Bachelor Locky finale

The end of Lockydown is nigh! Tonight it’s digital marketer/influencer Bella versus Victorian nurse Irena.

As we know from the Honey Badger season, having a final two does not mean Bachie will walk away with a girlfriend.

There are rumours he picks Bella but she can’t handle the pressure, so he flips back to Irina. Who knows!

Flights to Bali are back? Woo hoo!

The Bachelor screens on Ten from 7.30pm and runs for 90 minutes.


Bachelor Locky

Bubbly dancer Nicole is gone and we are back in the mansion for one of those awkward episodes that starts with a rose ceremony, just to make us think we got our time’s wrong and came in halfway through.

Will lovely Steph and the other one (Maddie?) ever get a single date?

Probably not – they have become the spares. Tonight Bella whinges about her Irina’s perceived wrongdoing and it blow up in her face.

I don’t know them from a bar of soap but since reality TV is all about judging people, I’m Team Irina.


Bachelor Lockydown nearly over

Well, that didn’t last long. We get one more night of Bachelor Lockydown and then it’s back to the mansion for more angst.

Tonight intruder Bec enters the scene. Bet she’ll quickly be in Locky’s bubble.

Intruder Bec is 25 so is obviously worried she has missed her chance to find a partner with whome to set up an Insta bikini fitness empire.

Tonight (Wed): As Love In Lockdown draws to a close, the girls are invited on a virtual group date where they will have the opportunity to introduce their nearest and dearest to Locky.

Thurs: It’s the first group date since everyone returned to the mansion and the ladies finally get to do what they couldn’t during lockdown: get physical with Locky. Locky is blindfolded and stripped down to his underwear.

The Bachelor airs on Ten at 7.30pm.


Bachelor Locky week 2

It’s week 2 of Bachie, which is the closest we are going to get to Survivor for a long time.

And word has it the eyebrows girl who was telling the others Locky was a D grade celeb did not watch Survivor either – the producers told her and then asked her to spread the word because the lack of fangirling was embarrassing.

If you want to listen to a podcast with inside scoop on the show, check out So Dramatic – much tea is spilt.

How many girls will Locky pash before the Rona breaks up the party?


Bachelor Locky

The new season of The Bachelor starts on Wednesday on Ten with what is the ultimate Survivor crossover.
Two-time player Locky Gilbert is the new Bachie. Think tall, dark, tatts, athletic, more articulate than Honey Badger but not a Matt/Matty J-type vocab.

At least his Survivor experience would have made him used to talking to the camera.
He’s a wild wilderness guide from WA who is based in Bali, so his ideal match is a bikini influencer.

Apparently the pandemic meant some dates were conducted via video, so perhaps there will be less snogging this time round.

AK as Osher, Lockie as the Bach.

Now, if only we could convince Osher to take the night off and let AK conduct the rose ceremony …


Bachelor home town week

Is it time to give Bachie a rest? Does anyone really care? Aren’t people just watching to see when Abbie goes home?
Last year the Badgerlor ended in in early Oct and Bachelorette Ali started the following week. I am interested to see what it will be like with Angie from Gogglebox but I don’t think I’ll be back watching Bachie on a regular basis.
Wed: In the group date, the girls test their chemistry with Matt in front of each other. One lucky girl gets to ‘move in’ with Matt. Later, two girls go head-to-head in an epic cocktail party showdown.
Thurs: It’s “home towns”, and Matt travels around Australia to meet the nearest and dearest of the final four girls competing for his heart.