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An hour into the show and nothing has happened.


1 hour and 15, rather than edit Sharon’s verbose speech they cut to an ad. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Michelle didn’t pick the right door which was *so* unexpected (not). Channel Nine that was plain cruelty.


Good review Juz.
Liked his comment re- the beach styling for Michelle and Jesse’s vow ceremony.
I couldn’t get through Michelle ‘s rambling speech.


Both girls rambled. It showed they really had nothing to say but still took about 20 minutes or so to say it. The boys were more invested, but they aren’t brimming with interesting prose either. Michelle ran with the door analogy. Only her’s is really an escape door.


Oh, I had to ff a lot of that meaningless, to camera blither blather tonight.
Notable moments. The girls are huge fans of the doily dress, or toilet dolly look.
Jesse and Michelle managed to go through the door….of friendship. But don’t worry because it’s going to last “a life-time”. Jesse didn’t seem as gutted as Bachelor Matty last year. Nick progressed from deeply in like to deeply in love.
I really look forward to seeing if any of these tv romances last after the camera crew pack up and go home.


Michelle, don’t let that door hit you on the butt as you leave please. She got her extended 15 minutes of fame , please do us TV viewers a favour and never grace our screens again.
Those twins are excruciating to watch.


No surprises there, but I expect it will be different again in another couple of months.


It look like a recap so far.


Daily Mail round up:

Don’t think they are spoilers just confirming what people have inferred.

Nadia & Anthony (read the comments):

Jesse (did anyone on this show not have naked photos out there):

Sharon and Nick (flirt with the idea of the white picket fence):

Sean and Susan (are we really surprised?)


I’m not surprised Sharon fell for Nick. She obviously realized why

1. Sure, like other men of his ilk and maturity level, Nick could have roamed unfaithfully from club to club. Instead, by returning to the same strippa club week after week, month after month, at all hours of the morning Nick has demonstrated LOYALTY, STICKINESS AND COMMITMENT, the very qualities women want in the future father of their children.

2. When you turn up so consistently, you get to know these strippas VERY INTIMATELY. As a consequence, Nick understands they are not the sleazy ho’s Sharon imagines, but most are just poor Uni students valiantly trying to complete their degrees. That’s why Nick is more than happy to PERSONALLY slip a few dollars down their G-strings or request extra private “lap dances” in the back room – Nick empathises with how expensive textbooks can be.

Malala Yousafzai believes in educating girls – and was awarded a Nobel Prize. Nick believes in educating girls and DESERVES a Nobel Prize. He’s practically a feminist!

brain dead dave

How reassuring for the wife to always know where her husband is.