US Survivor 40 all winners premiere

Winners at War starts in Australia Thurs, Feb 13 and Nine should fast track it, as it’s been doing of late on Go. It also usually is loaded to the 9Now site mid-afternoon.
The pros: long-time fans are keen to watch the cast of all winners play again. Some have not played in a decade and the game has come a long way since then in terms of idols (too many) and the final four fire-making challenge (time to lose it).
The cons: Edge of Extinction is back.
And I’m really looking forward to a season where no one is sexually harassed.
Who are you most excited to see again?

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I’ve always had a soft spot for Ethan and Yul, but they are very early game and might not transition to idols and skulduggery.


I think it’s unfortunate casting to have a husband and wife in the same series. I don’t expect them to go home quickly. I’m afraid I think it will be a safe choice like one of the early season winners. After all they can hardly send someone home for being a winner when they are all winners. The only multiple winner is Sandra and she’s too canny to go home first.

Jokes about the Alliance of Evil aside, I can see good reasons for Rob, Amber, Parvati and Sandra to form an early multi alliance. Maybe Natalie and Tony will join them just out of evil motives. The only thing against that is that Parvati wrecked Rob in Heroes v Villains, but that was a long time ago now.

daisy 🌼

Great. But I am reminded that Survivor in any country rewards evil.
I look forward y poo the US Survivor.


Did you mean ‘old’?


OMG Boston’s pissed cos his wife was voted out. WTF did he expect!! Him, Sandra, Parvati should be top of the list for vote out.


Actually no-one has been voted off. It’s entirely possible that Natalie and Amber will be back. It’s an all winners season. They’ve all won before and they all have a right to be there.

Natalie is spectacular at revenge. She is the last person I’d send to exile. And Amber was playing a very old school game that was no threat to anyone.

Sandra may not realise how quickly Yul has assembled a real alliance, and one reason for that is that she was so focused on punishing Amber for who she is married to.

I’ve gotta say my fears about whether Yul and Ethan could adapt are just about gone.


Yes, noone has been voted out of the game yet.
They have all played before and I find it curious that they get peed off about anything that happens that does not suit their agenda.
I’m so bored with Rob and Samdra I hope they’re out quick sticks.
I would love Yul to win.


What a paranoid first tribal council.


And I thought the blue tribe were a paranoid bunch at tribal council …


It is going to take a while to learn who all these people are, but already Yul is a favourite. And after seeing Parvati’s name in print for several years, I have been both mispronouncing it and assuming that she was of Indian heritage. She seems too nice to be this super-player everyone talks of.

Surprised that Sandra is letting revenge and resentment get hold of her game so quickly. Not surprising that she makes no reference to her spectacular fail on Aus Survivor.

Both tribals were a mess – in that nobody seemed to have any idea what was happening. I note that nobody considers keeping a physical tribe to be a priority.

EoE, at this stage, seems like it might be better this time. Maybe it works better with experienced players.