AGT recap

Here’s an Australia’s Got Talent write-up by lovely guest recapper Daisy. Many thanks, Daisy.
Are many people watching AGT? I just can’t squish it in at the moment.

OK. Here goes, as I roll up my sleeves for my first recap. First let me say, it’s a squeeze to fit in the viewing, given the numerous reality shows that are airing simultaneously. So tonight was my first viewing of AGT for the year, and I am familiarising myself with the judges; Kelly, who annoys me, some guy named Eddie [Admin’s note: C’mon, Daisy you need to start watching Offspring or Shane Warne: the Musical, and then you’ll be on the Eddie train – Juz] , Sophie Monk and Dicko.

The first act on was Joe Ace and his wife impersonating (supposedly) Tom Jones and Tina Turner. Pretty cheesy imo, and not even fit for a boozy night at the Nookenburra, but surprisingly, they are through. Then there was a dancing horse. Myeh. After that there was an acrobatic dance group; the Equals. They were good but I have a sense of Justice Crew déja vu.
Sophie earns her wages by joining several acts on stage. We are treated to a medley of Sophie’s performances, including her doing a headstand on a horseback.

After that we have Stephen Blay in a bandana, making a few animal noises and not impressing anyone, cute dancing kids, Michael and Isabella, and Lady Gaga in drag, Miss Poodle, who didn’t win over Dicko but Kelly loved her/him.

After that we have a range of garden variety acts; glimpses of wannabes who don’t mind embarrassing themselves on telly. I felt sorry for Paris Lane, the twins who got a big build up but couldn’t sing at all. They were twins but I think actually triplets because they resembled Guy Pearce.
After that was a contortionist group Paws Studio, then a very good dance duo Mick and Emma.They chose a great piece of music to dance to, and their dancing was excellent and even had a couple of “Woah” moments. Sophie gave them the gold buzzer, which puts an act straight through to semi finals.

The last three acts of any note were Justice Hayley, an aerial contortionist, Callum the Heavy Metal (bright and precocious) kid on electric guitar singing Crazy Train – smart move, parents, putting him up to doing an Ozzy Osbourne number, and Jan van der Stool a comedian/singer who the judges all loved.
And then we get to the point where the yes and no votes were all meaningless because the judges sit down and choose the acts to go through to the semis. And they are:
Jan Van der Stool, Tina Turner and Tom Jones (what???), the Equals, Callum the Heavy Metal kid, and Mick and Emma. Viewers may add their vote and choose a wild card.

My favourite of the night; probably Mick and Emma.

Admin’s note: AGT is on tonight (What – again? How many dancing horses are there in Australia?) at 7.30pm on Nine. FWAW is straight after.


Australia’s Got Talent premiere

AGT starts tonight. I won’t be watching it due to new show overload but if anyone wants to do a recap, send it to the email on the Contact page and I will post it. Let me know how high Eddie’s hair is, how many times they bleep Kelly and how often Hughesy says “good on ya”.