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OMFG. Every season now … from the start of this episode it was sooooo obvious Ben was going to be shown where to find an idol. That Probst had decided Ben was staying. I’ve not wasted many hours on this season, will waste no more.


How does Ben deserve it if he gets to final 3 when he has been “followed around”, read ‘led around’, by the crew until he found an idol?


I really hope Ben wins, but last night I thought, “Ahh they are feeding Ben idols”. They didn’t even put an idol clue at the special dinner for others to find. I think the producers, like me, want Ben to be in the final 3 and are saying, “Warmer, warmer, no cold, warmer, hot”.
Last week, when the campers were having a go at Ben for turning, why didn’t he say, “But I heard you all ((his alliance) at the well saying, “Ben to go”.
What do others think of Ben’s use of the idol? He could have chosen who goes home. Maybe it was better for the others to choose. I don’t know.
Chrisse annoys me for some reason. I think it is because she has played like everything requires a personal ve detta. I don’t know why the others have not seen her for the threat she is with her power to pull the strings and make others jump. Well her little geeks anyway.


One of the reasons Chrissie is so annoying is that she always phrases things like she is the puppetmaster – “I have to decide who to send home..” “I am glad neither Ben nor Ashley won immunity – I just have to decide who to choose tonight.” She never considers (or verbalises) that any decision is made by a group or alliance, it is always “I have to decide…”

It is a pity because it is time that an older person had a chance of winning, but I am not cheering for her because of her deceitfulness (beyond the usual required).


I cannot like Chrissie even though I admire her.


Way, way too many idols this season. I don’t mind so much that they are all being found by the same person, but they are having far too much impact on the results at TC. Ben hasn’t done anything special with them, just what any logical person would do, but they shouldn’t be there.

He is right, though, all the others were very dumb to not be watching him like a hawk. How long will it take them to learn? They know he is dangerous, they know he is sneaky, they should have a guard on him at all times.

And why, oh why aren’t they looking for idols themselves? Is it just that the edit makes us think they aren’t?


They have soo much footage to use, they can only show what is required to tell the story. I’ve even heard of tied votes not shown as well.
Plus its a game show for $1million, surely they have audits and checks and balances to make sure its isn’t rigged?!
Also agree way too many advantages, almost SurvivorAU level of advantages!


In that case, I would like them to move to longer episodes like the Aus version. Since the Aus version started, I have been frustrated with the US one because they don’t show enough for the audience to understand the TCs. I don’t want to see more arguments or repetitive discussion, but more action (idol hunting for example) and if they are eliminating tied votes at TCs then I want to see that.


What a bugger, I liked Ashley, she seemed normal, after being disappointed about Lauren last week (although she only really had herself to blame for going home) I now have to find a new fav with only a week to go.


I like when the cast don’t take it so seriously that they can be friends afterwards 🙂