Australian Story tonight: Michelle Bridges

Remember when Michelle Bridges was just the woman brought in to the Biggest Loser to be the Aussie version of Jillian Michaels? And now she’s everywhere, from frozen meals to athletic gear to showing up in my Facebook feed trying to get me to change my body in 12 weeks.
She’s had her share of controversies, from her relationship with co-star Commando to the whole eating vegies in the dirt thing, so tonight’s Australian Story should be really interesting.
The blurb from the ABC says:
“For the first time on TV Michelle Bridges and her family talk about her becoming a mum at 45, her relationship with ‘Commando’ Steve Willis and taking on the junk food industry.
The program traces Bridges’ remarkable journey as the daughter of a broken home in working class Newcastle who last year was named on the BRW list of Australia’s richest self-made women.
She’s described as one of Australia’s most influential health and fitness experts. In a new relationship with her “Biggest Loser” co-star, Steve Willis, the couple have been fodder for gossip columnists and paparazzi and now have a 4-month old son, Axel.
Bridges says having Axel has strengthened her ambition to tackle the junk food and sugar industries. “The truth of the matter is they sell crap food and make people sick and that makes me angry.”

I reckon it will be worth watching just to see more awkward bodybuilding comp photos (and look at that hair!). It’s on the ABC tonight (Monday) at 8pm most states, or you can no doubt catch it on iView later.

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You know the one thing I remember about Michelle Bridges was a random episode of TBL I channel-surfed through, where there was some physical fitness challenge and she was screaming abuse at one of her contestants doing something strenuous, until he just slumped down and said, “enough”. She got really upset and started shouting, “Well then get out!” and I wanted to step through the screen and say, “No Michelle, clearly you need to keep showering him with abuse, because obviously that’s working as a motivational tool.”

brain dead dave

I often watch this show but I don’t give a squat for tonight’s subject.

There are many examples of the fraudulent cow being a uber bitch on TBL to add to Windsong’s example ,too.

She attacks the junk food industry by endorsing $wisse, who been shown up in court.

brain dead dave

I should say “who’ve” been shown up in court in comment 2. I need to take more $wisse krill oil.

This will be repeated on Sat evening on ABC 24.


Sorry. Michelle who? I don’t watch TBL so it’s a “myeh (shrug), pass” from me.


I think it will be one big advertisement. Not for me.
Australian Story must be getting hard up, then again I suppose she may have her followers.


It was one big ad for the Michelle Bridges brand.


Two friends of mine used her 12-week diet. Both lost heaps of weight on it, and then within two months were heavier than they had been before doing it. The DH of one told me they were eating lettuce and a piece of celery for dinner. He may have been exaggerating, but it sounded terrible.


Ooh, this takes me back to the days when I used to watch TBL. I remember very clearly the nastiness of the Michelle creature – unless you were one of her particular pets, of, course, and those lucky things could do no wrong.

I also remember her changing appearance from year to year, with the plastic surgery. Her face had some quite significant changes.

Ugh. As if I’d waste my time watching a programme all about her!


I saw a bit today of the encore, and I thought it was sad how driven she is. She was running fitness classes in her early teens, and she is totally obsessed. I can’t imagine that she has any friends who can chat about anything else.