The Last Resort starts tomorrow

This new offering from Nine is the latest relationship car crash show, in the vein of Seven Year Switch. It could well be so bad it’s good, or just simply bad.
Couples range from those who fight about the bloke spending too much time with mates, to a bloke who had an affair, to a woman who told her partner he wasn’t the father of their child, out of spite. Charming.
They get three weeks at a resort in Fiji to decide whether they can rekindle their romance.

The Last Resort premieres on Channel Nine, Tuesday, May 9 at 7.30pm.

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… am I the only one thinking that I’d rather punch myself in the face than actually watch?

brain dead dave

These are human train wrecks I can’t look away from….. I ought be punched in the face for watching but confess I have been looking forward to this.


Knowing’s half the battle, Dave.

Violence is the other half :).


They lost me when they encouraged the couples to meet together to shock each other with betrayals about their spouses. Obviously not anything like a genuine attempt to save marriages – in fact overtly damaging the relationships.

I’ve seen a genuinely neutral review which slams the production style of the show too.


Caught about 10 mins of this this arvo. All I thought was the guy with the gold chain is a tosser, cheats on his wife and says he has no regrets, lady have some self respect and run for your life! Terrible, terrible show with people to match.