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Is Vanessa getting a performance bonus as well? She is such a patronising bitch.


Totally agree Maz. Vanessa is most unpleasant. Thommo has got her worked out. Lol – when Andy’s friends all said that she could talk under water and that he would not get a word in . Once again, 31 years old and still a student! That might be code for unemployed similar to the aspiring writer .

Alene’ s friend is also most unpleasant.


Vanessa has a tendency to use the descriptor ‘introvert’ as an insult to imply that Andy is defective and beneath her.

And here we thought, introversion was the new black in management theory.

Vanessa was extremely lucky to be in a season packed with the vacuous attention seekers that enabled her to fly under the radar.


Neither Vanessa or Andy got much air time. I suspect we saw the best of them. If there were more fights and scandals, we would have been shown.
Then again, a guy who doesn’t like to speak isn’t going to get too much camera. At least it’s not radio.
Imagine if they put Andy with Alene. She would have been dragging him by the ear until he spoke.
I think usually talkers and not so much talkers usually match up, but only if the talker doesn’t keep saying, “Sing, Teddy. Sing”.


The producers poured more money into Simon and Alene’s commitment ceremony.


Thanks, Maz. Good read, especially their take on Andy and his family dynamic. If Andy speaks as little as the show made out, it wouldn’t work for me. Extrovert/introvert; I don’t mind, but not in a husband. I would feel that he was disengaged/disconnected if he had nothing (almost nothing to say). It’s kind of like a woman saying to a man, “I don’t like sex, that’s just me”.
I predict Andy’s mum and Vanessa will clash over who gets to be the boss of Andy.


Some words of wisdom for Vanessa 🙂


Last night Andy said he was once king hit and suffered 5 fractures to his face, with brain fluid leaking out his nose. Then Simon said he’d had epilepsy and had to relearn a lot of stuff. So it seems you need to have some sort of head injury to want to be on this show. Good to know.

brain dead dave

We don’t know how many times Andy’s Mum has king hit him, either.


😂😂😂😂 AliO &Dave.
I have bi-polar today. Well that is how I am going to explain my massive shopping binge at Target and Spotlight.