The Bold and the Beautiful Australian TV recap

Bold, Beautiful and Socially Distanced

By Daisy
For those still watching, here’s a quick Bold and the Beautiful update: Quinn is trying to claw her way back to her matrimonial home and husband Eric, but first she has to get past $hauna, who has been making herself right at home there, sharing martinis with Eric in front of the all-important portrait spot. 
Perhaps, like others before her, $hauna has been posing quietly for her “soon-to-be wife number 15” portrait.
Eric has been luxuriating in $hauna’s seduction. She knows that while she is saying, “Forgive Quinn”, all Eric can really hear is the voice in his head saying, “Booozums, big blue eyes, giant sea anemone lips”.  Knives will soon be out there. And perhaps, too, Eric’s old manhood.
Thomas has been positioning himself to steal Hope’s heart, using humility, repentance, fatherly love and a vigilant eye on any chinks in Liam and Hope’s relationship as a means to do so.  Hope has been warming to Thomas’s compliments, remorse and fatherly devotion, while Liam is spinning out of control with accusations and anxiety: “Why won’t anyone believe me?”. 
“Wooden Hope” knows the truth. Liam, the arrogant fool, is spending way too much time with Steffy, with one excuse or another. He thinks spreading his sperm all over LA makes him a candidate for Father of the Year.
Others on the scene ATM are gold digging Zoe, who will take any guy who is rich and good looking. She’s not fussy but would prefer Zende. There is “Loser in Love Carter” who can’t keep a girl either because he’s a nice guy, or because his surname isn’t Forrester. There’s cocky Zende, who has already partially moved on to Zoe’s pink-topped sister.
And there’s Paris, who has stuck fairy floss on her head. She’s ready to eat Zende for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I nearly forgot boring Wipes and Flo. Flo has been flaunting her crotch in a peep show beach dressing gown and yellow bikini. Wipes has been protesting $hauna’s new address, and his mother’s relocation into his love nest. No pizza in bed for him.
Also, no pizza full stop, as Quinn wants Wipes to eat healthy food. She too can see the flubber. It might not be long before Flubber Boy and boring Flo hit the rocks over who’s mother deserves the most reviling. 
In the meantime, others might brave the virus to make an appearance, even kiss a mop in a love scene.
The only one who’s truly unafraid is red-eyed, murderous Wooden Hope. Perhaps producers should bring in even more dummies to fill the cast. 🤣

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daisy 🌼

I apologize for my shabby proof reading; “Hope’s”, ” love nest” and “who’s”.
I got hasty.

daisy 🌼

Were Friday and today repeats, or was it because we streamed on Friday that we are seeing repeats?

brain dead dave

I don’t know ,sorry, because I’ve missed both eps.

What I have now is 40″ TV and the size of these “characters ” is scaring the bejeesus out of me ….especially Thomas. How you cope with 82″ of horror daisy, I don’t know. Loved your write up , daisy. Of course, I’m still watching.

daisy 🌼

1/2 of Liam. What a treat.

Donna’s 82″ breasts reach our lounge chair.

Enjoy your 42 inches Dave.

brain dead dave

No one believes Liam. He’s pushing shit uphill. Wooden Hope is calling the shots from the closet, eyes burning. The roach is flummoxed big time.

daisy 🌼

Thomas should switch Wooden Hope with Dummy Hope and let Wooden Hope set up home, looking after the kids with Liam.

daisy 🌼

I’ve been yelling at Liam, “Stop hanging around flattering your, and go home to your wife if you’re so worried”.
Now how is Thomas going to explain kissing the facsimile?
Any ideas?
Sleepwalking? That won’t really help much.
It sure is one f****ed up family that Steffy and Liam say they are all making work so well.
How long before Fairy Floss is a top model or picks up a pencil and discovers she is a natural, genius fashion designers? Top model would create more sibling rivalry.

daisy 🌼

Here’s an excuse:
“I heard Liam coming and did it as a sick joke”.

My guess; the bump on the head will come into it somehow.

brain dead dave

As will the bump in the roach’s trousers.

brain dead dave

Liam overhears the roach promising the mannequin the night of it’s life. Liam sees the roach kiss the mannequin and it’s reciprocated. He does his best to act like he’s lost the plot.

