House Rules new regulars

Some new faces on House Rules this year.

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of LLB – judging by his website here he likes velvet and bold colour.
Wikipedia says he was a presenter on UK Changing Rooms and:
“On Changing Rooms he quickly gained something of a reputation for clutter; in many ways the decluttering trend was a reaction against his style of design. Many times people were filmed in tears of sadness after having seen what he had done to their drawing room: frequently people said they were going to repaint the room with white paint.This reaction made him use darker colours for the walls which could not be painted over as easily. So infamous was his reputation that some people visibly winced when they realised they had got him as their designer.”
This could make for some good drama.
And there’s another guy …

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Seriously? Why? The only thing we have seen LLB in was a tour of his crumbling estate. Shark + Jump.


Oh dear. He was completely unable to listen to people and just went ahead with his weirdo ideas. I can’t believe he is here for anything other than shock value. Sigh. Again with the manufactured drama channel 7.


I knew I had heard of him, some British comedians have elicited some great laughs at his expense below is a genuine headline from 2014.
“Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s winter ‘wonderland’ shuts after hundreds of complaints
Children were left in tears after they arrived at The Magical Journey”

The link was too long, but If you want to know more just Google LlewellynBowen Winter. Unbelievable really.


I’ve never heard of the guy but sounds like he will give us plenty to bitch about.
Looking forward to House Rules, here’s hoping it’s a good season and I’m not disappointed as I have been with I’m a celebrity and MKR.
We are due for a decent new series to sit down and enjoy.


I am waiting for Masterchef. I know everyone is on a “journey” but at least there is no “drama”.