Survivor HHH finale

Here we are at the end of HHH. It’s down to Ryan, Chrissy, Ben, Dr Mike and Devon.
That final twist was not cool. While it was exciting to watch, I felt sorry for Devon because, traditionally he would have made it to final three.
While Ben is no means an undeserving winner, he should have gone home at four. There will be a big backlash about this move and Jeff will have to do a lot to convince everyone it was planned all along. Which it may have been, given it’s been a season of idols and advantages galore. I hope they don’t do it again.
Chrissy gave a pretty good showing, as expected, in her final speech, but her manner comes across as too smooth – her emphasis on her social game did not always ring true. You could tell Jeff was happy. It was surprising to learn the jury consensus seemed Ryan did not do much around camp, which was not reflected in the edit. Good ole Devon, casting a vote for his original ally.
We got a sneak peak of next season, Ghost Island, and some guff about old idols and bad decisions needing to be redeemed. At least it gave us a chance to again see the classic Eliza eyes pop out of her head at the “f—ing stick” idol.

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Well I was happy. I think I would have been cranky if Ryan won as he did ZIP to convince me he had been some kind of social-genius behind-the-scenes mastermind.
Chrissie I just don’t warm to – I admire the hell out of her but I don’t care for her. She definitely deserved her shot at it, but I am really pleased it wasn’t her.
Devon as victim? not really. At any given point you might have to make fire – I am utterly convinced that this is the type of skill Ben would have endlessly practiced, so he totally deserved to back himself and make fire. Devon chose to zen out and not practice after being warned that it was his to perform. So I am totally okay with him not making it.
I must say though, I am totally in favour of Australian Survivor over this version! I don’t quite get what is going on here as we are not given enough information. . .


I forgot to record it. Damn! But I can see my favourite won. Out of the final 10 or so anyway. Chrissie used Ryan like a romance couple, but no one saw it like that because they weren’t lovers. Ryan was there because he was useless and sure to beat at EVERYTHING including final. Chrissie chose her patsy well. Ben’s social game was off because he wasn’t at all cunning.
Not only glad Ben won, but even more glad that Chrissie and coat-tailer Ryan didn’t. What is it with Chrissie that gives off a stench?


Like Green bikini from the Aus Survivor, Chrissie reminds me of someone you would find really irritating as a co worker.


golly Daisy – I had very nearly erased rancid green bikini from my memory. Damn you!


I didn’t really like the reliance for idols to get to the end, but I did like how he would make himself a target at TC then pull out the idol. And (based on the edit we saw) the others were pretty stupid to constantly assume he didn’t have an idol or never allow him to be alone.
Wasn’t a fan of the twist. And it’s gettig a lot of slack online, wonder if they will do it again.


Hmm, I will have to stream or dld it to see what I missed. I can’t believe I watched every episode only to miss the last double.