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Jenna, we love your enthusiasm … but channel 10 just doesn’t have the budget to afford a law-suit if you get seriously injured doing a challenge, okay?

Samuel just gets more adorable with every passing episode. I enjoyed the “crib” video, but even with his quirky, out-going personality, he’s still a gigantic nerd, and I love him for it.

I enjoyed Zach and Steve plotting to eliminate one of their own, when I still don’t know who half of these people even are.


I really hope Damien was watching poker champ struggle to get over that ramp


The dullards keep voting the interesting people off, ffs.


I think deep-sixing Matt and Russell were both understandable, but losing Damien and Steve on consecutive nights is a bit rough to take, yeah.


Shame to see Steve eliminated he was quite likeable. Most of the people on the contenders tribe are quite obnoxious. The merge can’t come soon enough.


Agree about the contenders. Funny because I thought the champions would be mostly unlikeable due to big egos, but most of them seem to be quite humbled by the chances they have been given in life (or they are putting on a good act). Certainly their ability to work as a team and encourage each other is attractive to the viewer. The aberration is the one who I wouldn’t call a champion anyway, Jackie.

I wonder how Mo and Jenna will get on together if they end up on a tribe with each other. I suspect it will be “either/or” – total kindred spirits, or hate each other – they seem so alike.


Well, that was interesting.

In fact, that couldn’t have gone *worse* for the meathead bromance alliance. They’ve lost Steve, which weakens their power-base. The girls have emphatically reminded them that they’re *not* in charge here. Oh, and Paige realises that she was set-up for a fall, which will probably drive her straight into the girls’ alliance. And Heath isn’t a part of the bromance, which I also thought was interesting.

I think there’s a lot that we’re missing, in terms of the relationships forming on the beach. Even some of the girls were hostile towards Paige, and I don’t remember Paige saying a single word oncamera, the last four episodes. And there definitely seemed to be some bad feelings between her and Zach. Zach himself didn’t exactly leave a good impression either, but the girls were smart enough to keep him while knifing Steve (who they could lose without hurting the tribe).

As long as Robbie’s still safe. And he seems far more of a decent person than too-macho-for-his-own-good Zach. Yeah, I’m crushing hard.

Tomorrow night we see a medevac helicopter, so I’d imagine that’s Jenna’s ankle (unless someone else has a game-ending injury).


From looking at Heath’s profile and from a couple of things he has said, I get the impression that he has a fairly high moral code. Possibly Robbie is the same.

They showed quite a bit of unpleasant boy-behaviour last night (that sort of stuff doesn’t usually fuss me but I felt uncomfortable), the girls obviously didn’t like it, and I suspect that Heath and Robbie are probably realising that big muscles don’t necessarily make you BFFs with someone like Zach. I think that they will now want to distance themselves from him and his behaviour.


I can definitely understand if the girls thought that Zach’s behaviour (what little we saw of it) was crossing a line.

I want Robbie to prove he’s a smart gameplayer, too, at some point, but I’m probably just naturally biased. I liked the moment of Steve teaching Robbie tai chi on the beach, that was a lovely intergenerational moment.


I suspect the medivac chopper is probably a red herring.


Unless Zach’s ego gets so bruised that they have to call in genuine medical assistance.

Carole Morrissey

Yeah, it will be interesting to see. I don’t think we’ve had anyone medically evacuated in the Aussie version.


The challenge looked mostly voluntary (see Heath going twice), so I’m surprised that Jenna put her hand up for it at all.


And then she wanted to continue even after the injury. I am glad they didn’t let her because it wouldn’t have been a fair fight after that.

Carole Morrissey

How hilarious was Jackie trying to climb that thing & getting stuck. That challenge was real edge of your seat. One minute one team was leading then the other one was.
Was sorry to see Steve go. He seemed to be finally connecting with his tribe mates. Zach is proving to be an ass.


Just rewatched some of the show because I missed the scramble (be glad when soccer training is finished).

One thing I noticed was the boys talking about Paige being divisive and “spreading rumours”. I get the feeling she has tried to shake things up, and it is backfiring on her.

Had to laugh, at TC, when Fenella had just given a beautifully measured answer to Jonathan’s questions about gender divides, where she plays it all down. Then big-mouth Anita totally undoes everything by proclaiming gleefully that of course the girls are tight and that they are one big happy group. She has no idea of how to speak at TC and never say anything that has meaning.

Loved watching this TC for the second time, because so many of them can’t control their faces. When the first vote came out for Paige, the four boys (Zach, Robbie, Steve and Benji) had grins from ear to ear. Then faces all fell in unison when they realised Steve was getting too many votes.

Carole Morrissey

The look on Paige’s face when her name was read was a classic. She was so shocked.


Interesting to note that the Block is scoring highly in the ratings, yet on this forum the comments for the Block are very low. More interest in Survivor. Different demographics?


Different way of watching. The Block is only really interesting for the reveals and towards the end. Apart from that, it’s mainly people out of their depth. Episodes are too long and too often.
Each episode of Survivor can be boring followed by brutal. Mainly brutal. I generally watch the first 5 minutes and the last 10 minutes.
I don’t know anyone who watches all episodes of either.

brain dead dave

I’m watching The Schlock but am more interested in Survivor.

With The Schlock, nothing to write about. Youse are wondrin’ how Scotty won a Gold Logie /and why it ‘s only white contestants. 89 fousand applicants , Scotty. **** me!


How many seasons of Survivor have there been? 40 or so? And yet the contestants still don’t learn that getting rid of their strongest means they repeatedly lose challenges and then their tribe is decimated. Every. Single. Time.
Let’s watch it happen again.