Two Bachelorettes at once

Well, this is a bit weird. Ten has cast sisters for the next series, which is about to start filming.

Remember young, sweet nurse Elly from Matt Agnew’s season? She and her older sister will both date on the new season.

I really hope they don’t fall for the same guy because I don’t want to see sisters kissing the same man.
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Elly is not the sweet young thing as portrayed on Matt’s season.

That is exactly the drama Ch 10 is gunning for.Both sisters fighting over 1 man!


I followed her on Instagram for a while but got sick of seeing her in bikini shots


Why do I feel like this reincarnation of Bachie is tone deaf?
The country is tearing itself apart asking for diversity and they pick two blonde, thin instagrammers.
I am assuming that the producers are also hoping they will get multiple opportunities to catch the sisters on camera kissing the same guy. Every prepubescent lad’s favourite wet dream? It has a slightly pornographic feel to me.
How can I hope that this one fails dismally without it being the end of the franchise?


Yeah. There’s something about this that feels awfully skeezy. Or, just, awful. And we know the type of guys who apply to be on the Bachelorette. They’re the tattooed attention-seeking dropkicks and bogans who just want to bump their instagram accounts and get a free holiday to Fiji at the end of the year.

This is going to be awful.

brain dead dave

They say two heads are better than one, but I’ll wager next week’s rent that these two share a single brain cell.


I read somewhere that the sister may be gay

brain dead dave

A threesome with some incest thrown in for good measure.

brain dead dave

Call it Butchelor…..


So that means that half the bachelors are actually going to be bachelorettes?


But they’re sisters. Ew.

daisy 🌼

I gave Paradise Island a pass this year 1. Because if my new knitting bug (I have almost finished my second jumper, and 2. Because the staging and aet-ups of shows like that are starting stink. I’ll give Bach a go and if it’s the same I may pass. I’ll see.
I also have to compete with Woolif’a love of Netflix