Big Brother in lockdown

By Daisy

It’s finally arrived at a real social experiment: leaving the lab rats in lockdown. I think Big Brother has a great opportunity here to give us some real reality TV. While they sleep, he could create a maze, and put cheese at the end of it. My mind is evil.

I imagine Big Brother could do some questionable experiments similar to those carried out during the 60s. But I guess that might not happen. 
As we have lost Angela, and have been left with the Bros running the house, we need something to raise the bar. I am hoping that Big Brother will show more conversations and social dynamics. I am still watching and hoping we can have some fun watching our furry friends.

Forget Covid-19 – they will die from scurvy first – Juz

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brain dead dave

No saviour for Xavier. The Boy’s Club is eating itself. Satisfying.


Agree BDD – how satisfying is that! Could still do with some of the others like Dan or Mat going though. Have some hopes for Sarah and Sophie and Chad however – they seem to be thinking. And I never though I’d say that about Chad, lol.

daisy 🌼

I haven’t watched any morning show follow-ups. Big Brother 2020 the abridged version doesn’t give me time to care.
But anyway, here goes. I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Matt, Casey, Dan or Keiren.

I might go on BB Facebook to whinge about the hasty show.


TOTALLY with you.


The editing has been woeful! Last night a conversation between Sophie and Chad, Sophie changed outfits and hair styles 6 times. And the amount of conversations we see where we don’t actually see the person talking.
I am also dubious of reactions to Big Brother annoucments given the voice was put in, in post production. I assume the BB voice is just paraphasing whatever they HM’s were told.


I thought it was quite interesting, last night. The whole point of Big Brother is to lock people in isolation, but the whole world changed without them. So watching them deal with this (to the point where they realised that nobody was manning any of the cameras), and wondering if the network was just going to shut the whole thing down and send them home, was actually really interesting. It’s a real social experiment with all these people in a bubble, although it’s not quite what any of them expected, going in.

brain dead dave

Yeah, you gotta talk “strat” to be cool. No one’s walkin’ it. Tonight the desperation was palpable as the housemates swore on their mother’s lives etc. Xavier was rated the “smartest person in the house”. There’s been a lot of payback, more so than strategy. Poor Dan, that juvenile Magpie had him shitting concrete. He could use $250, 000 for therapy.

brain dead dave

Casey has never watched Big Brother, apparently. I couldn’t believe it.

daisy 🌼


daisy 🌼

Casey actually said the words, “Sarah might come over to the cool group”.
Apparently one occer, one stringbean with a nose that could retrieve a grape from a vase and a down-in-the mouth barmaid from Kal, outstrip a beautiful sporty, but girl-next door hotchick and a boy next door male model/tradie in the cool kids stakes? What planet are they from? 🤣

That Keiren is quite a catch. Doesn’t lift a finger in the house, doesn’t work, doesn’t drive and seemingly even holding up his eye-lids could be a house challenge.

For the win; please Sophie.