The Last Resort – new relationship show

Not sure when this one is airing but Nine has started promo-ing it heavily, so perhaps after Married at First Sight ends. It could well go head to head with Seven’s Seven Year Switch, because the networks love to annoy the audience like that.
The blurb says: A beautiful tropical island is the backdrop to a real-life soap opera as five long-term couples take part in a bold social experiment in an attempt to save their troubled relationships.
The couples have all reached rock bottom – struck by problems of infidelity, trust, and intimacy. At the end of the month, after an intensive relationship bootcamp with Australia’s leading relationship experts, will our couples call it quits or commit to each other forever? Produced by Nine.

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brain dead dave

Ch 9 have reached rock bottom, too.

Looking forward to this.


The first bit of the promo looked OK but then they put all the couples around a table, and all the secrets are being spilled to gasps of horror from the other couples. That sort of betrayal of secrets outside the relationship is unforgivable. Obviously, this show, like MAFS, will be totally ignorant of real marriage counselling. Stay away if you really need relationship help.