He’s off to Steffy’s to blurt it out. He lies that the door was ajar. For once in B& B history it was closed . He opened it and was taken hook ,line and sinker. His performance at Steffy’s was some of his worst work.

Dr Opiates tries to tell the real Hope that the roach is acting kind of crazy and is still obsessed.Curtain

daisy 🌼

Dr Can’t Mind His Own Business runs to Hope. Why?

Liam sees Thomas kissing the spitting image of his wife and runs home to warn her…. No wait….no……he goes around to his ex wife/ex girlfriend’s house. Again. Because that’s how he can warn Hope that her clone us kissing Thomas. To be fair, she was asking for it.

Liam needs to leave Hope and marry Steffy so that he can spend more time with Hope, if that makes sense.

brain dead dave

Next thing is Liam will barge in on Dr Unethical House Calls giving Hope a complimentary gynaecological examination.

That Dr is going to turn out a villian.

daisy 🌼

Dr Dodgy

brain dead dave

Dr Douche. So many names apply to him.

brain dead dave

Liam gets drunk at Steffy’s and lists his regrets about his slut of a wife, the goes to kiss Steffy and she goes for it like a seagull to a chip. Last time it was drugs, this time cheap drunk Liam has had two Scotches. Although Dr Sticky Beak is spending ” three or four ” nights a week at Steffy’s, Stefffy’s hot for Liam like he was a bottle of Oxycontin. Easy meat, I think Frank Zappa called it. Steffy’s moral compass self destructed in less than a second.

The roach tells Dr.Never In His Office to mind his own beeswax. Lucky he’s not at Steffy’s , seeing the orgy unfold there. Elsewhere, Hope extolls the roach’s talents.

Great ep, apart from Liam’s “acting” Curtain. What a tangled web these freaks weave.

daisy 🌼

We’ve yet to watch, but Liam sounds like that cigarette butt you already smoked, but dig it out of the bin or ashtray for another time of nicotine goodness.
Everyone is in the wrong place. If Dr Do-the-patient was with Steffy, and if Liam was with Hope instead of sniffing around Steffy, none of it would have happened.

brain dead dave

You’re in for a treat. A lot happened.

daisy 🌼

Yep. They are playing Twister. Thomas’s hands on Wooden Hope, Liam’s lips on Steffy’s lips and Wipes over mooching on Dummy Hope. It’s the biggest swap without car keys and a bowl.
Wipes tells Hope that Thomas has baggage. Might I remind him that he and Hope were married until his mother pushed her down a staircase causing her to miscarry. Baggage is essential in this show.


I’ve skipped a few episodes, but good lord.

It sounds like I’ve missed a party.

So did Liam think Thomas was making out with the real Hope, and he just couldn’t tell the difference between Hope and a lifeless wooden dummy?

To be fair, I couldn’t tell the difference between Liam and one of those, either, so I guess it’s a match made in heaven.

Geez, I need to catch up.

Even three thousand covid deaths daily can’t stop the Forresters and their pesky partner-swapping.

brain dead dave

Yeah, Liam thought it was the real Hope and it drove him to drink and debauchery in no time. Liam’s starting to shed some of his Covid blubber, I note.

Now will Dr.Pills barge in on proceedings? The shit will hit the fan.


So I’ve been out of the loop for a little while, on this one. But I shot-gunned a tonne of episodes last night.

They’ve put Douglas into the opening credits in a full fashion-model pose. My gosh, they’re going to ruin this kid’s life.

Meanwhile, Thomas is having conversations with a mannequin, Liam can’t tell the difference between a lifeless wooden dummy and his wife, and Steffy’s hair had just exploded lately.

As for Thomas … he’s such a pathetic character that I don’t know how to deal with him anymore. He went from moustache-twirling sociopath (vehicular homicide, anyone?) to this broken shell, driven insane by his own idiocy. He’s too pathetic for me to even count him as a villain anymore. And the thing is, Liam is so grossly-irritating and obnoxious that, in any clash, I find myself on Thomas’s side anyway.

Are we sure that Liam is actually Bill’s son? Wyatt, at least, got the Spencer charisma. But Liam has the personality and charm of wet cardboard.

