Bachelorette Wk 2

Here we are in week 2 of Sisterelette. Take a drink every time it is mentioned the girls are from the country and you’ll be sloshed by the first ad break.

Early days yet but I reckon Elly picks Fraser and Becky Pete.

It’s obvious some of the blokes who have gotten air time thus far are just there looking to boost their profiles.

It’s interesting not much is said about the sisters as human beings. Is Elly still a nurse? And Becky? She drinks piccolo with almond milk and doesn’t mind an early pash – that’s all we know.

I quite like this guy – and he has a “real” job.


Two Bachelorettes at once

Well, this is a bit weird. Ten has cast sisters for the next series, which is about to start filming.

Remember young, sweet nurse Elly from Matt Agnew’s season? She and her older sister will both date on the new season.

I really hope they don’t fall for the same guy because I don’t want to see sisters kissing the same man.
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Bachelorette: End is nigh

The finale is tomorrow (Thurs) so the Wed episode is just a filler, really.
What do we think? Carlin, Timm or Ryan?
Or did Angie meet a nice camera man?

Goofball Timm is really the only one we know much about. Carlin and Ryan can really only be told apart by their hair or lack thereof. Oh and one likes dogs.
Social media is full of people speculating Ciarron will ride in on a white horse and rescue Angie but I fear that’s a plot line they are saving for Bachelor in Paradise. Hopefully we get to see him on I’m a Celeb because he is good TV.


I’m a Celeb first reveal

The first I’m a Celeb 2020 contestant has been announced. It’s the always enthusiastic yet sometimes unintelligible chef Miguel Maestre from The Living Room.
He’s very likeable – could well be a winner.
It’s two months before the show starts so we can look forward to thousands of promos for the show. Who else do you think they will cast?
I bet they will be after Ciarron from Bachelorette as audiences responded so well to him.
I’m a Celeb starts Jan 5, 2020.
You can watch the promo below. It’s quite funny and I laughed when I saw they’d subtitled Miguel. He and Dr Chris are mates so it should make for some good banter.

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Bachelorette: It’s time to go, Jamie

Apparently there are 10 guys left but the only ones I can name are Ciarron, Jamie, Timm, Carlin and Square Jaw, I mean, Jackson. I think that’s his name? Oh and Dog Guy.
It’s time Angie evicted Jamie before his mental health is further damaged.
According to the TV guide blurb there’s some kind of drama (no doubt the phrase bro code is used) and then on Thurs there is a quiz.