Masked Singer grand finale airs Mon

The Masked Singer grand finale has finally been filmed, after being delayed by a coronavirus outbreak on set. It is scheduled to air on Ten on Monday at 7.30pm.

The final three are Bushranger, Frillneck and Queen.

Judge Urzila Carlson filmed her part of the show while in quarantine in a New Zealand hotel and talks about it here.

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I’m looking forward to it, I think it’s been a pretty enjoyable season.

I think we’re solid on Kate Miller Heidke as the spooky queen, and everyone on Facebook is swearing up and down that Eddie Perfect is the frill-neck. I’ve never heard of the man before, but I like the frill-neck. Whoever it is, he has this vibe of rock-star sexuality to him, and he’s got a great voice, so I’m kinda hoping he wins.

The Bushranger is supposedly the girl who sings the Neighbours tune, or something?


The Frill-neck was unmasked as Eddie Perfect. I don’t think it was much of a surprise, towards the end. I didn’t watch Offspring, but I knew about the show, so when he mentioned spending time with his family, during the clue package, that was the final clue I needed. He was a very sexy, badass, anthropomorphic frill-neck lizard.

But I knew he wouldn’t win. A guy won last season, so I figured one of the gals would win, this year.

The Queen is absolutely Kate Miller Heidke.


No surprises on who the spooky queen ended up being.

My gosh, Kate Miller Heidke can sing. Like, oh my gosh. She hit some notes, while belting out an operatic cover of, “I Will Survive”, and you had to hear it to believe it.


I enjoyed this show but the voting baffled me.
Really good singers, like Katie Noonan, were sent home early while other singers persisted. That Wiggles’ singer was okay but not great. Just average.
And in the nicest possible way, the Neighbours singer was boring as b**s**t. She was seriously outclassed by both The Queen and The Frilled Lizard.
Maybe the producers didn’t like that those two we’re so obviously Kate Miller Heidke and Eddie Perfect. Most people picked them in week 1. I have no other explanation.
I am so underwhelmed by the winner that I’m not even going to bother watching the replay.