Zumbo show update

Here’s a media release from Channel 7 from last week:
Top pastry chef Gigi Falanga joins a crème de la crème line-up on ZUMBO’S JUST DESSERTS.
She will appear alongside hosts and judges, Adriano Zumbo and Rachel Khoo, as Zumbo’s assistant.
Under their watchful eye, 12 dessert makers will put their sweet making skills to the test until the ultimate dessert king or queen is crowned.
Gigi will act as time keeper and report back to Adriano and Rachel. “I’ll be keeping a close eye on everything the contestants are doing,” she says. “I’ll be asking them lots of questions; is that the right consistency? Do the flavours work well together?”
Originally from Brazil, Gigi is one of the most exciting emerging talents in the Australian dessert industry.
After moving here in 2004, she has ascended the ranks of Sydney’s best fine dining restaurants including the Shangri-La Hotel, The Bathers’ Pavilion, Manta and Jonah’s.
Her combination of elegance, finesse and creativity has been moulded by some of the country’s best pastry masterminds including Anna Polyviou, John Ralley and Alfonso Ales.
Australia’s most passionate dessert makers are ready to make some magic in Zumbo’s candycoloured Dessert Factory.
They’ll bake. They’ll create. But only one will rise. Who will be Australia’s best?
ZUMBO’S JUST DESSERTS – an original Channel Seven concept from the makers of MY KITCHEN RULES – is coming to Seven after the Olympics.

The Olympics end August 21, so it’s while off yet.
And here’s a pic from Gigi’s Twitter. Amazing!

Here’s a link to her Facebook page if you want to see more of her stunning creations.

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So there is another cooking competition coming up. Oh, joy.


Haha, touche.

all happening

That cake looks amazing. I will watch I think.


What? No parfait or sphere? I’ll watch!

brain dead dave

I can smell fennel macarons already.


My first thought was, ‘oh no, they’ve blackmailed Rachel Khoo into another crappy channel 7 cooking show…’, poor girl.


And Gigi will be eye candy to some. Looking forward to see some delicious cakes and dessert.


The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. If they can keep the drama to a minimum (think GBBO), and just show us the food, and if this Gigi is as personable as Rachel, then it could be a good show. I’m looking forward to trying it. Unfortunately, I find Zumbo a little wooden as a presenter – hopefully he can relax into the role.


Let’s Go Ally Lets Go!!!!