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Haha Tony is mad! My preference was for Jeremy to go.


OH MY – I have barely recovered. LOVED that episode. Tony is as mad as a cut snake and I am HERE for it!

How good was he? His range of emotions from “YAY – I can extort to someone to CRAP – they are extorting me” was literally the best thing I saw on tele all week.

I thought his strategy was top notch too – getting rid of Sophie will have fall out to him from Sarah (speaking of mad as a cut snake in the ANGRY sense, not the gloriously Tony eccentric sense). But I think he was totally correct to break up that relationship.
What an exhilirating episode – that was totally fantastic. And Yes Juz – spy nest now. Tony off the leash is fab. sign me up now.

daisy 🌼

Sarah might have no choice but to forgive him but Tony has done some damage to his alliegance with Sarah. She’s smart enough to know that he has intentionally messed up her game.


My recording cut out just before the last vote was shown, so I presume Sophie went. I am beginning to think that I am the jinx – every time I pick a new favourite, they get shafted.

This was a better episode, almost as good as an Aus one, considering the blandness of the previous episodes.

I loved Jeremy in his series, but I think he is out of his league here. Constantly showing himself to be wrong about people’s motives and believing the lies and rejecting the truth. I am very impressed by Kim (never seen her before) and her ability to discern truth from fiction. She just needs to get on with using that power in an effective way.

Must say that I am enjoying the Edge much more this time. I like the twists that they can use on the active players to mess them up.