The shame about Thomas is his actor is quite funny. If they played the character of Thomas a bit more self-aware — let him play a bit more into quirky humour. Let him lampshade what it’s like to be a part of this family of insane, inbred weirdos — make him a slightly-more cynical version of Wyatt, then I actually think that would really work. It would spare us yet another round of “Thomas does something wacky and everyone has to cope”, but would actually be really entertaining in it’s right.

I’m sure Thomas is headed back to hospital. They paid for the hospital set, late last year, and they’re going to damn well get their money’s worth out of it. Plus, putting your cast around a hospital room makes the covid-required-distancing look slightly less obvious.

How’s Sally been, lately?

daisy 🌼

Nothing from Sally.
Liam, wet cardboard. Good analogy.
Yes. Thomas could continue as a sort of Ruprecht from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The guy they keep in the basement. Although there are too many Ruprechts on B&B.

Liam was just looking for an excuse to get it on with Steffy. And speaking if exploding, what is on with Steffy’s bum. Is it padded? If it is, she could hardly walk on Friday. It was as though she was wearing a nanna nappy and it was full.
Check her out in the white shorts. I know big bums are supposed to be in but I’m not a fan.


Liam’s just … the worst, isn’t he?

I missed a month’s worth of episodes, but I tune in today, and Liam’s having the exact same conversation (about how much he hates Thomas spending time with Hope) that he was having one month ago. Did he even stop to take a breath? Like, does he go home, come back the day after and continue having the exact same conversation?

And for goodness’ sake, how on Earth do Steffy and Hope put up with him? My gosh girls, you’d be much better without him.

brain dead dave

I missed nearly all of today….but enough to see Real Hope eavesdrop on the roach getting his killing orders from dummy Hope. I’d say both Liam and the roach are fixing for a stay at the Pony Ranch. Eavesdroppers rule LA., not designers.

It’s pretty simple roach. Get thee to Bunning’s, buy a chain saw and shut that wooden bitch up.Like , break a leg, man!

Windsong , you’ve picked up that Liam is whining about Thomas and Dr Drugs Groundhog Day style. He won’t even stop his tired tirades to take a dump. Liam and Steffy think he’s some kind of keeper. Wrong. Curtain. Please Bill, come sort this mess out.


Where’s mixed martial arts fan Liam, who beat the crap out of Thomas with some sick wrestling moves on the roof of Forrester Creations when Thomas was trying to kidnap Hope?

This is the Liam that I could get behind.

But whiny beige Liam? Eek. Run away, girls. Run away.

brain dead dave

Missed it. Shopping is a weak excuse but I had to do it. Feel free to make my day and fill me in,lest I have to go twist my neighbour’s arm.

It was probably Groundhog Day, with that dummy stealing all the scenes.

daisy 🌼

Well not Ground Hog but Monkey grinding Liam playing the same song. More belly aching on Thomas and “Hope sinned first”. He thinks his and Steffy’s night of sex was a hall pass because Hope let Thomas kiss her and didn’t fight him off. Steffy was more clear headed but not enough to tell Liam that in a game of rock-paper- scissors, a night of sex well trumps a kiss. But c’mon Liam, you were over at Steffy’s all day, every day.

Thomas battles his demons…and angels, a tug of war between Hope and Hope. Hope wins. 😁
Thomas ends up in tears, sobbingly showing Hope the other side of his new leaf. Hope will soon be Thomas’s rescuer. And Liam’s not going to like it.

Brooke and Ridge have an uneventful chat about Thomas’s state of mind. Ridge tries to reassure Brooke that there is no need for concern but his knitted brow and inch deep forehead creases suggest otherwise.

brain dead dave

Appreciate that,daisy. You made my day.

The roach’s state of mind is worthy of a thesis. Taylor’s input is having no effect whatsoever.

A night of sex trumps a kiss sure,……..but a night of sex with Liam…..

daisy 🌼

You’re right. Steffy is as cool and calm as if they had just had an evening of clandestine cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

daisy 🌼

I can only say, “Hope, it’s call 911, not ‘a doctor you know'”.

brain dead dave

I’ve never seen 911 called on this show. Phones are used to film people cheating and frantic texts when people have disappeared (probably to cheat)

Waiting for the socially distaced Thanksgiving…..a whole room filled with dummies.

Maybe Sally did die after all, responding to Windsong’s poser a few posts up.

