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So after a really awkward morning at Contender Beach, Paige reveals to the camera that she can’t trust anyone.

Paige realises she signed up to play “Survivor”, right? Just checking.


Steve is a champion leader – massive respect.

brain dead dave

Only fly on Steve is how he shot his load over a pie after years of ripping into people on Biggest Loser for doing the same.


Please please tell me Jenna’s ankle injury isn’t about to be equated to Damien’s double amputation !!


can anita go next please.straight back to woolies

Sioux Denim

Exactly what i was thinking 😂😂


is frinella earth girl from abc kids?


Wow, that was gut-wrenching.

It always sucks to see a good player (with a loud, fun personality) get taken out by a random injury, but unfortunately, them’s the breaks. That speech Jenna gave at tribal council, pleading with her tribe-mates to keep her around, was pretty emotionally-devastating. It was quite telling, I thought, that nobody *wanted* to eliminate her, but they didn’t really have many other options. They’re on a losing streak and she’s on crutches. And I can’t judge, if I was there, I probably would’ve weighed up the tribe’s chances and voted Jenna out too.

Meanwhile, everyone still hates Paige. I feel like that’s a meme for this run of episodes. Even before she revealed sensitive information to the other tribe, I mean, nobody liked her before that. I can’t see why. She hasn’t done anything onscreen to really earn the ire of everybody on her tribe, but for some reason, nobody likes her at all. One of those mysteries lost in editing, I guess.

I think Zach’s worn out his welcome. You can be masculine without the hyper-aggressive macho bullshit, big fella. Every other male castaway is managing that, so learn from them. And I really hope the Contenders start winning again soon, I don’t like Robbie being sad.

I have a growing feeling that Heath is gonna go far. He’s forming alliances and making moves, but the rest of the boys are louder (and thusly getting all the focus) while he’s just quietly in the background doing his thing. That bodes well for the long-term.

The other thing I really enjoyed about the episode was the scenes in the pub, with all the Champions sharing their stories. It made them all seem very human and relatable. And they were all so great with each other’s accomplishments (look at Mat listening in awe at Sam’s volcano story).

Samuel, meanwhile, is quickly becoming my favourite. He’s just frickin’ adorable and I love him.


I’m on board with everything you said Windsong. 🙂 And that Samuel is pretty darned fit and spritely for a nerdlinger-brainiac.

I loved Jenna, but it’s a survivor thing and she had to go.
There IS something about Paige I don’t like, but who knows what it is! Probs I am just super suggestible and jumped on board with the tribe not liking/trusting her.
The champions in the pub were lovely. Mat will be hard to beat.
Steve commando is amazing. Mad props for his tireless efforts at challenges.

I would find Anita damned annoying – I would just want to slap her and her relentlessly perky little face (and I am quite a perky person too actually! oops).
I really don’t like the girls/boys allegiance in that tribe – Zach and his gym junkies vs anita’s girls. SPEW. And Zach working out how easy it was to get someone on his shoulders and demonstrating it. I vomited in my mouth.
I think Heath has worked out that keeping Zach is fine as he might help them win and he’s such a tool he will be eagerly jettisoned later, so no need to worry about him yet. Agree that he is playing a long game.
All in all a cracker and even though the elimination was foregone conclusion after Jenna came back on crutches, it still was a good, if gut-wrenching, tribal.

brain dead dave

The dingbat who injured her leg would have been sent home , too , if I was producing.


Great analysis, everyone.

I find it an interesting coincidence that the last four challenges have been all physical, with not even a puzzle at the end (hold the pole, where Jenna was re-injured, big swinging ball, water challenge with boat, when Jenna was away and weirdly, Shane sat out, and lastly, the grappling hook one) I can only presume it is coincidence, but I think it sealed Jenna’s fate. As the challenges progressed, it must have been at the back of all their minds “Jenna wouldn’t have been able to do this”.

I don’t watch Wentworth, but I remember Prisoner, and Anita’s performance at TC was all Queen Bea. These are “her” girls, and “her” alliance. Lucky there are no irons on the island, or the girls would need to watch out. I hope they wake up very soon, and put her in her place (hopefully off the island). It seems that Paige’s greatest crime has been to refuse to bow down to Anita. Note how Anita catastrophised Paige’s comment to Mat. Paige’s comment seems to be a response to a question from Mat and was a single line saying that she was in danger. Anita presented it to the tribe as “Paige told the enemy everything during the challenge.” I suppose that it partly tactics, but I got the impression that it was how she would be in real life too.

Agree about Steve. He is an amazing problem solver – looking at what is not working and suggesting changes to help. Even better, he seems to empower (by suggestion) the other person to find the solution themselves. Glad to see that he hasn’t had a dummy spit about Damian – I wonder if it will come out later.

Also like the “pub”. I wondered what the purpose of the photos was, but it seems it was an innocent ploy to encourage them to talk about their past. Loved Mo’s “I just needed an updated instagram pic”. This group all respect each other so much, I can’t help but feel that they are going to find most of the other group to be annoying and inferior.

Why didn’t the contenders use a taller girl to stand on the shoulders for the challenge? There is no way even Zach could lift one of the other guys that often and for that amount of time – he was struggling to do it once.

Carole Morrissey

I don’t understand the hatred for Paige either. Maybe we don’t see it because it’s edited out. For whatever reason the girls seem to have shut her out of their alliance.
I thought Jackie was going to be sprung when they had photos of them all at the pub, but they had her with a rubik’s cube. So they are going along with it. If the contenders had won I wonder what their photo’s would have shown?


There’s something very unlikeable about Anita. Bossy, loudmouth, bogan, excluding others -just to name a few descriptions of her. Like other watchers of Survivor, don’t understand the hate for Paige.
Steve “Commando” is a machine and a great leader.

brain dead dave

Anita has dumb, obnoxious bitch written all over her. She is a real fake, put on a crying exhibition.
Which dumpster did the producers drag her from? Fake Fenella tears , too. Anita’s alliance is doomed.

I too don’t see why Paige is copping it, either. Is she too good looking for the frump alliance?

Contenders look stuffed. That boof headed boy’s club isn’t helping.