I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here – what happens this week in the Australian ‘jungle’

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here is drawing to a close on our TV screens, with camp mates starting to go home at a rapid pace.

Mel Buttle left early due to her snake phobia and Jack Vidgen was ejected, crash test dummy style, into a swimming pool last week.

From today (Sunday) one celebrity will get the boot each night.

The following Sunday the winner will be crowned, so I guess the live voting must start on Thursday evening after the final boot.

I’m a Celebrity airs on Channel 10.

It is rumoured there will be a final five.


Who will go home in the I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Australia elimination?

Finally! Tonight, someone is eliminated from I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

Because this season was filmed in November/December there is, of course, no audience vote. Instead the eliminated person will be decided via a challenge. Loser goes.

Who would you like to see go home?

Later this week a duo enters the jungle camp and it’s a poorly kept secret that it’s Adam and Symon from Gogglebox, following in the footsteps of Yvie and Angie.

And if one of them was up for following Angie further and being The Bachelor I would not mind. They are both articulate and witty.

I’m a Celebrity airs on Channel 10 airs tonight (Sunday) and continues until Thursday.


What are you watching? What’s on TV in Australia (and why you should stream Taskmaster on SBS on Demand)

By Bobi

Okay. Good news, people. 

I have found “stuff” on television, and when I say television, I mean SBS. It’s not a lot but beggars can’t be choosers. 

But sometimes they can, and we are off to a flying start. 
I have stumbled across Taskmaster (SBS). So much lighthearted fun. It is my go-to when I just want to wind down at the end of the day and even better, because it was undiscovered, I have two seasons to look forward to.  (Juz’s note: Here, here. I binge watched Taskmaster during the pandemic. I don’t know why Channel 10 has not made a version.)

As I can feel everyone flinching as I end my sentence with a preposition – and where on earth should that comma go? Clearly, not where I put it – I will let you know that I was going to write this chat on grammar but, obviously, not now.  Nevertheless, I will share some of the jokes so as they are not wasted. 

This one is for BDD. 

This one is for the rest of us. 

And this one is just for me.

It is my favourite. 
I am enjoying Why Women Kill (SBS). It is a bit jumpy between timeframes but I am getting used to it. The best thing about it is that it is twisty – I like a twist – and the second best thing is that the whole season is available. 
I am also watching Untold Australia (SBS). It is a feel good series. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes but they left me warm and fuzzy and thinking that all is right with the world. 

I am going to recommend a movie just to shake things up: Return of the Hero (SBS). I am only half way through but I am enjoying it enough to put it on the list. 

Lastly, a book (yes, I know that is not a sentence). I am stretching things here but there is a television connection. It is The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, he of Pointless fame. It is everything I like about a murder/mystery: a bit funny, many characters to either like or dislike, a bit twisty but with the clues there, and all wrapped up satisfactorily in the end. I am expecting a tv series to come out of this. 

I leave you with an unrelated thought:



What’s happening on The Bold and the Beautiful?Australian TV chat

By Daisy

Ridiculous and more ridiculous..
With all the cast standing 3 metres away from each other, B&B writers continue to stretch the storyline.
We must suspend all reason and believe that withThomas in hospital after kissing Hope’s dopleganger dummy, Forresters would leave her…ooops I means “it” (see how convincing it is) hanging around the office for Thomas to find when he comes back.

Anyone else might think that coming face to face with his plastic girlfriend might cause a relapse, or a major case of shame. 
Carter is some kind of fortune teller. After running into Paris, sniffing around his office, with no reason or references, he looked into his crystal ball, and was able to tell Ridge how well equipped she was for a major role on the Forrester team.
Well why not? Zoe went from stalking her boyfriend all the way from London,and no modelling or fashion experience at all, to top model and advisor at board meetings. 
Paris didn’t get my memo at the start of the season (I did want to put one out), saying “Stay away from the Jungle Print fashion. It’s a bad a idea”.
But don’t worry, she combined it beautifully with jodhpurs, fluro and wet look boots. Yup. That was hard to believe too. I think the clothes they are wearing since covid are coming from Sally Spectra’s. She might have her face on an LA milk carton, but she’s still designing.

Anyhow, back to Paris, why wouldn’t she be perfect, with her father and sister kidnappers. And Zende, ask the girl who looks like her clothes were selected by a two year old, to provide you with fashion feedback.
Newly chubby (soon it will be easy to tell her apart from her clone) Hope is pricking Liam’s warped conscience by continuing to praise him for all his wonderfulness.
Yes, Dave, we need Katy or Pam back to do some timely sniffing around an open door. Anyway Hope is just perky and thrilled that she, Liam and Steffy are all getting along so splendidly. 

Carter kisses Zoe, but that was really a dummy. So everyone is kissing dummies now. Zoe is getting her karma finally, for baby kidnapping. Her flossy sister in the jungle trekking outfit has her sights on, and her claws out for Zende.
Carter tells Ridge, “The Buckingham girls are real go-getters”. Yeah, and Paris is going to be cutting her sister’s grass really soon. Her secret lust lawn. And I will leave you with that image.

