Who will go home in the I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Australia elimination?

Finally! Tonight, someone is eliminated from I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

Because this season was filmed in November/December there is, of course, no audience vote. Instead the eliminated person will be decided via a challenge. Loser goes.

Who would you like to see go home?

Later this week a duo enters the jungle camp and it’s a poorly kept secret that it’s Adam and Symon from Gogglebox, following in the footsteps of Yvie and Angie.

And if one of them was up for following Angie further and being The Bachelor I would not mind. They are both articulate and witty.

I’m a Celebrity airs on Channel 10 airs tonight (Sunday) and continues until Thursday.


Who’s going into the jungle for I’m a Celebrity Australia 2020?

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Australia starts on Sunday, January 3 on Ten.

JMo and Dr Chris will be back but there is no African adventure this year. Covid forced Ten to film closer to home where, as you know, we have way more dangerous animals. They are just a tad smaller than the African ones.

Who do you think is going into the jungle?

You can see the clues thus far at https://www.newidea.com.au/im-a-celebrity-clues

Will we be watching this one? Probably – nothing else is on.


Is Pete Evans going to be on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here?

It’s hard to believe Channel 10 would stoop so low, but rumours are swirling that Pete Evans has been cast on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

The new season is being filmed in Queensland this year instead of Africa, due to Covid restrictions.

Will you boycott the show if conspiracy theorist Pete is cast?

You can read more at https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/pete-evans-called-out-by-melbourne-gps-shares-cartoon-featuring-nazi-symbol/news-story/fd65637f2fb348cf0b4d2985591ce059


I’m a Celeb with Daisy

Thanks to Daisy for the jungle scoop as Celeb nears an end …

“Week 3 in the jungle is it, Docteur?” They have been racing through the evictees this year. I’m not a happy Jan (where does that expression originate?) because I want to get to know what the campers are really like. We finally get Charlotte to shut up a bit, but too late: Billy Brownless, Erin and Tom, all ones I liked for various reasons, are gone, while Baboon Bum lips Charlotte and Snoozefest Ryan remain. Ryan made Tom look like he had a big personality and keen social skills. I wouldn’t be so harsh to Charlotte if those lips were a birth defect instead of a choice. And if she didn’t talk about herself all of the time.

So, a summary of evictees, but only through my eyes. Dilruk, he was all right but was drowned out by Charlotte. Nikki, nice but drowned out by Charlotte. Billy, interesting but drowned out by Charlotte. Erin, a sneaky dry sense of humour and sweet personality that was drowned out by Charlotte. Tom, goofy and odd, but would probably have gone by now anyway.

Remaining we have Daisy Dave who has made a few hilarious comments. Myf who has depth and listens to others.

Ronda who is doing a good job of storytelling and pulling funny faces. Coz the magician, who is a humble sweetheart. Slowburn Tanya who when she gets a word in edgeways, isn’t too bad.

Cheerful, kind Miguel who might win. Perez who wants to prove to the world that he is nice…myeh. Ryan, who probably won’t win because he has taken on second fiddle to Charlotte. And Charlotte who is annoying lots of people in abd out of the camp but who might still be in the last 3 if she can get the votes from young ladettes.
This year, there is no bitchiness between campers. They have shown great tolerance of Charlotte, and are getting along really well. On The Project, Nikki said that Charlotte gave her the shits, yet she didn’t express that in camp. Erin was straight about finding her a pain, but Tom and Billy described her in a positive way.

It seems that the show will wind up fairly soon, which will be a bit disappointing. I still want to see if there are some interesting personalities there. I predict Perez will be gone next. My favourite now is Cos. How about you?


I’m a Celeb with Daisy – Jan 19

Over to Daisy to catch us up on I’m a Celebrity – thank you!

No surprises on who was left with no names on his dance card last week. It seemed Dilruk tried his best, but he wasn’t funny, interesting, loud enough, or crushing on another camper. I am guessing he also may not have already had a huge following. The last three were Dilruk, Erin and Dale. I was surprised Erin was there. She’s not loud or extroverted, but she can crack a good joke with a straight face. She has a great friendship with Ronda and made an outstanding minion, or slave.

Last week we saw Tom face his greatest fear, phobia, to be precise: snakes. After that he seemed kind of glassy-eyed and loopy which made him more endearing and appealing imo. He innocently, and gullibly, is in awe of psychics. Cosentino, who by the way seems really nice, tried to demonstrate to him that not everything is to be believed. Instead, Tom was left even more astounded that there are mystical powers.

