MasterChef – Tues – Immunity Challenge

The top three contestants – all women – from the haloumi invention test now compete in creating a family meal for four in half an hour. The winner will then take on a professional chef for a chance at immunity.

They have 32 minutes to cook dinner for four, apparently a reflection of the average time spent making a family dinner these days.
The hard part is that once they’ve been to the pantry they can’t revisit it.
Sarah (after some embarrassing fangirling over mentor Shannon Bennett) is smart and picks barra and Asian veg for a quick cook.
Eliza (pastie girl) picks a lamb rack and spends yonks frenching the bones.
Karlie is doing an Asian dish but forgot to get sugar and rice. Oops.

And Sarah wins. I am going to have to look up that bok choy recipe.

(Oops – Mr Juz is making me watch Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m out!)

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brain dead dave

George’s fridge will be holding wages skimmed from his staffs’ pay packets.

The hinges will be broken and worn on Jowl$y’s fridge.

Gary’s fridge blows out hot air when opened….like his mouth

brain dead dave

George’s fridge also assaults you when you talk to it.


Love it! George’s fridge also says very unpleasant taunts… that are only audible to him and can’t be heard by video or other means.


These contestants should have studied Jamie’s 30 minute meals (or 15 minute meals).


Of course these girls fan-girl over Shannon.


lol, even with TV makeup on, the blush still came through.


All that manc screaming and countdown to when the cook finishes.
Eliza and Tamara – both annoying blonds .

Sarah’s hair all over her face. I bet she puts her hands through it when she cooks.
Nil humility for any of these girls.


Yes that irked me too!
Both the lack of humility (especially from the blondes) and Sarah’s hands in her hair.

brain dead dave

It is, in fact like “Countdown” all over again.


BrusselSprout – I commend you on your early assessment of Eliza. She is incredibly annoying and far too full of herself for my liking.


Haha- but it doesn’t give me pleasure to be right – what a total pain she is shaping as. I was praying her lamb would be still baa-ing.


Eliza is like Danni from previous series.

What a stupid way to pick the fridge. It is like a mystery box.

If you have a herb gsrden, why do you have herbs in the fridge??


LP you read my mind. Strangely my garden doesn’t grow herbs neatly bound with a rubber band.
That was also a big variety of proteins to have in the fridge all at the same time.


Two mouthfuls of food versus a meal. Hmmmm Go Sarah!


Good point Liberty plus in home cooking week you’d expect bonus points for a meal you could conceivably cook at home.


Shannon looks so teeny next to the other three.


The hubris from Eliza: “I’m gonna smash it every time!” And she could barely conceal her delight when the pro beat Sarah.
Speaking of which, I hardly consider his anaemic plate of microscopic raw fish and pickled stuff an exemplar of home cooking. I reckon the kiddies coming home from school would run to Human Services.

I think Sarah’s very competent and likeable (maybe a tad over-emotional) – but the girl putting on the croaky voice is doing my head in. Why? She can speak normally at times.


That dish the celebrity chef put up looked absolute crap. I would have much preferred the steak. Why do they never serve a whole steak on this show? They always cut it up. Who the fuck eats steak like that?
Those potatoes looked yummy. I love them crispy like that. The judges like things crispy. She should have served it instead of the mashed potato.


Don’t the contestants get their hair styled by a professional stylist? Wondering about that because of Sarah’s hair but that’s probably the way she likes it.
The guest chef seemed lost and I was surprised at what he made. Just didn’t seem like a winning dish to me. Sarah could have made some Asian style chips.
Would have been interesting to see what was in the other refrigerators but maybe they will bring them back for a future challenge.


Georgie has now been charged for the alteration with soccer fan.

brain dead dave

I saw that. Youse need an ammunity pin now, George.


Perhaps he won’t be judging again next year! Ohhh, one can hope. I don’t mind Matt, he can stay. But get 2 new judges….


How impressed with herself is Eliza that she puts a lamb rack in the oven with 20 minutes time left. She really thought it would be cooked when she cut it? Because I knew it would be raw, and I laughed at her and her self-assessed superior abilities.

I kept clearing my throat when Karlie was speaking, because she wouldn’t clear hers. It’s the mute button for her from now on.

I liked Sarah’s first dish, and Juz, I’ll be looking up that bok choy recipe too. I would have served the oven potatoes that Sarah and Shannon declared to be “burnt”; they looked lovely and crisp to me. Sarah’s hair is at that awkward length where it can’t be tied back. She needs a beanie.

I’m trying not to become fixated on safe food practices this season. But they are making it difficult. Skinny blonde woman put some food in her mouth with her fingers, but evidently not far enough in because she then shoved her fingers right in there. And chef young Dustin Hoffman tasted off a spoon and put the spoon back in the pan with an audible clink. Yuk, people, keep your saliva out of the food.

brain dead dave

With so much saliva going into the food, how long before a switched on amata steps up and makes some kind of edgy “froth” out of it?

brain dead dave

This ammunity chef looks like he’s just been released from jail. What a freak show.


Looks like you need to have tattoos to be a chef.

brain dead dave

…and look like an extra from The Sullivans.