Byeeeeee for now. 


TV recap I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here: When does someone get eliminated?

Here we are, week 2 of I’m a Celebrity …

Get Me Out of Here Australia, so it must be time for a contestant to go home soon.

The series was only filmed over a four-week period and so far the only contestant to leave is the wonderfully snarky Mel Buttle, who had to go for her own mental health.

Word is there will be two more intruders this week, and if you search hard enough online you could find out their names.

What do you all think of the new lockdown-imposed location? Does filming it in Australia rather than South Africa lessen their show in any way? Sure, the format is different due to the pre-recording structure but do we miss yet another gross food eating challenge where people eat animal testicles?

Apart from some big event challenges involving mountain-top jumps, I don’t see why it can’t be filmed in Australia in the future.

Or does the show get huge tax breaks from the South African government?

What do you think?

Would you be happy for the show to stay in Australia?


I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out if Here starts tonight. Some contestants have been revealed

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Australia starts tonight and Ten has already revealed two contestants.

The first is Toni Pearen, who was big in the 90s as a pop singer and actor on soapie E Street.

The second is comedian Mel Buttle, who co-hosts the Great Australian Bake Off and writes a column for the Courier Mail.


Who’s going into the jungle for I’m a Celebrity Australia 2020?

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Australia starts on Sunday, January 3 on Ten.

JMo and Dr Chris will be back but there is no African adventure this year. Covid forced Ten to film closer to home where, as you know, we have way more dangerous animals. They are just a tad smaller than the African ones.

Who do you think is going into the jungle?

You can see the clues thus far at https://www.newidea.com.au/im-a-celebrity-clues

Will we be watching this one? Probably – nothing else is on.


Almost-Christmas chat: Are we there yet? (And there’s nothing on TV)

By Bobi

Hellooo. Long time, no see. 

Virtual hugs to everyone. I’ve missed you. 

So ….. crisis over …? Okay, I know it’s not completely all over yet but it feels like it is. Maybe there will be a few bumps along the way but look at us. We’re back. 

So proud. 

Well, almost back. I have a few residual hang ups that may take me a decade or so to overcome. 

I’ve never been a great hugger so this was always going to be a difficult time for me. What is it with SiLs who hug every time they see you? Like, I saw you yesterday. You haven’t been away for 12 months and I’m not dying. 

Now, finally, to television. There is none. NoTHinG! Fftt. 

Fingers crossed for next year. Of course it will be better.


The Bold and the Beautiful Australian TV recap

Bold, Beautiful and Socially Distanced

By Daisy
For those still watching, here’s a quick Bold and the Beautiful update: Quinn is trying to claw her way back to her matrimonial home and husband Eric, but first she has to get past $hauna, who has been making herself right at home there, sharing martinis with Eric in front of the all-important portrait spot. 
Perhaps, like others before her, $hauna has been posing quietly for her “soon-to-be wife number 15” portrait.
Eric has been luxuriating in $hauna’s seduction. She knows that while she is saying, “Forgive Quinn”, all Eric can really hear is the voice in his head saying, “Booozums, big blue eyes, giant sea anemone lips”.  Knives will soon be out there. And perhaps, too, Eric’s old manhood.
Thomas has been positioning himself to steal Hope’s heart, using humility, repentance, fatherly love and a vigilant eye on any chinks in Liam and Hope’s relationship as a means to do so.  Hope has been warming to Thomas’s compliments, remorse and fatherly devotion, while Liam is spinning out of control with accusations and anxiety: “Why won’t anyone believe me?”. 
“Wooden Hope” knows the truth. Liam, the arrogant fool, is spending way too much time with Steffy, with one excuse or another. He thinks spreading his sperm all over LA makes him a candidate for Father of the Year.
Others on the scene ATM are gold digging Zoe, who will take any guy who is rich and good looking. She’s not fussy but would prefer Zende. There is “Loser in Love Carter” who can’t keep a girl either because he’s a nice guy, or because his surname isn’t Forrester. There’s cocky Zende, who has already partially moved on to Zoe’s pink-topped sister.
And there’s Paris, who has stuck fairy floss on her head. She’s ready to eat Zende for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I nearly forgot boring Wipes and Flo. Flo has been flaunting her crotch in a peep show beach dressing gown and yellow bikini. Wipes has been protesting $hauna’s new address, and his mother’s relocation into his love nest. No pizza in bed for him.
Also, no pizza full stop, as Quinn wants Wipes to eat healthy food. She too can see the flubber. It might not be long before Flubber Boy and boring Flo hit the rocks over who’s mother deserves the most reviling. 
In the meantime, others might brave the virus to make an appearance, even kiss a mop in a love scene.
The only one who’s truly unafraid is red-eyed, murderous Wooden Hope. Perhaps producers should bring in even more dummies to fill the cast. 🤣


The Block finale: Will the homes all sell at auction?

Finally, it’s auction time on The Block.

The finale starts at 7pm on Nine.
Is Hughesy going to buy another house?

What do you think of the season overall?

Many thanks to all of who who did recaps throughout the season.