Masked Singer grand finale airs Mon

The Masked Singer grand finale has finally been filmed, after being delayed by a coronavirus outbreak on set. It is scheduled to air on Ten on Monday at 7.30pm.

The final three are Bushranger, Frillneck and Queen.

Judge Urzila Carlson filmed her part of the show while in quarantine in a New Zealand hotel and talks about it here.


Masked Singer semi-finals

The semi-finals of The Masked Singer are here, which means they are about to run out of episodes.

We know the final was about to be filmed when the show’s covid outbreak hit the dancers.

Who do you think will win?


Covid outbreak at Masked Singer

As mentioned in the general chat thread there has been a positive COVID result for a Masked Singer dancer.

Everyone involved in the show – crew, performers, judges and Osher – is now in isolation.

However there will still be shows this week as they were already recorded.


Masked Singer finale – Mon

The Masked Singer is drawing to an end, with Monster, Wolf and Robot still in it.
The collective wisdom of the internet has already decided who they are but at least two of them will be unknown to Lindsay Lohan.
Where to from here for Season 2? We’ve already seen a lot of our well-known voices but perhaps the show’s success will encourage more left of centre singers to have a go.


The Masked Singer & The Real Dirty Dancing

The family-friendly singing show The Masked Singer has been a big hit for Ten, so is sure to reappear next year.
Who do you think will “win” the show?
Has anyone checked out Seven’s dancing show? I caught half an hour of it and was sucked in, mainly because I find Anne Edmonds’ comic dorkiness hilarious. Todd McKenney is an awful host but, and contestant Jamie Durie tries to take over from him constantly but, as we know, a great showman.
The series is filmed at the resort where the movie was set and you’d think it was the birthplace of Jesus the way they speak about it in the show.
It’s being repeated this weekend so just fast forward through the talking heads except when Anne is on screen.