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I have lost it with MKR this season…as thst seafood king Josh drives me nuts. Also. So many of them really can’t cook
…sad as i used to be a huge fan.
So i have just switched it on and both teams desserts look really bad. Maybe the producers should start double eliminations!!!!


and then…..I feel asleep and didn’t see the scores and I checked facebook to see who got eliminated!!!!!!!!!!! I must have only had the show on for minutes…that must be showing me how bad it really is…LOL


Anyone else just kind of feel sorry for the girls? They seem so lovely and sweet and earnest, but honestly, they just cannot cook. Like, oh my gosh.

I love how the ads always make such a big deal about one of the judges disagreeing with Colin. Truthfully, I’d be terrified to disagree with Colin. I’d be genuinely concerned for my safety.


Agreed. WTF glue potatoes and raw egg yolk pasta. Need to fast forward this to the pointy end of the comp.

brain dead dave

Yes. I wanted Bambi to stay rather than the Footy Show, Another glittering night of food fails.


But tbe girls still think they can cook.


The exuberance of youth…. I did keep forgetting how young they are.

Colin was very sweet to them at the end. Have we ever seen Pete or Manu do that? Not that I recall.


So nice of Colin to give the girls positive feedback like that at the end. Seems that even though he didn’t like their cooking he liked their upbeat personalities.


It seemed to me that Pete disagreeing with Colin was more about personality and less about the food.
From the ad Josh fails at seafood – AGAIN. The only vaguely successful food they’ve cooked was when Amy was in charge. I hope CH7 isn’t faking us out, that Josh and Amy get eliminated on Sun.
As for tonight, I’m just watching until an old rerun of Midsomer Murders comes on – neither team particularly offends me but I have a very low care factor about the result.


Fake drama with the entrees. Just trying to put a doubt in our heads that it is going to be close.

I am like you JB. Not interested in what they cooked. Nothing I want to try


…and her marriage 😀


I think these recent sudden death cook-off elimination episodes really typify what’s going wrong this season.

None of these people can cook. None of them can cook worth a damn. The scores are always so awful, it’s been nothing more than a race to the bottom. I can’t cook either, but I didn’t get cast on a nationally-televised cooking show. Why are any of these people here? What’s the point of any of this? How many more eliminations do we have to sit through, watching as people get knocked out who can’t cook and who never should’ve been there in the first place?

When do we actually get to the competition phase of the, y’know, competition? There’s still at least a dozen people here who shouldn’t be there.

The only saving grace for tomorrow night is the producers actually contriving to put Josh and Tyson in close proximity to each other. I’m sure Josh won’t be found floating face down in Sydney harbour the morning after, really, I’m positive that won’t happen.

But this season has had awful food and boring contestants, and I just don’t care about any of these people.


“I just don’t care about any of these people.” Well Done Windsong you’ve summed it up in one sentence.


Agree. This season has been SAD.
I think both of these teams should have been eliminated.


I couldn’t be bothered watching tonight either…it’s so close to losing me. The rest of my family have dropped out already. I’m still recording and hanging in there- but I just couldn’t raise energy to watch bambi vs footy. Especially as bambi, while pleasant people, couldn’t really cook!
What a woeful season.


Flicked over during the TBL ads thinking I might see a recipe that I might want to make. Nope, “parfait” sphere and peanut butter thingy. So ends my five minutes viewing this season.


Trust us, you’re not really missing anything.

brain dead dave

Yes. At present I’m watching more of Married At First Sight and flicking back to MkR for some scores etc ~ even though the result has usually been given away in the promos.

Ch 7 chose to cast a room clearer like Josh and make him the star of proceedings. Nah. No way , get fucked , fuck off.

My Kitchen Used To Rule~ Now It’s Rooted.


Dearly departed but not dead yet: “Kills you a little bit more”, Demi (I think) said of the risotto disaster.