Survivor: David v Goliath starts soon

Can you pick the “Davids” from the “Goliaths”? (Worst season title ever?)

The new season of US Survivor begins this week, screening here on Go on Thursday at 8.30pm.
It’s a 90-minute premiere. Don’t know about the David V Goliath concept but always happy to have three nights of Survivor on TV.
Oh, and if you don’t want to wait until 8.30pm, Nine usually puts it up online mid-afternoon.

Here’s one of the more interesting US contestants – could she be their “Lydia”?

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Excellent, I knew the new season was starting soon, just didn’t know exactly when, thanks for the reminder. I’m all there for 3 nights of Survivor too.

Although, I haven’t really enjoyed the US seasons as much the past few years. Probably because the Australian format is just so much better. With longer and more frequent episodes, there’s better chance for character and storyline development.


Agree with you, Peski, I prefer the Aus version. Part of me feels that the US contestants are just too knowledgable about the game and the ins and outs. Like we saw Russell this season, bagging out the Aussies because they were making camp instead of alliances. I dislike that at the start of the US version, because the alliance-makers sponge off the people who are creating the means to survive (and be comfortable). Sweet justice to see Russell go home with an idol.

That said, I still enjoy the US version. Just have to come to it with a different mindset.


Survivor is 37 seasons old now in the US so I guess it’d be hard not to come into the game with that knowledge.

The so-called superfans are usually booted early though like Jacob from last season who did everything wrong from the start, whereas that recruit James was able to flip the vote to Morgan after being in the minority of a newly swapped tribe.

Was actually surprised to see Russell go so quickly but enjoyed it too.


Also not sure about the concept. It is always a bit strange to try to work out how they have “labelled” people in these themed seasons. There always seems to be an outsider or two in each tribe, who seem like they should have been on the other side (deliberate? to create drama? who knows).

This concept – People born with silver spoons vs People who pulled their bootstraps up – also feels a bit like it will exhaust itself quite quickly. It also might be quite political, which would be sad to watch.


Yes please. Enough with the cheesy themes.

I liked Game Changers too but the winner ruined it for me, and unfortunately for HHH, it just seemed way too rigged with Ben being saved numerous times by convenient idols and a last minute twist.


The themes are totally contrived, hey? I love survivor so much (now that I finally found it!) and I am happy with just contestants playing the game without trying to ram them into categories.
Ghost Island was a nothing.


A couple of us have commented over at the latest Aus Survivor thread. Could we have a new one, please, pretty please? Also, has everyone caught on to the new season starting, so we can discuss, with spoilers?