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That was a satisfying episode, with the right outcome, IMO. I hope it works out well for Adam in the long run, but I can’t tell as this stage if it is a good or bad option. Better viewing for us, though.

The feeling I get at the moment is that the Millenials assume that as soon as they are merged, they will all come back together as one big, happy alliance with superior numbers. Meanwhile, the Gen X’s are gently whittling away in each of the little tribes, turning the Millenial misfits into allies. Zeke and Michelle already turned (although not guaranteed), Adam secured by Ken and Jess, and quite a clear indication that Sunday is forming a friendship with Hannah. The Millenials might get a big shock at merge.

Had to laugh at Taylor thinking that Adam/Ken? (forgot which) was not a smart player. Taylor seems to be a kangaroo short in the top paddock himself. Figgy really wasted her game by falling in lust with him.

I like Michaela, but she really won’t make it far. Too outspoken (which makes her so great to watch), too powerful in challenges. But her comments after cheering for the small tribe in the challenge worry me. She sounds like the one who is expecting a Millenial supertribe the most. And she sounds like she expects rock-solid loyalty. She will need a lot more flexibility if she wants to go far.

Liking so far: Michaela, Ken, Adam, Hannah, Jessica, Jay
Warming up to: Bret, Chris, Zeke
Not sure: David, Will, Sunday
Don’t Like: Taylor, Michelle


How hilarious was Figgy going up to everyone & admitting her & Taylor were a thing. Everyone’s no shit, we already knew that. Future Survivor contestants watch the Aussie version. Lee & El were a thing & most of us had no idea till we read it in the magazines.
If I’d been Hannah I would have wanted to smack Michaela barking at her like that. That would have been really off putting.


Fig was an idiot with bad taste in men. She showed her lack of self/social awareness when she boasted she was ejected because she was a good player. You don’t get ejected early by being a good player. Also she played foolishly with the over-confidence/arrogance that only those who live in the beauty bubble have.
Taylor; good name for a guy who looks like a fish.
I love abrasive, bad tempered Mik. She’s just real. I like Jay. I like the little guy who voted Fig off.
I think when Mik gave her reason for cheering the other team, THAT wasn’t real. She didn’t like all the Mils and wanted Figgy out. But she wasn’t going to remind everyone of that, so she gave another reason.


Thanks, Daisy, I’m so glad that Mik wasn’t just being blindly loyal to the millenials. It makes a lot more sense that she wanted Figgy to go.


You can read Fig’s response to it in the link Juz posted below.


Yep, yep, yep Juz. I like Adam and Ken. How useless was Jay when he found the idol.

Anyone going to watch Australia’s trashiest weddings? They call it cheap, and I am all for weddings on a sensible budget, but this looks like a deliberate attempt at train wreck tv.


Want to know if FigTayls are still together? Find out here


Thanks, Juz.


Whoa. Did you read the comments? Savage.


Yep. Viewers sure didn’t like her.


Yay – US Survivor tonight at 10.45 pm instead of the bleary eyed 11.30pm start.

This season is great. Michaela seems to be good at everything, however agree with the statement above Daisy, that her snarky sides needs to be subdued a little in case it turns people off her. She still has to get votes if she makes it to the end.. I like Ken as well and the Bostonite big fella, forgot his name.

Nice nice. And people not scared to look for an idol!


I just watched last night’s Millennials. Good one, although I will greatly miss Mik. She was so entertaining, and interestingly, unlike many outspoken, strong willed players, she was liked. I think it was a smart move by Jay if he was playing for the money because Mik probably would have won a jury vote. She was pretty awesome. The problem with her strategy was clearly showing too much of her smarts.