The Block finale: Will the homes all sell at auction?

Finally, it’s auction time on The Block.

The finale starts at 7pm on Nine.
Is Hughesy going to buy another house?

What do you think of the season overall?

Many thanks to all of who who did recaps throughout the season.


The Block back yard and pool reveals

We’re getting to the end of The Block and on Sunday it’s time for the back gardens and their tiny swimming pools to be revealed.

Who needs a swimming pool in Melbourne? I lived there as a kid and it was hardly ever hot enough to go to the pool.
Although perhaps such a feature will appeal more in a city that has gone through such a tough time with the covid lockdown.

My TV guide at the moment does not have any other episodes listed, but I know the real auctions are November 21.

Of course, no live open inspections this year.

The Block backyard reveals are on Sunday.

What do you think of this season of the Channel 9 so far? Is it better now they are back to doing houses?


The Block recap: garden reveals and garage week TV chat

Sunday night the front gardens are revealed and judged, then it’s on to the studio and garage building.

Who’s the front runner to win The Block this season?

Although as we know, getting the “worst” Edit on the show means you can still win (cough, Steve and Chantelle).

Will COVID affect the number of people bidding? I guess the kind of people buying $1.5 million-plus houses are not worried about money.

Thanks again to Maz for the recaps and to people like Fijane, who keep the thread ticking over.


Brickman on The Block

Why is Brickman on The Block? Is he not on a Channel 10 contract?

The Lego Masters judge appears at a challenge on Tuesday.

Sunday night is the living/dining reveal and the theme for the rest of the week is “upstairs”.

But let’s get back to Brickman. I’ve watched a lot of Lego Masters in the past month and it’s a great show. And Brickman tears up when he has to eliminate contestants. It’s just lovely.


It’s nearly kitchen week

Tonight on The Block it’s bedroom and bathroom reveals and then we segue into the room that interests me most: the kitchen.

If you had an unlimited budget and space, what would you want in your kitchen? Walk-in pantry tops my list, followed by heaps more pot drawers.