Survivor – Mon, ep 3

It’s episode 3 of Australian Survivor – time to see if JLap’s veins are a-poppin’.

This video of brainiac Samuel showing off the Champions’ shelter is worth a look – he’s not the slightly socially awkward nerd the edit has shown thus far.

And just a reminder tonight is the first of FOUR Survivor eps this week. Next week the Bachie starts to fill some holes (boom tish) so Survivor will be down to Mon and Tues.

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You know, for all the talk of the Contenders being a team of Lochies (all strong, muscly blokey-type blokes), they’ve only won 1 from 4, as of the reward challenge. Both rewards and one immunity challenge were won by the Competitors. So I don’t think we need to be that concerned, you know?


Mo swooping on that clue was exciting. What was Heath thinking, leaving the bottle in his pocket. Should have buried it or chucked it


Phew, the Contenders won another challenge, they’re starting to build some genuine Survivor cred. I was particularly impressed by the puzzle-assemblers, they kicked butt.

I thought I’d be impressed by Jackie the poker player, but she didn’t exactly leave a good impression last ep, and she was worse than useless this ep.

What I did like was, during the immunity challenge when the teams had to run, Matt and Brian picked up Damien and carried him by his shoulders as they ran. That was cool.


I ffdd the challenges.


I love the challenges, and so far they have come up with new ones. Aussie Survivor is becoming the king of challenge invention. But I had noticed that there is zero footage of anyone looking for idols. I can’t believe that out of 20 players, no one is looking, so why aren’t they showing it. Is it just too boring when they (presumably) never find them?


is Jackie the long lost sister off the blonde lady on single


Fcuk the champion! I am so disappointed with Mo! 🙁


Why? …because they should have booted Jackie?


Oooh, not impressed, Champions team.

Damien was always going to be a divisive topic on the show. Yes, he’s an amazing guy (and a legitimate war hero to boot) … but remember, on “Survivor”, being a great guy is a problem for the team-mates who are also trying to win the prize money. Jackie’s sketchy, sure, but she wasn’t wrong when she said she didn’t want to be up against Damien in front of a jury. I would’ve liked to see him stay much longer, and I actually think the Survivors were wrong to get rid of him so soon, but any player worth their salt would’ve been secretly plotting against him before too long.

I’m more impressed with Moana, the more air-time she gets. She’s tough, she’s sneaky, and she’s better at this game than she’s let on. I also loved the subplot of her finding the immunity idol.


I’d imagine there were some off-screen conversations. In his confessional, Sam said he’d tried to save Damien but couldn’t get the numbers.

Matt voted for Shane, which was interesting.

brain dead dave

It was a bit like seeing the woman with one arm thrown off The Bachelor. A kind of deja vu or view….

Not exactly heartwarming…… you can’t really call it entertainment…..but Ch 10 do.

For mine, just like the army, Damian signed up for Survivor.


It was going to be bad to watch no matter when it happened. And it would have happened because nobody could afford to let him get to the final.
But it shouldn’t have been this early. He was a much greater asset in challenges than Jackie. After she was gone, then look at him.


That shot of Steve staring at the camera with murder in his eyes was the moneyshot for the episode, really, wasn’t it? As the scene aired, it was like, holy crap.

Carole Morrissey

I’ve never heard of this ableism, is this a new thing? Everyone on twitter was going on about it last night. People were furious at voting out Damien. I really thought Jackie would go, she was hopeless.


It’s not really a new thing, but it is a thing, another “ism” that people often use in dubious ways.


Well that was horrible. Get a guy with no legs on a show where he has to kick a ball, and has very little chance of competing in challenges like swimming or climbing, then watch him get kicked off, while a horrible lady stays. Might as well show a puppy getting kicked. Not fun tv. He seemed like a nice guy too.


It will be interesting to see how Steve handles this. If he goes off in any way, hinting that the tribe were discriminatory, or heartless, or ungrateful, then he puts himself on the block and he would be gone very soon. If he can manage to be more blase and keep his anger buried, he will stay and have a chance to get some revenge.

From his form on TBL, and so far here, I think he will consider it more important to be honourable and true to his beliefs, and therefore will sabotage himself and get booted quite soon.

brain dead dave

Steve called it a “gutless decision” in a promo for tonight.


More stupid in my mind.
Yes, Damian is a massive threat if you let him stay too long, but was a very valuable player so far. He was very strong in challenges now – e.g. did a way better job deflecting that soccer goal than most of the champions! I get he can’t do all of them, but he was a gun in the throwing ones and everything but the pure running he was good.
Jackie is a pain, but pretty on the money about who voted for so fairly cluey from her “gut”. I was hoping it wasn’t another Kellyn gut factor story, don’t think I have the stomach for that!


Mo must have been rubbing her hands with glee over the challenge. To win the idol she (or Heath) needed to sabotage their team, yet Heath had no opportunity, and the Champions sabotaged themselves very neatly, thank you. Mo only had to sit back and watch the idol fall into her lap.


Wow, just went to remind myself of the anonymous contenders, and found out Anita is just 50yo. I thought she was older than Shane who is 61. Also, many of the contenders have high level achievement in various sports. Fenella (of the bright hair) is one exception, and she may be another Kristie – no threat to anyone except the last one who wants to win.


I felt like Steve last night, watching them turn on Damien. Couldn’t get the numbers… That useless, unpleasant Jackie has seen off two of the better players. I hates her with a passion! They have decimated their tribe, idiots.

Carole Morrissey

How hilarious was Jonathan’s reaction when they told him they named the chicken after him.
I totally misunderstood that idol clue, I thought it had to be played that night, like some in the latest US season were. How funny was it watching them all practically walking on that clue before someone finally noticed it.
So they keep putting Jackie on puzzles because they think she is a champion rubik’s cube solver but she is actually a poker player.


She’s a poker player? Barely been mentioned. . .
I wish they could give us some credit for remembering instead of ramming it down our throats every two seconds.
I dislike her and think she has very little to offer, but she is right in that as long as someone else is voted out she is safe. Doesn’t exactly seem like a long term survival tactic though?


Regardless of everything else, I’m really interested to see how Steve responds tonight to Damien’s exit last night.

From the looks of it, he’s gonna be *mad*.