Bachelorette Australia – Wed, Oct 26 – almost there

Here we are, at the penultimate episode of The Bachelorette Australia. It’s down to Jake, Matty and Lee.
Matty seems lovely but he really, really likes/loves Georgia so I feel he’s about to be crushed. And I like Lee, so she will probably choose Jake.
Georgia had some sad news this week (story here), so is unlikely to be doing much media after the finale tomorrow.

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I like them all. Send the rejects my way.


My vote for the winner is still Lee … but I thought the other reality TV show that ended this week would be won by the contestant named Lee, and we all saw how that one turned out. They seem like decent guys, though.


Jeez, i wish they wouldn’t come at Georgia with mouth wide open and tongue hanging out.


I think Matty really, really likes Georgia. I think his heart is going to be so broken.
I will cry.


I couldn’t watch but sounds like it was a good result. Here’s the Mamamia recap


Aww. Poor Jake. He sounded pretty heart-broken in the limo ride home, so I imagine there’s gonna be more than a few tears shed tomorrow night as well.

I genuinely can’t pick it. Lee and Matty seem like such opposite personalities, I can’t imagine who she’ll actually pick.


Thanks, Bob. That recap mocks that ot was budget dry-up that kept the cast in Australia but it might be because Georgia wants to stay within cooeee of her mum.
It’s such a sad and horrible disease.


I missed last night. If it was me, I would choose Matt, but since Georgia clearly was besotted with Courtney, who knows her type. What did she see in him?

brain dead dave

I thought Georgia was going to dump Lee, because it seemed she wasn’t into the kissing scene too much. Then again, there may have been a drooling camera operator a few inches from her face.

Perhaps Jake was just too tall for Georgia. He used the word “connection” a little too much for my comfort. Do roses come in beige, ‘cos he’s earned one.

Funeral Director Osher ~ “Jake , you received the beige rose. Please take time to say your goodbyes”

It wasn’t a bad episode,daisy, it’s not easy to pick a winner. Both of these suitors go overboard with cliches. Bringing a donkey to a first date is thinking outside of the square, however.


I did like the touch of the donkey.

And the deal breaker seems to be that Lee lives in Melbourne. And on the other hand, you have Matty and his insanely-controlling sister.


Being a donkey on the first date is an attention grabber too. 😊


Matty will be good as The Bachelor but not Jake. Jake will be boring.


After much deliberating, if it were my choice (I should be so lucky), I would choose Lee. He is more of a grown up, and his family is delicious.
But secretly I am madly in love with Matty – or if not love, then definitely lust. He is the one that would make my heart beat faster.
Do you think that the evil producers have manipulated us again?


It will be good if Matty doesn’t win because he would be a fantastic Bach. The girls will be coming in droves to fight for his heart. Princesses will travel from far of kingdoms, sleep on mattresses over a pea, and have a camera 3cm from their pash just to win Matty.


Trust me. Not just the girls.

Mmm hmmm.