Masked Singer finale – Mon

The Masked Singer is drawing to an end, with Monster, Wolf and Robot still in it.
The collective wisdom of the internet has already decided who they are but at least two of them will be unknown to Lindsay Lohan.
Where to from here for Season 2? We’ve already seen a lot of our well-known voices but perhaps the show’s success will encourage more left of centre singers to have a go.

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With the Wolf doing a Backstreet number, he’s the one I’m hoping wins.




I now want just want it over really quickly as thanks to Wind and Fijane and Daisy I have started to get excited about the Amazing Race!
To me it was a wallpaper show – it could be on in the background and I didn’t actively vomit (I’m looking at YOU Love Island) but nor did I care if someone had a conversation with me or the phone rang! (These are crimes that are simply NOT tolerated during Survivor)


I cared enough about this show that I didn’t like the double eviction. It felt a bit like treating the audience – me – with contempt. Like, it’s all about the end game rather than “the journey”.
But I did look forward to each reveal.
I don’t care who wins.
It there a winner? Or is there just a last-man-standing?


What do they win?






But seriously, apparently it’s just a trophy.
I have a photo but for some reason my iPad won’t save the edited photo. It’s fairly unimpressive.

brain dead dave

Like Hard Quiz. Just a pathetic trophy.


I admit to ending up being far more entertained, by this show, than I thought I would be.

So, the final episode screens, and I don’t think anyone was really surprised. Props to the people who guessed the monster was Gorgi. I figured Cody and Rob Mills’ alter-egos way back. And the robot was my favourite performer, right from the start (gosh, that guy could dance), so I’m pretty happy he won.

I really liked Rob Mills’ wolf, though. There was a very masculine, rock-and-roll, sexual vibe to his performances, and I gotta tell you, it was working for me.

But I’m also glad the show’s over, because finally, we’re only a week out from the Amazing Race Australia.


Windsong, did you see the “firemen” on Love Island. Those guys are really well built. Even sexier than most of the girs. I’m enjoying the catfights.


No, Love Island is just a step too far for me.


I enjoyed it. I even got used to the judges (fairly ordinary tho’ they were).
I think Lindsay is a nice person but probably high on something.
Jackie O is just a vacuous blonde whose main claim to fame is being a foil to whatshisface. Without him she’s just a blonde. I remember her telling a story about her FiL saying to her ex, “She’s a pretty girl but not very bright. Are you sure you want to marry her?” Prophetic.
The clues need to be harder.
It harmless fun.
Oddly, Gretel and Paulini were the hardest. Gretel because who would have thought, and Paulini because I don’t remember her being that good.
I am looking forward next season. Good luck to getting another dozen that we can’t guess immediately.