SPAM INFO – from Admin Juz

Hi Talking TVers
Just alerting you that you may notice a change next time you log on to the site. You may be asked to do one of those “I am not a robot” screen captcha things. This is because I was getting a tonne of spammers registering. If it does appear, it should only be the once. And, depending on how you use the site, you may never see it.
I have deleted a bunch of people who joined in the past two days. If you are a real person and your account was deleted, you should be able to sign in again. But since five people with the username Porno1975 signed up, hopefully no genuine users will be affected.
As always, please email me if you have any trouble.
Cheers – Juz


Are you having trouble registering?

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The first time you try to use this site you will be prompted by WordPress to create a username and provide an email. WordPress then sends you an email to check you are a human being, and so you can set up a password. If you haven’t received that email, try your spam/junk folder. Once you set up a password you can post your first comment. It may not appear straight away as I have to manually approve you for your first comment, but after that is all out of the way you shouldn’t have to fuss with any more emails or passwords. Sorry for the initial palaver but it keeps spammers away. If you are having any technical issues please send an email to the address listed under the Contact section and I will get my trusty IT Sidekick on it ASAP.

PLUS if you are having trouble with creating an avatar through Gravatar, give it 10 minutes, then refresh. It takes a while.


Admin Juz