Survivor – Dec 8 – pre-episode chat

So Survivor doesn’t air for a few more days (and remember the new, earlier timeslot – 7.30-8.30pm on Go), but I wanted to share this pic of Jeff from the CBS Survivor Twitter page.

Immunity necklaces for everyone!
Immunity necklaces for everyone!

Who’s looking good at the moment (besides airbrushed Jeff)?
I’m thinking David, Jay and possibly Hannah or Ken for the No. 3 spot (yes, despite Ken’s horrible actions last week). Bret and Sunday have barely made the edit so it’s unlikely either of them is the winner – although Michelle was a surprise winner last season, apparently on the back of a strong social game of which we barely had an inkling.
And here’s Zeke’s Ponderosa video, if you haven’t already watched:

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Anyone seen tonight’s yet? The two tribal councils just flew by. I can’t believe next week is the finale already.


Yeah I watched it Juz. Has there ever been 1 girl left with so many men? Hanna’s the only girl now.
Yeah it’s hard to believe the finale’s next week, seems like it just started. And good news Go is airing the finale live during then day. 12.00 NSW & Vic & 11.00 in Qld.


Agree Juz. I love the way these guys don’t throw tantrums and take it personally when they have to outwit, outplay and strategize. They know it’s the game and they accept it. Very few of them have been bitter or resentful about moves.
I was happy with tonight’s result. I didn’t really like Sunday, and Brett is too agro. I don’t mind the rest, but I think Ken deserves it least now because of his stupidity last week. Pretty impressed that Hannah called the evictee. She must be holding some power. It was Adam doing all the huffing, puffing and running around, but Hannah said Sunday, and Sunday it was.
Once Brett is gone, I will relax. Ken won’t win because they know he’s not been too bright. I think David and Jay have the best shot and very good social games.


There were tears in our house when the boys were in the hammock. I’m really hoping that Jay doesn’t blab about Adam’s mum, or use it against him. It’s a funny relationship those two have – I feel that they could become those types of close mates who think each other is an idiot but hang out anyway.

Wise move to take out Will. He was hit by the curse of the “big mover”.

This is the first TC I’ve seen where someone has been voted out because they might be a “goat”. I liked Sunday, and thought that she might be working in the background, based on her earlier attempts to make moves (which didn’t eventuate because circumstances achieved her aim without her needing to act). It sounded like Hannah was thinking that any “goat” in the final three was wasting a space that could be occupied by a “threat” – is that the thinking behind the strategy?

Interesting that out of the final six, four are ones that I initially described as the “misfits” in either the millenials or gen x tribes. Only Bret and Jay fit their stereotypes. As I suspected, it was the misfits who were able to cross the divide to build relationships with the other tribe more easily.

I’d love the final three to be Ken, Jay and Hannah, but I’d be surprised if that was the way it panned out.

First up next week should be Ken’s Day 36 advantage. I’m dying to know what it is, and considering how many people are left, it could quite conceivably be something that leads to an unexpected elimination. Something weird will have to happen to reduce six to three pretty quickly, all in the same episode.


Fijane, I would like Ken’s advantage be something that requires him to think because he hasn’t been too bright.
I think for final three I would like any except the cop, but he would be a good one for them to keep.


The advantage will just be something boring, like a heads up on the challenge. It would be cool if it was something like the power to give two people a time penalty


Having to last so long is no mean feat – hopefully it will be a bit more rewarding than that. After all this time, it had better be worth the effort.


Taking someone’s reward away was a dud advantage. No one would have taken away a visit from a “loved one”, well except maybe Probst himself.
All taking the visit away wld do is ensure you lose.


Adam should have taken the helicopter one away from David (who didn’t actually win it) while he had the chance – no-one would have blamed him for that.

IIRC, he has given it to Jay now. I wonder if it has a time limit?