Masked Singer semi-finals

The semi-finals of The Masked Singer are here, which means they are about to run out of episodes.

We know the final was about to be filmed when the show’s covid outbreak hit the dancers.

Who do you think will win?

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In shocking news, the Kitten was, in fact, Julia Morris.


I think the costume designer confirmed it on the radio yesterday!
The show needs to be 4 episodes max, kinda bored now i know who is who, i just want to be proved right.


I always wonder whether Osher knows who they are, or not. I mean, he is the host.


Consensus is…
Puppet – Simon Pryce/ red wiggle
Frillneck – Eddie Perfect
Bushranger – Bonnie Anderson
Queen – Kate Miller Hiedke


Yeah, I used to be on the Mark Holden bandwagon for puppet, but the clue that he was connected to Judi Dench (she played Old Deuteronomy in the “Cats” film — that was awful, as an aside — and apparently Simon Pryce also played that role in an Australian stage production) pointed me towards Simon Pryce.


You can only hope there is a surprise left.
Perhaps they should try harder to disguise the singers or perhaps they should pick singers out of left field.
Colour me disappointed at the obviousness of this season.
And fire Jackie. God, she’s annoying.

brain dead dave

I got a surprise to see this show beating The Block et al in the ratings.I’d watch , but Puppet scares me more than the weird serial killers seen in later timeslots.


That is surprising. And oddly-heartening.

Still, I liked this show during the first season, and I still do. It’s very much a feel-good experience with some great music (and the closest thing we’re going to get to a concert, this year), with the added bonus of the intriguing mystery to solve.

I think the audience is responding well to it.

Plus, we know that the production gets caught up in a covid outbreak, so that’s gonna be interesting either way.