MKR Mon: Curtis’s saucy challenge

Chat away … if you are not too busy in the kitchen yourselves, busily recreating the Seafood King’s dishes.

Looks like Curtis is visiting tonight. Contestants have to make a soz that will be sold in Coles. How very Recipe to Riches of them (which was Woolworths’ show on Channel 10, I think, won by the gourmet popcorn guy).
Promo here.

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Looks like the gals are wearing hair nets, must be a rule of coles’


I love Curtis and of course when he offered good advice to josh…. josh knows better…..holy crap he has an ego the size of the country!!!!!!


Again the accomplishments from Josh’s dish is appalling


I’ll be honest. I don’t actually mind the fangirling from all the teams over Curtis Stone, because he is actually quite a looker.

It’s funny, though, how every moderately-famous chef in Australia is BFFs with Pete, isn’t it?


I swear I’m ready to shove Betty/David’s incessant hashtagging where the sun don’t shine!

Josh was obviously never taught “if you can’t say anything nice …. shut the F*#k up.
I’ve decided that’s what is bugging me about this season, too much focus on people who can’t cook and are either nasty or boring and not enough airtime on the few that can cook and have some personality.


So i couldn’t help myself and watched the last half of the show. Am happy that the anglo indian sauce won….but unhappy as josh and slave wife didn’t get into the elimination. And doesn’t he treat her like dirt!!!


No Josh in SD and we still get Josh in the promo. Grr……


I’m just hoping that they’re showing him so much because he goes home soon but alas not tomorrow.


This challenge was custom made for Vanessa and Courtney (and the dead father’s recipe) to win. I wouldn’t consider buying any of the other sauces. They seem a nice team so I’m glad they won.
Mell and Cyn were destined to fail with their ‘we don’t eat sugar’ but the plebs like it sauce, I won’t be sorry if they go tomorrow.


Whoops – I called Valerie Vanessa, maybe I should stick to calling them Mum and Daughter.


Couldn’t watch. I think maybe this boring season means I’m finally over it. ….plus if josh is still getting airtime I’m uninterested.


‘Mell and Cyn were destined to fail with their ‘we don’t eat sugar’ but the plebs like it sauce’

They should be on Biggest Loser showcasing their no sugar recipes


Yes LP but they probably think anyone with a weight problem is beneath them too.


I giggled at their, “We don’t eat sugar, but we think normal people like lots of sugar, don’t they?” line. That was just so funny, probably not for the reason they intended, though.


Apparently tomorrow night, even Amy gets sick of her husband’s bullshit. Sorry sweety, but you’re the one who said, ‘I do’.

I still like the idea of him getting his thoroughly-deserved karmic comeuppance … but if I have to spend another second around this obnoxious, smirking clown, I’m gonna stick my fist through the TV screen.


Looks like Amy is going to eliminate (her very own) Josh.


I actually stopped watching MKR for over a week now, still enjoy reading all the comments though. 🙂 Not the bad cooking threw me off, but that nasty behaviour showcased throughout the show. I seriously hate it when the so called villain gets all the air time. Why is it so prominent? It is not even the case that the assholes are taking the fall with the nice ones winning. Josh is so unwatchable, I cannot stomach it any longer. Aren’t there kids watching at the time the show airs? What will they see? Bring an ass, treating women disrespectfully and then being shown as the winner? Great picture, really.
This show just makes you believe that if you are horrible snd have no talents you can make it. Being nice obviously sets you up for losing! Safly that is also what often happens in real life. Truuuuuuump. Sad. Terrible.

So sorry for ranting, but I am just disgusted by what those producers are delivering. I just hope that MC sticks to the known formular and the usually nicer people who at least show some talent make it far.


Josh is continuing to get too much air time.
On the positive side, very nice of Kyle to help the midwives with the crackle. Could never see Josh offering to help.
Hope sourpusses are eliminated.
Congrats to Valerie and Courtney for winning the challenge. They seem like nice people who can actually cook.


No sauce at Coles, Hurstville Westfield, though I didn’t go there for the purpose of buying it – honestly. Must only be at selected stores.
In the Good Food guide, SMH, there’s an article that Colin Fassnidge is opening a new bistro in the Banksia Hotel. Banksia is a suburb south of Sydney and not exactly noted for its culinary attractions. Until recently this was a very ordinary pub but has obviously had a makeover.


Some Coles were selling the sacue yesterday.

Colin sold his other restaurant, (I am sure with a hefty profit) and if the rent is cheaper, he can build the business up and sell again. Smart move


So the Wanker is still there. It’s too late this season, but surely MKR will learn how unappealing a rude, obnoxious twit is to viewers if ratings tank while that moron and his snotty wife are being featured so much.

I am not watching until those two are eliminated, which I will find out here. The best things about MKR this season are this site and the commenters on it.