Killl Liam, Thomas. We all need a break from him. Fake his death even, send him to Paris…..whatever it takes.

brain dead dave

The roach is in hospital, you know how it is ,tubes hanging out of every orifice and beeps. Dr Oxycontin reckons the roach has some kind of “brain trauma” He’s some fuckin’ genius , this doctor.

Hope does her best to convince Liam the randy roach was kissing a mannequin. Liam tries to emote confusion, but it’s a bit late having just accused his wife of being a slut. Then he remembered he slept with Steffy after one scotch to get even. Whoops, I did it again. You gotta see the faces Liam pulls. No acting manual in the history of humanity could explain them away.

Ridge rasps a storm in a teacup about his perverted son.

Great episode. Curtain. Bravo! Authors!

Disclaimer: Really, it was a load of shit but unmisssable.

daisy 🌼

I am sure they are all wearing their own clothes because covid won’t allow “wardrobe”.

They have been wearing some shocking outfits. The two worst;
1.Quinn’s silky blue happy pants tucked into a blue ribbed jumper with Adam Ant gold soldier buttons
2. Stephie’s hideous blue and white combo that was an adaptation of the thick white wooly hot pants suit, that made her look like Shaun the sheep. And her bum was padded so much that she waddled into the kitchen with her bum entering 5 minutes behind her. Then it morphed into a white wooly jacket with denim strips left over from her hem removals, stitched onto the jacket in big random places. That was worn with “co-ordinating” raggy jeans. Embarrassing.

Liam stretched himself to try and find some genuine emotion; dug deep to try and find that inner cuckold, but he looked painfully constipated.
Oh well, if he ever needs to play painfully constipated, he’ll have it in the bag.
Oops that came out wrong.

And wrong again.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liam still thinks a kiss is worse than a retaliatory shag with the woman he has been sniffing around for months minding a baby monitor that never goes off.

brain dead dave

Constipation was exactly my take on it, too. Exactly. It wasn’t part of my Drama degree.

I missed it today for a Dr appointment. No narcotics were prescribed and he didn’t try to hit on me. I guess he could drop in unexpectedly to check on me to see if I’m makin’ out with a mannequin. Thanks, daisy.

daisy 🌼

You missed Liam’s remorse that Hope HADN’T actually kissed Thomas because he had to dismount the high horse he’d been riding ever since Steffy took up with Dr Malpractice.
Rasper was still looking for someone to blame for Thomas’s demise but was somewhat mollified knowing that Hope had looked after Thomas.
Steffy was still dressed like Barbara Cartland on Xanax.

brain dead dave

Rasper had to reflect on no more than his abyssmal attempt at being a father to see his part in the roach’s demise. Give the roach a break…he’s been shoved into a vat of acid, pushed off a cliff and now a mannequin inspired “collapse”. He did the show a favour by bumping off Emma.

I’m at the point that I actually want Liam killed. I wondered , too, that if during the retaliatory shag, that Liam remembered that his own father had rooted Steffy just a few months prior? Then Dr Malcraptice has been been spending 3/4 nights a week at Steffy’s nurturing her “recovery” …. with his pink thermometer.

daisy 🌼


daisy 🌼

Yesterday Liam skirted around coming to the point, but finally spat it out; “Steffy, our revenge/drunken sex was more like, ‘egg on face’sex, with triple eggs, bacon and cheese.
After running all over town trying to uncloak Finn’s dark side, then Thomas’s evil plans, Liam has now found that those four other fingers were pointing back at himself.

We close with Quinn spying on Eric and $hauna. $hauna is helping Quinn get back together with Eric by going over there all the time wearing shorts skirts and low cut tops. Eric hasn’t had time to get lonely for his wife. Funny that the old buzzard doesn’t realize that if $hauna would go after Ridge with no scruples about how she did that, and if she would aid the concealment if a kidnapped baby, she might pretty much be capable of seducing a rich old man. Maybe Quinn needs the same memo. $hauna is helping Quinn and Eric get back together the way Hope helped Liam and Steffy’s marriage by visiting Liam in his dingy hotel room 10 times a day.

daisy 🌼

Hope explains her mid-scene change if outfit to Ridge; “Beth spat up on me”.
For us because Ridge didn’t see what she wore at Thomas’s.
The penny drops on a strangely attired Steffy. They cheated on Hope.
Hope’s strange black and cream cardigan looks way better on her than all those flowery, peach chiffon dresses. It gives her better colour.
Her anxiety levels are always high.

brain dead dave

I thought Hope looked great today. Great hairdo, too.

brain dead dave

Liam has a real bright idea. He decides he’s going to tell Hope he rooted Steffy…..but only because he thought Hope was cheating. Steffy tells him to keep his mouth shut and she’s shocked that Liam was so shallow. Lucky no one eavesdropped on this convo.We know how long secrets last on this show.

