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brain dead dave

The tradies did 99% of the work on this show. The word “genius” was, as on Ma$terchef, used and abused here. Looking at you, Laurence.

Can’t see Mel and Dave winning….I can see and hear them whining, however.


I’d be surprised if the winners were Mel and Dave. I think they’ve telegraphed a Toad and Mandy win for a while now, but you never know.


Well, the very predictable, safe result. It was hard to see much work done in these two zones by the teams. The vast majority of the work was structural, and therefore decided in advance without input by the teams.

The two zones were so evenly comparable that it was clear that the result could go either way (at the choice of the powers that be). I loved the unpainted timber – to paint it would be a crime. Also, loved the way they did the flowers spilling from the bucket. I was a bit annoyed that they made so much fuss about extending D&M;s verandah, but T&M’s verandah also did not extend around the corner before. Noticed that T&M planted big trees in front of the previously-criticised cabana that allegedly had no privacy. The firepit in the front yard was an unsafe style for two young boys.

Another year over. My favourites did not win, but I expected that after the nicest team (and the ones with the best back story) were their opponents. I hope Mel and Dave get a lot of extra perks beyond the show. Thanks for sharing the discussion, everyone.


No surprise at all. However, I thought that Mel and Dave did a better job with the front yards. I hope next season of “House Rules” will show the judging by both homeowners and judges in one episode and that the bonus room will be eliminated.


We all wished those at the end of last season. Will they listen after two years of complaints? I hope so.


So Toad and Mandy won, then? Thank god something nice happened for once for one of our farmers.


Agreed. And Mandy is such a gracious, classy lady even when in the middle of demo. I also thought they were the most consistent performers right from the start. Having said that, I loved Mel and Dave’s tongue-in-cheek playing of the game. No matter what the producers tried to make them do to look bad, they just worked around it. It must have galled the producers when they gave in to the other teams on both backyards, instead of creating a big catfight. I liked their “we will work with the hand we have been given” attitude.


I want to see more Owen/Other Owen and he needs to take his cap off 🙂
I watched the whole thing but the new format of long drawn out reveals was not good. By the end I was going for Mel and Dave, not really sure why, but I’m still happy with Toad and Mandy.




Owen/Other Owen….the builders/foremen.


Oh, I never heard his name…but he was good viewing.