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I’ll be watching. I don’t want Jimmy Giggle or Denise out. One because they are funny. 2 because they are lovable. I will let you guess which is which.
Obviously, I am basing my choices on who I like, not dance ability.


I’ll be flipping between this and MKR. I’m not that interested in either show, but will jump around hoping to be able to catch only the dancing and the cooking.

I’ve had enough of the extraneous yakyak on all these shows.


I’m hooked. I’m flicking between mafs and dancing. I might be more sucked into dancing tonight. I’m up to dance 2.


Curtly, one of my cricket heroes, did pretty well and I’m proud of him.

But Jimmy Giggle in tight white jeans, uh…really got my attention. Goodness me, Jimmy Giggle, you can dance. I doubt the owls will ever look at him the same.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, Von. I’m not up to Jimmy Giggle yet but I look forward to it. We might all be tuning in to Hoot, just to see Jimmy in his owl pyjamas. I hope he leaves his top button undone.

I didn’t know who Denise Scott was but I loved her last week. A comedian needs to be witty and needs to be able to adlib. Are you listening, Julia. Tonight Courtney had a funny come-back about never having straight legs.

OMG, Dave, are you watching this? One of your favs; Judith Lucy!


Your guy did a good job this week I thought, Von. Bending his knees helped him blend with his partner.


Jimmy Giggle was like Eric Bana in Dirty John (on netflix-a goodie).

He also looks a lot like my youngest son, so I have to love him.

Scoring: whoo hoot.


Karl’s ex has fabulous legs. Straight, lean and loooong.


Aaaw, that was a bit sad.


Miguel being eliminated you mean? It was a bit sad, because he looked crushed. His dancing was even sadder though, so I think that was a fair call.


Yes. Just sad because he was so excited about dancing, and he seemed nice.


Nooo, not Miguel. 😢😢 How can that be?
I know this is entertainment (etcetera, etcetera) but he was not nearly the worst out there. By a long shot.


Maybe viewers think Miguel will be safe as he is quite likeable and didn’t vote for him! I hate this kind of voting. Vote to save someone (just more money for those running the voting lines) rather than vote to eliminate someone.

Sioux Denim

Aw….was sad to see Miguel go…he really seems to have a genuine, cracker lf a personality.
Am definitely in for the long haul, love what C10 have done to th show..really am enjoying it.
Denise Scott is an absolute gem, for sure she is my favourite…
Dont know much about the judges but the Irish chap needs to stop saying how much he is loving everything…Sharna is delightful and the camp dude is just the mean one!