The scene is grim at the hospital. Instead of the usual crowded waiting room, only Rasper, Steffi and Liam wait for an update from Dr Drugs, who’s keeping his cards close to his chest.

Hope couldn’t see the roach warnings because he was so “inspired” by that damned mannequin. I mean, just consider the roach’s appalling track record of murder, child abuse and perversion. But he is churning out awesome designs.

$hauna has sold Quinn’s cause to Eric who may well take Quinn back but he seems mesmerised by $hauna’s fake sincerirty. Curtain.

daisy 🌼

And Quinn goes commando.

No, not without undies. Hiding under the shrubbery like a Viet Cong. She made a very stealthy entrance.

brain dead dave

Yes. Crouching tigress, hidden dragon. Shrubbery and ajar doors make this show.

Best character reference she’s ever going to have.

daisy 🌼

Liam; “This is totally on me. I’m 100% responsible”. Ya think????
Listen to Steffy Liam. Do your fly up and listen to Steffy. He tells her, “I wouldn’t have had sex with you if I hadn’t thought….”. Shut up now, Liam.

brain dead dave

Liam completely buried himself. He didn’t need the roach to do it.

“I’m not a bastard!” took the cake.

brain dead dave

Yesterday my internet broke, so unable to post.

Thomas came out of his coma . The first words he said were “Douglas” and “Hope” ( who was peering through the window.) Ridge and Steffy are relieved. The roach’s prospects are looking up, Hope will feel sorry for him.

Liam tries to dig himself out of trouble with Steffy.” If I didn’t know it was a wooden doll Thomas was trying to root, nothing would have happened between us” is what he tried to say. Steffy’s too worried about Thomas to care….but soon Hope will find out that Liam is a smuch a dummy as the mannequin. Dr Drugs will find out soon, just putting it out there…..Steffy pregnant again.

Eric told Quinn her eyes were as blue as the sea, she reminds him. He can’t see how black her heart is. I say $hauna and Eric aren’t done yet, just the same. Heaven knows why , but the old fool finds something attractive about her “kindness”

Liam tells Hope “he’ll never take her love for granted”. Instead he’ll keep a dirty lttle secret from her.

daisy 🌼

Steffy might be pregnant for real. She is looking a bit Telly Tubby ATM.
Liam has been running around like a chook with no head for weeks, making one poor decision after another so here’s an idea; let’s ignore Steffy’s advice and run and tell Hope all about his sex night with Steffy.
He seems to be making one arrogant assumption; that Hope is going to forgive him. He’s already told Steffy he’s staying with Hope.
Still Liam will always have his slippers parked under both ladies’ beds.

brain dead dave

Liam and Steffy reminisce that their night of drunken sin wasn’t so bad after all. I’ll bet next week’s rent it’ll happen again soon.

Even sick as he is , the roach says he still loves Hope. Douglas is so important to him. ( he abused him for months) What’s worse, Hope is falling for his psychopathic schtick like she has before.

Skeletor and Carter exchange some dialogue that really is forgettable. Zander said something, too. Curtain.

daisy 🌼

Hahaha. “Zander said something”.
BTW I forgot to mention, yesterday Ridge sees a clean, empty hospital bed and decides to park his fat raspy bum on it for a chat with Steffy and Liam. I mean HE had the chat, not his bum. Perhaps a comma?

Anyhow, that bed was made up for a sick person. They wouldn’t want Ridge’s bum on it.

brain dead dave

Ridge should have been wearing a mask over his arse, where he usually rasps/ chats from. Yes, sitting on the bed not Covid cool.

They have chairs in LA hospitals, I presume. Even a kermode would have been acceptable, Rasper.

