drama being served this week.
We know not to expect a Forrester wedding to go smoothly, and yet Brooke and Eric managed to join in unholy matrimony. Old Stephanie watched on as the young caterer married her husband. Ridge, the young horsey Ridge, hovered as his dad took what I presume to be Ridge’s ex.Then we had the double wedding, double in the sense that Ridge had two wives.
Producers let loose with the fantasy, with Taylor, aka Layla, in the clutches of a rich sultan. Her memory is returning as she has romantic flashbacks of her love-ins with Ridge.
Meanwhile, holy moley, young Brooke comes riding down the cliffs, in taffeta frills, folds and flounces to marry, the already married Ridge. Will the sultan call on his olden days phone to inform him his wife is alive? When will Layla get her lips done?


First Dates with Daisy

Decades of watching The Bold and the Beautiful have prepared Daisy to recap any show involving true lurve. Here, she takes a look at First Dates, which for some reason has been buried in a lateish time slot when it is not that bad a show. Over to you, Daisy (with thanks):

For those of you who are, like me Watchers of People, I have done a brief recap of a recent First Dates. Some people will do anything to get onto TV. First we saw Carmen Duncan with a man who scrubbed up all right. She behaved badly by leaving the phone on. He let her go Dutch. I’m old so that would concern me. He tried being funny and she laughed at his jokes. Carmen was happy, and he was really into her. Thinking they had found ‘the one’; someone with who they could “snuggle”, they both voted “stay” and walked out arm in arm.

Then we had a girl with an awful laugh, who I suspect was playing it up. Embarrassing. Her date only had hair on half his head, wore his old wedding suit, and was an amateur body builder, but was otherwise OK. There was no way he was going to be into laughing girl, and he wasn’t.
We had a young couple, neither of whom had ever seen a knife and spoon…or restaurant or table before. They shared a passion for chicken nuggets and chips. She was pretty. He was a plain-looking farm boy. They voted “stay” and left for Maccas, giggling about how “spatchcock sounded like penis. They both declared their 👍’ for each other but their 😫 for vegetables. Let’s not tell them how a chip is made.

Then we had DJ girl in the semi-revealing two piece. She got a self-declared well-mannered man, in a tight black and blue suit. He lived with his mum and learned from her how to be a gentleman. She chomped on her food like a horse eating hay. Again, I wonder, “staged?” She thought she had the goods, while none of his chivalry was on show when he made a rude comment about her eating and got up and walked out. Still, he got the finger.

I noticed we saw Richard Reid will be on in upcoming shows and another Geordie Shore regurgitation. Sadly, I think the show is probably being over man-handled by producers. I think we will call it pran-handled. We will probably see horse girl and hyena girl again.
– Daisy

Juz’s note: First Dates is on Seven, Wed at night. The blurb says: “One of Australia’s top international models, Simone Holtznagel, is looking for a tall man to meet her strict height requirements. At 203cm, will Peter prove to be a slam dunk for Simone?”
That’s Simone who was on Top Model as a youngster and then I’m a Celeb.