Love Island – finals week

Who’s still watching Love Island?
It’s rating well in the younger demographic so it looks like it has paid off for Nine.
We are up to finals week, with Thursday the last day.
Erin and Eden look set to win, even though Eden seems the kind of bloke who’d punch someone if you gave him full cream instead of skim milk in his morning protein shake.
The show has struggled to incorporate the Monkster into the action. She’s a funny woman but reducing her role to mainly tottering in every few days to cast someone out takes no advantage of her dry humour. She needs more one on one time with contestants.


Love Island starts tonight

What looks to be the tackiest show of the year starts on Go this Sunday at 8:30pm. Sophie Monk is back on our screens with Love Island.


Sophie’s almost here! Bachelorette starts tomorrow

Hooray! Sophie’s here! I’m hoping for a season with far less pashing on than Matty’s Bachelor season.
We get a 90-minute premiere tomorrow and tomorrow night 70 mins for the first date.

(Matty’s first date was with Elora, and we know who that turned out. Georgia Love’s first date was with Jake, the tall, dark, brooding chap. Sam Wood picked Sarah. Umm, was she the blonde one who made final three? Sam Frost chose Dave the plumber and Richie picked Nikki.)
Interview with Sophie here.
One of the contestants is professional polo player Bingham Fitz-Henry, 25. Do we think this is his real name?
The Bachelorette Australia screens on Ten, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7.30pm.