Or anytime. Ridge could have crabs, for example~ and not the kind ordered at Il Giordino’s

daisy 🌼

He flopped his rasping bum right near the pillow and the top of the over-folded sheet.
I was imagining the poor patient who was set down in that prepared bed, going, “I can smell poo”.
I feel every day confirms my theory that, because of covid, clothes are no longer being loaned to them, but they are wearing their own. I will Google that.

brain dead dave

Bill and Sally don’t have any clothes, in that case.

daisy 🌼

Thomas can wear his own pjs.
I just read that Steffy, the real Steffy, is pregnant. Will they write a baby into the show? Will they make Liam or Finn the father?

brain dead dave

Another leaked fertility/paternity test on the way. Another baby born into the dysfunctional LA freak show. Children are seen and then never heard from again.

brain dead dave

Rasper overheard a piece of converstaion between the Stallion and Booke. He heard all the wrong bits and now he’s sure to jump to insane conclusions. Quinn has been life coaching Bill to get his act together while Brooke and Rasper are getting back together, whatever that means on this show.

Eric’s eyes seem fixated on $hauna’s cleavage. Meantime , Quinn’s wreaking havoc over at Bill’s. They hate each other’s guts…..but have plans that are compatible. The stallion ‘s ready to mount one more challenge but Ridge’s overhears the worst of his pitch and more importantly doesn’t hear his thirteen time married wife’s rejection. What a mix up. Dressmaker v Publisher time again…..but Quinn lit the fire.

But the Rasper has got it all wrong. He left a white rose for Brooke and those ajar doors and shrubberies stole the scene again.

Cater puts his legal foot in his mouth as Skeletor stalls him. Do it the B&B way , and drug her or get her drunk.

daisy 🌼

I thought it looked like a repeat and gave it a miss.


I keep forgetting to tune-in, so I skip a bunch of episodes and have to catch-up later.

So Steffy’s actress is pregnant? I love it when actresses fall pregnant, but the characters aren’t, so the show has to get really creative in how they film the actress.

“How I Met Your Mother” turned it into an art-form. In season 4, both the main female cast members fell pregnant (and neither of the characters were. Indeed, with one of the characters, there was a recurring storyline about how she could never fall pregnant), so the show had to pull out all the stops. I never notice, at first, but on re-watch, it’s like, of course, the two actresses are pregnant.

So, going forward, Steffy is going to be sitting down, a lot. She’ll be holding very large hand-bags in front of her, lying in bed or on a couch (with a hole cut in the cushions to keep her stomach flat-ish), and wearing really baggy, flowing, loose dresses and clothes. And regardless of the weather, she’ll always be holding thick, heavy coats in front of her stomach.

Apparently people were starting to like Liam, but then he banged Steffy like a Salvation Army drum — because he saw Thomas kissing the Hope mannequin — and now the fandom hates his guts again. Can’t say I blame them. He’s the human equivalent of an itch in a place you can’t scratch.

Also, is it me, or is Paris (Zoey’s sister) super-duper annoying? Can’t stand her.

brain dead dave

Ridge, Shauna , Brooke, Bill and Quinn featured today. Easily the closest to losing his mind was Ridge. Lyrics from horrible love ballads made it into the dialogue. Who’s gonna root who next is anyone’s guess.Yet gorgeous Donna is on the shelf.

We are reminded that “nothing can come from a slut from the desert” by Brooke. What has Brooke got against arid environments? Thirteeen marriages….Brooke ain’t no slut, no siree.

Curtain. Yeah, Paris is known as “Pinky” here, Windsong.


And it’s so weird, because even Zoey seems to be barely able to tolerate her sister. Every time that Zoey and Paris share a scene, Zoey has this open, barely-controlled hostility towards Paris.

Meanwhile, it’s like the writers took all the black cast members, and just lumped them all together in this contrived love quadrangle.

So Carter is in love with Zoey. Zoey is sweet on Carter, but she’s also very flirty with Zende (mostly because Zende, as an adopted member of the Forrester family, is a lot closer to the bottomless pit of Forrester money). Zende, for his part, is quite flirty with Zoey. Now Paris shows up. Paris is flirty with Zende, while Zende also starts being flirty with Paris, while Paris gets closer and closer to Carter.

