Married at First Sight timeslot

Channel 9 is so sick of being slapped in the face with the dead fish that is Reno Rumble that it’s parachuting a proven performer into the timeslot.
Married at First Sight season two starts Monday at 7:30pm. They’ll
Have to edit out some of the language so it will be a tame affair.
Surprised they haven’t done their usual trick of programming more Big Bang Theory.
Oh, hang on – that’s exactly what they’ve done on the Wednesday night.
Reno Rumble has been pushed back to 8:30pm. Perhaps advertising commitments prevent Nine from shunting it to Go or Gem.


Reno Rumble room reveals

Surprisingly, Reno Rumble is on tonight. I was thinking of recording it and fastforwarding through to see the room reveals, but this video pretty much covers it.
I quite like the bathroom with the exposed brick.


Reno Rumble – how it stacks up against other flops

Check out this fascinating SMH article to see just how floppy last night’s launch was compared with our floppiest flops.

And a promo for tonight’s show:


Reno Rumble starts tonight

Well, this one snuck up on me. Did Channel 9 promo this much? I don’t watch much live TV so missed the ads. Or are they just trying to pre-empt House Rules?

Anyway, Reno Rumble starts tonight at 7:30, just when most people, like me, will be watching the MKR Zana V Italians battle.

What will you be watching?image

You can watch the first episode now via Facebook and avoid the Monday night TV crush, or catch the repeat tomorrow at around 1.30pm.