My Kitchen Rules returns

The Rivals season of MKR (in Survivor parlance it would be Fans V Favourites, except not many of these contestants are faves) starts Sun, Feb 2 (note amended date – I originally had it returning a week earlier).
Will you be watching? I only dipped in and out last year as there is too much drama, not enough cooking.
Who even won last year? Google tells me Matt and Luke. Umm, oh those cricket mates. That is all I know about them.
Guess I will tune in to one episode to see how the new format works (each chef has a “team” of cooks) but it’s hard to watch Mr Anti Vaxxer get so much airtime. Plus Survivor is on soon, so that trumps MKR.


MKR grand finale starts at 8pm

Here we are – finally. It’s Ibby and Romel versus those cricket dudes who cook meat.
It goes for two hours and does not start until 8pm, as House Rules launches at 7pm.
The blurb says:
A magnificent end to a milestone season as our two best teams of home cooks compete for the title of 2019 champions. In a series first, there’s a panel of 10 judges in celebration of 10 years Of the show.
So, we have to watch 10 people chewing and grimacing! Urgh.
And now a flashback photo:

Ibby is smizing (that’s one for Top Model fans).

A reminder MasterChef starts tomorrow on Ten.