Can these people make up their damn minds? JUST PICK SOMEONE.

brain dead dave

Steffi’s back on the pills with a beer chaser. All over a loser like Liam. Dr Unethical can’t be too far away.

Otherwise, the show is spinning it’s wheels with the usual stuff. Curtain.

brain dead dave

Slowly Thomas confesses to the Rasper that he was well on his way to getting it on with a mannequin. Ridge is aghast because he merely thought the roach employed the mannequin for “inspiration”……..more like “masturbation”, Rasper. Brooke still hates the roaches guts.That’ll cause problems.

At the same time Hope drags it out to Dr. House Calls that the roach displayed some “disturbing” behaviour. Like, he kissed a mannequin thinking it was the real deal. Dr. Finn is agog and not too informed on adult leisure devices. Hope still has feelings for the roach…..even after everything we’ve been through.

Liam pleads that he’s not a bad person because he rooted Steffi, he didn’t know the roach was trying it on with a mannequin. Never would have happened otherwise. Steffi and Liam both tacitly agree they had a good night. Liam bleats that he’ll always love Steffi. In the next breath he informs that he’s going to squeal to Hope. Steffi tells him to keep his mouth shut because she still sees a future with Dr House Calls. There’ll be an ajar door about to blow this secret up in record time.

Not a lot of designing is being done. Curtain.

daisy 🌼

Aaaah. What a great write-up, Dave. And so it appears to have ditched the reruns and resumed the story. I am looking forward to watching it. I’m especially looking forward to the “agog” Dr Dothepatient. He usually is agog, and it’s my favourite word in your write-up.
Liam is bamboozled by his own undoings.
Thomas is abashed. Stephie has enough sense to be alarmed…but not enough sense to kick Daddy two homes to the curb, and take his moccasins (which are probably his slipper of choice) from under her bed and throw them out after him.


“Dr. Finn is agog and not too informed on adult leisure devices.”

And given he’s a doctor, he’s supposed to be informed about all his patients’ needs, you’d think.

daisy 🌼

Liam. You slimy two-timing rat.
When he confesses his little slip (🤣) to Hope, he should go ahead and mention how much he and Stephie reminisced and mentally salivated while reliving and “holding the moment in Liam’s back pocket”.

brain dead dave

The same actors as yesterday and again , the topic du jour is who kissed the mannequin. So that’s Rasper and roach at the hospital, Hope and Dr Brain Surgeon, and Hangdog Liam and Steffi.

The roach confesses all to Ridge , who blathers that Forresters don’t keep secrets from each other ( how deluded is he?) and a whole lot hot air to go with it. Roach isn’t obsessed anymore he whines, he’ll just love her forever. He wanted to prove he’d changed yada yada.

Dr Finn reckons the haematoma could have made the roach deluded enough to hump a mannequin. Dr Finn is impressed with the roach’s surgery recovery, but crept out by the mannequin thing. Hope still has compassion for the roach, not realizing she’s an asshole magnet…….caught between two losers.

Lover Liam admits he loves two women and again floats the idea of telling Hope about the post mannequin kiss night of amore. Steffi beats Liam into saying he hears her and he won’t tell Hope. Steffi says the inevitable “you can’t tell anyone about this” etc. “It’ll ruin lives” “I don’t want to lie”….but Steffi will anyway. “Honest” Liam is torn , but submits.

Hope and Dr Haematoma have yet to canvass where Liam went after he thought he saw his wife smooching the roach. I guess Liam will call Steffi’s name out next time he and Hope resume nuptial sex. I give this secret two weeks max.


daisy 🌼

Thanks, Dave.
I had to ff some of it when they kept saying the same things over and over.
Dr Doitall was sounding like Dr Colonic Irrigation. He was boring me to tears. 🤣 Haha.
But Love Rat Liam seems to think that he could be in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize for “loving two women”.
He regrets sleeping with Steffy, but not really.
He wanted to own up to Hope but hadn’t thought through how those trips off to Steffy’s place “to visit Kelly” every twenty minutes might go down in future.
Yes, it won’t be long before another Forrester secret hits the front pages.

brain dead dave

Isn’t Dr Finn giving the impression he couldn’t act his way out of a colostomy bag?

