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brain dead dave

Tim and Anna from the first Bachelor are having a baby.

I can’t imagine what this will be like when the undertaker Osher of love grimly delivers the bad news tonight. Might as well kiss my arse Locky, cos those gels are off limits now. Will Locky be troubled about the economy and potential loss of life? Tattoos and abs can’t help you now.

Josh Fraudenburg assures me the government ” has my back”. Best laugh I’ve had all day.


And don’t get me started on Tony Abbott telling me I should die because I’m a waste of resources but, hey, sanctity of life and all that. Bless his heart.


I learned to ignore Abbott, quite a few years ago, but my gosh, the man is loathsome, isn’t he?

brain dead dave

New protocols under “Lockydown” Nice one, Juz

“Will you accept this mask?”

“Ladies, you failed to recieve a mask. Please say yor goodbyes from 1.5 metres away”


Like with Big Brother, it is interesting watching the real world emergency begin to intrude into the contrived world of our reality TV shows.

At any rate, today’s group date has all the girls going to see a psychic (!). Yeah. They’ve even briefly crossed over into MKR territory, becausd the psychic astounds him by asking if he has a deceased grandfather. Locky is 30, so there are quite good odds that he has a grandparent or two who have passed away, and that right there — mentioned by Areeba, blessed with a surprising amount of common sense — is why I tend to be a little sceptical about these sorts of things.

brain dead dave

Where are the psychics who predicted a world pandemic?

The silence was deafening.

I get the feeling that woman’s pants are way too tight


Notice how the one big prediction she had (“Oh no Bella, I think your grandfather died!”) was completely off-base, but then the show quickly moved on and once Bella called her parents, that was the end of it.

I don’t know if that lady actually had psychic powers or not, but telling Bella that her grandfather had died? What an asshole thing to do. Lady, you’re a jerk, and I don’t care how many A-listers you’ve helped find their missing car keys.


Osher showing up at the cocktail party and telling everybody, “Locky has to send five girls home, tonight” just screamed of the first hint of production interference thanks to covid.

It’s like the production crew realised, okay, Zoom dates aren’t going to work with fifteen girls left, so we have to … substantially … thin the herd, tonight.


Right. So, that’s the second show (and counting) that Osher has worked on, that’s had to shut down thanks to the covid outbreak.

Is it me or is there starting to be a pattern here?

I got laughed at, on FB, for admitting that I thought the final few minutes were actually quite poignant. It’s the Bachelor, for crying out loud. But that was the point that I was trying to make. This show is usually as deep as a tea-spoon, simple escapism… but not even the Bachelor could get away from covid. To me, that was a real “oh wow” moment, you know. It was silly because the Bachelor is normally so incredibly silly, but suddenly something has intruded into proceedings that isn’t so silly at all. The contrast of that actually had some real emotional weight to it.

Although I am looking forward to seeing how rose ceremonies go by way of Zoom. Does the girl he rejects just get unplugged? Have her phone switched off? And the home-town dates are going to be cheap, think how much money the show will save in terms of air-fare.


I too found the final minutes quite moving as I thought of all the other industries that would have had to have that same talk with their staff about shutting down the business due to covid – and not knowing when things could return to normal.

daisy 🌼

This was the episode not to miss…and the first one I have watched since Honey Boo Boo….I mean Bear.

That was a wtf moment when the psychic ‘sees’ Grandpa Bella. Are you kidding me?
And yes, Dave. It would have been far more useful had she predicted Cane Toad Palmer losing his court case, or maybe had she channelled a message with a little help from Madame Curie from beyond the grave.
She reminded me of the pastor’s wife who came and told me that my flight to Bali that night was going to crash. It didn’t.


It was a weird episode. I definitely did not need the Zoom bath-rub date (c’mon, we all watched “Survivor”, we’ve seen Locky without pants on before).

And the rose ceremony was just bizarre. All the girls were worried about Locky sending them home (girls, look around! You’re already at home), and at the end, the unlucky girls get … de-friended. It was just a very strange experience.


I’m with everyone else. I thought the intrusion of COVID jarring.
Not so much because the girls and Locky have been sent home but because all of the production and support staff have lost their jobs.
The number of businesses that will lose money from here on doesn’t bear thinking about.
And, just casually, all those skimpy dresses sitting in wardrobes, never to be worn again makes my mind boggle.

daisy 🌼

It’s strange seeing CV impacting TV production such as AGT, B&B and The Bach.
I hate footy so it’s easy for me to say thank goodness WA isn’t hosting AFL games.


First time viewer of the Brotheler…. how on earth in this day and age of PC, gender equality etc etc has this utter tripe been allowed to continue airing???

Cocky – “I’m falling hard for you”…… nekminit to another girl “I’m falling hard for you”….

Tell me whomever he has ended up with after watching the last few episodes wouldn’t feel sick to the stomach.

Bella is so sweet she must really feel so bad about herself that she is demeaning herself in such a manner. The remaining girls I question their real intentions…. I shall keep watching just to see if The Tatted Crier goes all postal and kills someone in an episode… or heaven forbid she doesn’t end up with a rose!


Did anyone else notice that a couple of the girls (Irena comes to mind) admitted that they’d been texting and FaceTiming Locky daily? Ummm, what?