Rhonda is weird and funny. She hasn’t been brilliant at trials but is going really well as a camper. She was shocking the younger ones with her 70s tales. I couldn’t help thinking she should have returned that green Triumph.

Myf seems a sweetie. She’s a slow burn in the camp. Not much I can say about her because she is more listener than speaker.

Charlotte made a beeline for Ryan in week one, telling Tanya she had a crush and then hopping into bed with him, but last week she did a “bait and switch”, crying over not being ready to move on from her previous boyfriend who could, according to Charlotte herself, only bare to kiss her once a day. I noticed a few times, when the camera was on the group, that Charlotte burst into a jumpy dance around the group. She’s working hard for the camera attention. And fair enough, I suppose. It’s her job. As is talking about herself alot.

I am liking Billy Brownless. He comes across as authentic. His co-footy camper Daisy (how dare he steal my name) has less life experience under his belt so is taking a back pew to Billy’s stories. He had a few stories of his own.

Tanya is a good sport. She and Cosentino made a good connection and gave it their all when they had to jump into and roll around in all kinds of horrendous goop.

Miguel has continued to be a ball of energy, and a valued chef. He can turn a pigeon into a fabulous pigeon soufflé that feeds 12. Well, not quite, but he keeps their mouths watering.

Overall it’s a good group. Aside from the blue between Ryan and Tanya over socks, there has been no fighting or passive aggressive bullying so far this year. The only meltdowns (if you don’t count Tom) have come from Nikki, which is understandable as she is a mum, missing her son.

Anyhow, I will leave it there, in anticipation that this coming week, we will see some of the layers of the campers’ personalities peel back as it becomes harder for them to keep up any pretenses. Here’s hoping that those Australians who pick up their phones and vote, choose well for those of us who just sit and watch.

Perez Hilton is the gossip guru going into the jungle.


I’m a Celeb so far with Daisy

Who’s your fave so far? And who will get the fewest votes?

Daisy has whipped us up a recap faster than you can say impala anus – thank you, Daisy – Juz
Hi everyone. This is just a quick IAC recap for the week. So far, it’s been the Charlotte Show with a contrived, not very convincing romance between Charlotte and Ryan. If you buy that, you’d probably buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Julia as usual is trying desperately for a laugh, and her bad jokes are rubbing off on Chris, literally.

Tom has been hilariously a non-event, as has the young footy guy, who as yet has no name. These, and others who have not had much air-time, might be funny, interesting or entertaining when we actually get to see them. Unfortunately, we have the cycle of the same few celebs getting voted for trials, while those who are passed by cry “Yippee”, or send up a prayer of thanks, while the penny begins to drop that they aren’t viewers’ favourites.

Tanya is giving it her best shot, while Erin’s a natural. You’d have every reason to think that she is nothing but shallow, when in fact she is bright and quick-witted.

Myf seems just nice and I reckon Ronda’s fun.

Ryan seems to be trying to extend his CV. He’s a newbie, hoping for more TV work.
Old footy guy has settled in, and is making friends in camp.

Billy is definitely Brownless.

The “comedians” are still saving their best material for later, it seems. Nothing from them yet.
At this stage, my top 3 are probably Erin, Ronda and Myf but it’s early days. I don’t know much about their prexisting fan bases, but from just watching the show this week, I predict that, because it’s a vote to save, Charlotte will last a long while, and Erin and Ronda will do well.
As for their luxury items; ridiculous. I suppose the best ones were the floatie and the large pan. What would you bring? I would take my own bed. Cheers.


I’m a Celeb premiere

Celeb starts tonight. The move to the early air date should pay off. People are ready for some light-hearted entertainment after weeks of anxiously watching the bushfires.
We already know some Geordie Shore lass is the “megastar” (underwhelming) but today chip pie-turned-TV presenter Tom Williams was announced as a contestant, as was Myf Warhurst, who was one of my picks.
More here.
It starts at 7.30 on Ten and goes for two hours.


I’m a Celeb first reveal

The first I’m a Celeb 2020 contestant has been announced. It’s the always enthusiastic yet sometimes unintelligible chef Miguel Maestre from The Living Room.
He’s very likeable – could well be a winner.
It’s two months before the show starts so we can look forward to thousands of promos for the show. Who else do you think they will cast?
I bet they will be after Ciarron from Bachelorette as audiences responded so well to him.
I’m a Celeb starts Jan 5, 2020.
You can watch the promo below. It’s quite funny and I laughed when I saw they’d subtitled Miguel. He and Dr Chris are mates so it should make for some good banter.

More here.