Survivor Winners at War finale

Well, here we are. After the next three

hours is Survivor 40 there is no more Survivor for at least this year. Noooo!

Today we’ll see who comes back from the Edge. Will all those fire token advantages pay off for those who have been out of the game long enough to accumulate them?

Now, I know the world is divided into Team Tony and Anyone But Tony (just as it was with the Golden God) but no matter what we have a fascinating few hours of TV ahead.

Yes, Edge of Extinction sucks but it is what it is. The fascinating thing will be whether the Edger can manoeuvre themselves into an on-beach alliance. Or will Michelle, Tony, Sarah and Ben finally unite to repel the enemy (given they likely have the jury vote locked up).

Go is screening Survivor “live”, from about 10am AEST time. It will screen again tonight in the usual time slot.

Do not read the comments if you are worried about spoilers as some people will watch it this morning.


Survivor Winners at War: double episode

It’s a double this week and also next, for the finale. So, yay, more Survivor, and, oh no – soon no more Survivor for ages.

It’s time for someone to return from Edge. I know it won’t be poor Adam but I would not mind seeing Natalie return.
And double episode means double Tony. And don’t we all need more Tony in our lives right now? Imagine if they had switched the order and we were instead watching last season right now? How depressing would that have been.


Survivor Winners at War

Guessing we will start with the Rob and Amber reunion.
Who is looking good in the post-swap trio of tribes? Will Soph and Sarah try to team up with Ben or Adam? I’m thinking Adam.

Yul is in a good spot and even Wendell knows Parv is a bigger threat than ex-girlfriend Michelle – oops, I mean person he “kicked it” with.


Survivor Winners at War ep 5: tribe swap

What a welcome relief WaW has been for the US franchise, after the shock and angst of last season.

It’s a tribe swap episode and we get to see who was swap screwed. The promo had Michele bemoaning the fact her ex is on the tribe so I googled …. it’s Wendell!!! Awkward. I just want Yul and Tony to be safe, so we get to hear Yul’s thoughtful confessionals and see Tony struggling to dial his personality down a notch. And then someone like Sophie takes the whole thing out.