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Goodness, these two are annoying. Volume will be off for the kitchen scenes. I cannot stand hearing grown women giggle and screech like teenyboppers.

Why do all the contestants seem to make comments suggesting getting their groceries from the car to the house is some sort of heroic deed? It’s not difficult. I’ve been doing it for years and never expected applause.


Am I the only one watching this? What is wrong with me?

I call bs on all those hard-boiled eggs going into the food processor. They were all smooth and perfectly peeled. That doesn’t happen in real life.


I watched a little bit, and while it was satisfying to see the two beauty queens knocked down a few pegs (particularly for their main), ultimately it was the same as the other episodes this year, just dull and not very memorable.

I am, at least, a little curious about how the two strangers manage to cook tomorrow night.


Perhaps I will be more interested when they do the public challenges and there is less footage of people mouthing off. I think that starts on Wednesday

brain dead dave

Surely they won’t act like turds in front of children etc….or will they?


The sight of that mangled steak on the plate with the beauty queens pawing through it was enough to turn me vegetarian.


Exactly! She must have handled each piece of meat about 6 times. Yuk!


That was pretty gross, yeah. Eek!


American thinking she knows it all and doesn’t deliver…. maybe she can go back to her motherland and help Trump build his wall.

Is it just me or is “Miss Trouble’s” boobs a contestant this year?


They can probably cook better than some of the other teams.