SPAM INFO – from Admin Juz

Hi Talking TVers
Just alerting you that you may notice a change next time you log on to the site. You may be asked to do one of those “I am not a robot” screen captcha things. This is because I was getting a tonne of spammers registering. If it does appear, it should only be the once. And, depending on how you use the site, you may never see it.
I have deleted a bunch of people who joined in the past two days. If you are a real person and your account was deleted, you should be able to sign in again. But since five people with the username Porno1975 signed up, hopefully no genuine users will be affected.
As always, please email me if you have any trouble.
Cheers – Juz

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Porno1975? What a clever name to use to try to disguise yourself as a spammer. *snort*


Good Lord!
I am assuming that’s what they call a spambot. Makes you wonder what’s the point of it all. I have often wondered.


I use stopforumspam on my site. Seems to work quite well. 75,000 blocks so far 😉


We’re not “in season” at the moment and the forums are only for a small number of our viewers – who won’t use Facebook.


Nest building in May/June, then eggs, six weeks later usually late July or early August, hatch. Chick(s) usually fledge in October, sometimes they return to nest for feeding, otherwise they hang around parents begging for food then they are chased away!