The producers are really milking the mannequin kiss for all it’s worth.

Front page of LA Times ~ ” Thomas “Roach” Forrester Discovered Having Sordid “Relaitonship” With Mannequin Cause For Alarm”

daisy 🌼

Still, the mannequin was cheap casting and they didn’t need to worry about CV.

Noone has thought to ask, “Where is the mannequin now and ought we not get her to move out before Thomas gets out of hospital?
Anyway, too bad, I liked her more than Flo or Shauna.

daisy 🌼

I’ll do a B&B this week.

brain dead dave

I would Juz. Timing is an issue, the cramped conditions of this soon over renovation.Thanks,bdd.

daisy 🌼

Steffy is waddling around with her Lock-Down baby.
Zoe’s eyebrows are annoying me tonight. They only go up and not down again.
Still they were light relief against the Boeing office gossip.

daisy 🌼

But nothing could distract me from this mess.

brain dead dave

Today’s outfits will. Hideous “fashion”.ie “Which op shop did you get that from?”


Zoe – “This is an elite fashion studio! We have a security force!”

Zoe, honey, your security force is Charlie.

Anyway, most of today’s episode was a job interview where Carter tries to fill a newly-vacant position in Forrester Creations, by interviewing Paris, Zoe’s sister (who Zoe seems to completely hate, for some reason). If this sounds incredibly boring, it’s because it was.

Oh, and the mannequin has wound up in Steffy and Hope’s office, making that room the workplace of three dummies. Steffy, meanwhile, was late to work because she was busy playing doctors and nurses with, well, her doctor boyfriend, the incredibly-shirtless Doctor Finn. I’d let him take my temperature.

brain dead dave

Carter does the hard sell on Paris to a cautious Ridge. The Forrester Foundation is some kind of charity I think and Paris is probably after the dollars. Let’s face it, the Forresters are so dull, there’s no other reason to cosy up with them. Reliable Carter’s going to screw up for recommending Paris, who has “leech” written all over her. As for her and Skeletor’s outfits today, remind me that FC is a squillion dollar haute couture operation.

The love quadrangle gets more complex as Paris hits on Zende in some lost dressing room. She asks him to keep it secret. Not while Katie’s alive.

Pink Charie wisecracks about the mannequin. If he only knew the damn thing was the roach’s sex object.

The air is thick in the room containing Hope, Liam and Steffy as Hope drops bigger and bigger bombs about how great they are all getting along. Poker faced Steffy gets through it, but Liam affects that constipated look and we know he literally needs to get a load off his mind. He wails pathetically to Steffy that he has to tell Hope his sin with Steffy. Leave that to curious, blabbing Katie, Liam. He galllantly falls on his sword saying that it makes no difference that it was a mannequin. Curtain.

(Liam could be in need of the mannequin when both Hope and steffi dump him).

daisy 🌼

There’s a new thread for B&B sent in.

brain dead dave

It’s Xmas Eve in LA. Brooke has put Stephanie’s portrait back above the fireplace for the occasion. Eric says in vain he hopes everyone will get along for the holidays.The outfits are hilarious, Paris has gatecrashed the mansion. Eric staggers to the piano and oh no, it’s Carols time. Deck The Halls. They smash down the egg nog and the arse kissing speeches begin. Stupid Eric approves of Paris amidst the Xmas reminiscences. It’s a bit of a yawn. I hope the mannequin shows up.

brain dead dave

Paris butchers Silent Night as Eric, Brooke, Rasper, Carter and Skeletor approve. Eric struggles through Joy To The World. It’s a small Covid soiree. paris is overwhelmed with Forrester opulence.

Mercifully, the curtain falls.

daisy 🌼

Our eyeballs won’t recover from the damage done to them by those awful outfits. Sally Spectra must be in the Forrester basement churning out eye-blistering outfits. Brooke however was looking the best in her Santa themed dress. Her face was looking good too.

The Forresters demonstrated their Christian faith by singing carols and reading Bible verses….before and after cheating, lying, fornicating with someone else’s wife or husband……yep. Just like church. But they have their forgiveness nailed. Zoe stands their like a snowflake angel lapping up praise from Eric, and no mention of the 10 months she was co-conspirator in the baby abduction of Eric’s great grand daughter (by some tangled mating arrangement).