Daisy’s KKL goes into the jungle recap

Thanks to huge Bold and the Beautiful fan Daisy for her recap of KKL’s jungle debut:

It’s Brooke!

Yes all right. I’ll admit it. I was really excited that Brooke was going into the jungle. I wanted to see what she would be like when she was herself; KKL. When she came out of the box, she seemed nervous, but she was so polite and charming in having learned all of their names. I am looking forward to see when she relaxes and starts to fit in. I wonder which celebs she’ll connect with the easiest. It was no surprise that young Justin didn’t know who KKL was. He can probably name all of the Wiggles.

Away from the subject of Brooke (hee hee, wasn’t that what Richard was calling her?), away from that, I’m not scared of heights, but I have to say they have really cranked up the terror level on the trials. I was wondering if Richard was going to end up with post traumatic stress after that trial.

Being thrown toward that cliff edge looked really scary. I can name four countries starting with A, from the safety of my lounge chair, even Azerbaijan, but I wouldn’t be able to think in a bathtub flying toward death. Richard said the trial was mean. It was, wasn’t it.
Now Katherine (omg we are on first name basis now), is hanging out with the camp girls, discussing underwear. It seems she is there to stay because she wants to win for her charity. You go Brooke. If anyone can walk over everyone to get her man, you can.
The lads, Justin and Shane discussed their nude photo shoots. Both got their kit of and Justin found a scientific fact; his penis floated. It took him by surprise because he thought it was so big it should sink. No Justin, that would be your head. 😗

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When was this on? Last night? I wanted to see her arrival.

I must have been more absorbed in MKR than I thought; didn’t even channel hop. Sheesh.


Thank you, Juz.


I don’t know what Julia and Chris were smoking tonight, but they need to go back to their supplier and ask for a refund. Mugging, worse than usual jokes, silliness – it’s like watching a couple of fifth-graders who’ve had too much sugar.


Yes, Von. I said to hubby that I had always forgiven Julia based on her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, but she used up all her lives tonight. Stupidity is just stupidity.

How nice is Evie! I would like Luke to win, but Evie is really nice too.

Every time Shane opens his mouth to share a Germott story, Germott looks seriously worried about what Shane is going to say.


I have been forgiving Julia because she was nice on Celebrity Apprentice, but she has used up all her lives. Stupid doesn’t mean funny.


Every time Shane starts to tell a story about Germott, Germott starts looking very nervous about what he might be going to say.

Evie is really nice but I hope Luke wins. I look forward to the footy idjuts leaving.

Ha ha. KKL is waiting for the waiter from Il Giordino’s to bring take away.


I sent in an IAC recap from tonight. Heads up……


I’ve started tuning out to Chris and Julia now, especially towards the end of the episode.
Totally agree Daisy, stupid isn’t funny.
Cant be bothered to calculate it but I’d almost reckon they take up nearly half the show too.


Same Erin, I either ffd Julia and Chris or go do something when they are on. I can believe some people think they are funny, just like I know some people think a platypus is a mammal that can fly. (Sorry Dave, but it was something like that).


And to think they are both going to host a new entertainment program in prime time. She is so not funny – mad eyes – and he is ruining his reputation.

Carole Morrissey

What a great chest challenge going on a mini safari then having to bullshit & make up something completely different. Everyone was fooled. If I was their families back home I’d be worried about how easily they lied & how convincing they were & wondering how many times they lied to me & I believed them.
Can’t believe Katherine knocked back the food. Food is very limited there, I’d be eating every morsel with relish. She said in an interview when she is hungry she can be a bitch.